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Arena Football: Road to Glory

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Arena Football: Road to Glory on PlayStation 2

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Convert the first five field goal attempts in the Field Goal Challenge to unlock the Arena All-Stars team, which includes John Elway, Ron Jaworski, Mike Ditka, Jerry Jones, Tim McGraw, Glyn Milburn, and David Baker (AFL commissioner).

Beat the following in Challenge mode

Effect - Code

Albany Firebirds - "Be the Reciever" Challenge
All-Star Champs - Win the ArenaBowl or ArenaCup
Anheim Piranhas - "Kicking" Challenge
Arena All-Stars - Convert your first five Field Goals in the Field Goal Challenge
Buffalo Destroyers - "Jack Linebacker" Challenge
Charlotte Rage - "Wall Hit" Challenge
Chicago Bruisers - Get 6 TDs in one game
Cincinnati Rockers - Get Two Rushing Touchdowns in one game
Columbus Thunderbolts - Get 4 receptions for a TD with one player
Connecticut Coyotes - Get 100 Rushing yards in one game
Dallas Texans - Get 300 recieving yards in one game
Denver Dynamite - Comite No Penalties for one game
Detroit Drive - Get 4 Interceptions in one game
Florida Bobcats - Return an Interception for a TD
Houston Thunderbears - Make 8 Tackles in a game with one player
Iowa Barnstormers - Return a Fumble for a TD
Las Vegas Sting - Return a kickoff for a TD
Los Angles Cobras - Kick a 20 yard Field Goal
Massachusetts Marauders - Kick a 40 yard Field Goal
Memphis Pharaohs - Force 4 Turnovers in one game
Milwaukee Mustangs - Complete a 30+ yard pass
Minesota Fighting Pike - Complete a 40+ yard pass
New England Sea Wolves - Get a Safety
New England Steamrollers - Get Five Consecutive Receptions
New Orleans Night - Play a game with no interceptions thrown
New York City Hawks - Play a game with no sacks allowed
New York Knight - Rush 50+ yards with one player
Oklahoma Wranglers - Make 4 Defensive stops in one game
Pittsburgh Gladiators - Get Two Touchdowns in "Be The Reciever Mode"
Sacramento Attack - Beat an opponent b y 25+ Points
San Antonio Force - Get 2 Interceptions by one player
St. Louis Stampede - "Mac Linebacker" Challenge
Texas Terror - "Telementary" Challenge
Washington Comandos - "Coverage Maneuver" Challenge

Get 6 TDs in one game.

Get 4 receptions for a TD with one player.

Get 300 recieving yards in one game.

Kick a 20 yard Field Goal.

Complete a 30+ yard pass.

Complete a 40+ yard pass.

Play a game with no interceptions thrown.

Make 4 Defensive stops in one game.

Get 2 Interceptions by one player.


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