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PlayStation 2 - 24: The Game screenshot

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24: The Game

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for 24: The Game on PlayStation 2

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At the Options menu, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to display the password entry prompt for the Invulnerable, Infinite ammo, All missions, and All bonuses options.

Hold Triangle and press D-pad Left or Right to enter a password for the desired cheat option.

Password - Effect

If you know any passwords for this game, please submit them to us.

During mission 10, "Ho Shin's Shop", chase after Ho Shin. You will notice that a car will try to run down Tony. If the car does run Tony over, there is a chance that Tony will still communicate with Michelle even though he is dead.

Press L1+L2+R1+R2 on the options menu for 3-4 seconds then on the 4th line input 62ALMEDIA | Submitted by louisman

If you have the glitch you must restart the level (see the intermission sequence). If you do not, turn off the PlayStation 2 and remove both the game disc and memory card. Then, insert both again and load the game. If done correctly you should see the intermission sequence and be able to finish the level.

Finish a mission with at least a 90% completion to unlock the 3D models, pictures, and movies for that mission:

6 a.m.: Storming the Ship: SWAT Member character
6 a.m.: Wired to Blow: Interview with Reiko Aylesworth movie
7 a.m.: Carr character
8 a.m.: Following Daniels mission: Tarket character
8 a.m.: Daniels Takedown: Jack Bauer image
9 a.m.: Interrogating Daniels Mission: Robert Daniels character
9 a.m.: Sniper Search: Chloe O'Brien character
9 a.m.: Taking Out The Enemy: Vice President Presscott character
10 a.m.: PDA Discovered: Sean Walker character
10 a.m.: Ho Shin's Shop: Ho Shin character
10 a.m.: To Li Jin Yu's Apartment: Dr. Kevin Tyson character
11 a.m.: TV Ad 1 movie
12 p.m.: Bringing in Lee Jin: Female Civilian character
12 p.m.: Stopping the Metro Attack: Eddie Cain character
1 p.m.: M3: Michelle Dessler character
1 p.m.: Kim Goes Back In: Kim Bauer character
2 p.m.: To The Roof: Nina Meyers character
2 p.m.: Chase Undercover: Sid Wilson character
2 p.m.: Reboot: Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler image
3 p.m.: To The Agency: Male CTU Worker character
3 p.m.: Through the Agency: Interview with Carlos Bernard movie
4 p.m.: Jack is Chased: Secret Service character
4 p.m.: Madsen Attacked: Peter Madsen and Sid Wilson image
5 p.m.: Chimp character
6 p.m.: Questioning Donna: Donna Madsen character
6 p.m.: Going after Del Toro: Del Toro character
7 p.m.: Jack Tracks Kim: Del Toro's Guard character
7 p.m.: Jack Heads Into Madsen's Base: Ryan Chapelle character
8 p.m.: Escape from Madsen's Base: Jack Bauer character
8 p.m.: Jack and Kim Escape: Kim Bauer image
8 p.m.: Disabling the Data Scrambler: Female CTU Worker character
9 p.m.: Locating the Bombs: Adam Kaufman character
9 p.m.: Tony Leads a Team to the Bomb: Tony Almeida character
9 p.m.: Bomb Defusal: Agent Pierce character
9 p.m.: Jack Leads a Team to the Bomb: Agent Evans character
9 p.m.: Attack at the Bomb site: Agent Landis character
10 p.m.: After the Earthquake: Agent Baker character
10 p.m.: Madsen has Kate: Kate Warner character
10 p.m.: Going after Madsen: TV Ad 2 Movie
11 p.m.: The Search for Radford: LAPD character
11 p.m.: Hostage Situation: Jody character
12 a.m.: Accessing the Computer Labs: Chase Edmunds image
12 a.m.: Finding the CTU Data Drive: Stripe character
12 a.m.: Escaping Sin Chung's Base: Manuel character
1 a.m.: Looking for Kate: Passenger character
1 a.m.: Protect Chase: President David Palmer character
2 a.m.: Chase Ambushed: Joseph Sin Chung character
2 a.m.: The Informant: Kathy Weis character
2 a.m.: Searching Radford's Office: Gov. James Radford character
3 a.m.: DOD System Hack: Mandy character
3 a.m.: Armored Truck Pursuit: Sonny character
4 a.m.: Ft. Lesker's Control Room: Chase Edmund's character
4 a.m.: Cracking the Codes: Military Base Worker character
4 a.m.: Escape from Ft. Lesker: Interview with Elisha Cuthbert movie
5 a.m.: Raiding the Docks: President Palmer image
5 a.m.: Jack vs. Madsen: Peter Madsen character
5 a.m.: Taking the Ship: Max's Bodyguard character
5 a.m.: The Final Showdown: Max character

When you go to the door you came through to search for Mr. Shin, he will run away. To prevent this, equip the pistol at the door and shoot Mr. Shin twice. He will not die. When he tries to run away he will limp and you can catch him easily.

Password - Effect

54PALMER - All Bonuses
72DESSLER - All Missions
62ALMEIDA - Infinite Ammo
66BAUER - Invulnerable | Submitted by Steve

At the Main menu, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 until the Security Clearance screen appears. Now you can enter the following codes.

Highlight the character you want to change. Hold X and press Left or Right to change it, then release X. After entering the code, press Square. | Submitted by yoel


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