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AMF Xtreme Bowling

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for AMF Xtreme Bowling on PlayStation 2

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Effect - Code

Acid Shirt - First Winning Game
Ape Shirt - First Turkey
Bear Shirt - Beat Beginner Tournament
Black Cat Shirt - Beat Intermediate League
Brit Spot Shirt - Win First Match Challenge
Dead Acid Shirt - Beat Advanced Tournament
Dino Shirt - Beat Beginner League
Dog Shirt - Beat Expert Tournament
Flames Shirt - Beat Amateur League
Grey Shirt - Beat Medium Pin Challenge
Heart Shirt - Beat Expert League
Monkey Shirt - Beat Intermediate Tournament
Peng Shirt - Beat Easy Pin Challenge
Pig Shirt - Beat Championship League
Puss Shirt - Beat Amateur Tournament
Rainbow Shirt - Last Place in League
Roger Shirt - Beat Fiendish Pin Challenge
Stars Shirt - Beat Championship Tournament
Strike Shirt - First Strike
Sull Ball Shirt - Win Five Games in a Row
Ying Yang Shirt - Beat Intermediate Pin Challenge


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