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Aero Elite Combat Academy

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Aero Elite Combat Academy on PlayStation 2

As you saw a video scene after beat 2nd stage at the arcade, your plane will refuel at refuelling tanker exactly on top of monument map. It actually exist for solo flight where you can refuel by yourself, but you must flight precisely and synchronize with the tanker in order to refuel in the air. Here where you need to find the tanker, it actually pretty easy for any beginner. enter the game (which is in monument map) with either US fighter or Japanese one then look up with the right stick. You'll find up a dot lingering above the sky which is actually a KC-135 tanker aircraft. Now, about the refuelling part where it is not explained by the instructor at the training mode ill tell it by myself. First, approach the aircraft approximately 1000m from you while try to climb up. Put the throttle at 100% but dont engage any afterburner(if youre a land based fighter) Second, if you think you already closer beyond 1000m, slow down your aircraft carefully without releasing any airbrake to 400kt. This shouldnt give you a sudden brake that you will might be lag by it. Third, approach the tanker once again with speed decreased to 350kt. Once you approach very close to it, your fuel valve will automatically activate. Fourth, line up your aircraft with the tanker precisely. It principts it same as landing while this one is predict the range of your fuel dock valve and the height of the tanker exact. And the last step, attach the fuel valve onto the tanker refuelling valve. I recommend to turn on the cockpit mode for better vision. And try to dont make any sudden move while lining up your fuel valve onto the tanker refuelling hose/pipe. Once you have done attach the fuel valve, youll soon hear a confirmation voice and your aircraft fuel will start to fill up immediately.

In this solo flight, youll find a target practice placed by the developers for either target practice or extra training. You can easily find it right next to the main island, it were placed alongside with another research facility.

In the monument level, use a helo and find the rock pillar that has a hole in the top of it. This can be done by lightly holding the Square button and circling until the view centers on it. Then go into it and fly through the icon.

Get to mach 2.0

Get a altitude of 50,000 feet during Training Mode.

Beat Recon Mission 2.

Get 50 Kills.

Get 100 Kills.

Finish ACM objectives in Aero Meet.

Finish 10 Scrambles.

Finish 50 Scrambles.

Log one hour of flight time in Training Mode.

Finish Helicopter Training.

Beat recon Mission 3.

Finish all ground training objectives during training mode.

To get your maximum speed record to Mach 2.0, enter Free Flight and use the F-104 (Drone) on the ''Bay'' stage. Once airborne, land your plane on the long freeway that is along the coast line. Then, light your afterburners and keep your left analog stick fully pushed up. If done correctly, your plane should overspeed exactly at Mach 2.0

Go to the Island map and get the Blue Impulse Logo in Free Flight Mode.


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