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X4: Foundations

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for X4: Foundations on PC

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Tip 1: Remember that hitting boost (tab) drains your shields. It also drains your opponent's shields, so consider making an effort to chase them down if they've just boosted away.

Tip 2: To get missions you have to use the map screen, you don't talk to people on a station. There is a tutorial for this. It details some requirements for accessing plot missions.

Tip 3: Sometimes you will overhear police radio type stuff. If a tiny ship gets marked as an enemy, for whatever reason, it seems to be safe to shoot it. You get a small bounty and a small boost to relations with the local faction.

Tip 4: Longscanning and scanning can be used to find secret stuff. On longscan, look out for purple pings in the world (not on the map) which are invisible to radar.

Tip 5: When trying to hire people on a station, click the ship you want to add them to, then right click it and click 'select' in the popup menu. You can then assign them a role in the right hand hire dialogue menu.

Tip 6: To sell a ship, Open the map then select the ship you want to sell, then right click on a shipyard or warf and select sell ship in the drop down.

To have X4 continue running when it loses focus or is minimized, you'll have to go to your graphic settings and change the display mode from Fullscreen to Borderless Window. You will not notice the difference, because the borderless window will look just like the fullscreen. The advantage is however, that you can leave the game now with your mouse and do stuff on your other monitor (if you have one). In this display mode, X4 will also keep running while minimized.

Follow all steps below:

Step 1: Get onto the Game.
Step 2: Go to in game settings.
Step 3: Go to Game Options.
Step 4: Make sure Compress Save is Off.
Step 5: Open your Folder/File Explorer.
Step 6: Click on Documents.
Step 7: Click on EgoSoft > X4 > # File > Save File.
Step 8: Right Click on any of you save files you want to edit.
Step 9: If u have WinRar or 7-Zip.
Step 10: Right Click to extract File / I extracted it into the save file faster way X3.
Step 11: Right Click on the Exracted File then Use Notapad++ to open file.
Step 12: Then on Top Left area Find Search then left-click it then hit FIND.
Step 13: In Find Search for these Account Id= / Player Name= / Stat id="money
Step 14: In each of those put how much u want i put 999.999.999 and in game i got 999.999.999 Cr.
Step 15: Then Finaly to Left again Find Save or Save all then close everything then go back to game load that Save File u edit and happy Shopping everyone.

Tip 1: Buy a docking computer for quicker docking. The Mk1 works if you are near the docking area and in the right orientation. Mk2 is super nice - You just have to get near the docking area and can be at any speed or orientation.

Tip 2: Be careful not to upgrade your only ship at a station that doesn't have enough resources. You could end up sitting there for hours.

Tip 3: To get a quick lay of the land, ride a super highway (the strips of blue that look kind of like rivers in space). You just have to fly in to it to get on. It will take you on a giant loop of many sectors. The easiest way I've found to get off is to use stop engines.

Tip 4: An easy way to get to max travel speed is to hold down boost for a bit and while still holding it down, switch to travel mode.

Tip 5: An easy way to make money at the very beginning is to go to a trader, buy bandages, needles and seditives and use a crafting bench to create first aid kits. The same trader will buy the first aid kits back for a large profit. Going to just a few stations will earn you enough to buy a better ship or upgrade your current one.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock

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