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Wizard of Legend

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Wizard of Legend on PC

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Tip 1: Try using a controller.

Tip 2: Buy some spells or especially a special robe like Pace, which ups your movespeed. Good training wheels.

Tip 3: Don't worry about dying for a while and learn what all the enemies do. Practice your movement skills with each enemy.

Tip 4: Take the dungeon a little slower, if you rush into a room you could be 2 steps from an enemy projectile.

Tip 5: Destroy the environment to see better (trees)

Tip 6: Once you learn the enemies, do a visual once-over of the room when you enter it. Decide your tactics based on what you see (area nuke the mage's summons, then kill the archer, then the melee guy, etc.)

Tip 7: Start using the environment. Hit enemies into pits, use walls as cover from archers, kite enemies around.

Tip 8: Begin learning what all the relics do so you can make more effective purchases during your runs. Learn what will be the highest value investment from the shop at the given time in your run.

Tip 9: Build a spell kit that suits your playstyle and has as few weaknesses as possible. Ex. if it's a very close-range build, do I have a defense robe? Can I get defense relics?

Tip 10: Understand when it's time to buy a healing potion at the shop instead of getting new gear.

Tip 11: Don't be afraid to take it slow. If you have ranged arcana (Like Bouncing Surge, Ice Spear, etc.), you can snipe enemies before the fight begins.

Tip 12: Defensive arcana are actually good. Earthen Aegis, Volt Pinball, etc., combined with a Basic that has good range, you can effectively avoid taking damage at all.

Tip 13: Relics are your friend! If you can get it, the Relic VIP item decreases their gold costs, allowing you to gain many fairly early. Having several is important to winning.

Tip 14: Lifeleech and health orb drop relics can be helpful! They allow you to build sustain for longer runs. Health on hit and increased health orb drops combined are great!

Tip 15: The Bolt Rail Basic (Lightning) is pretty good defensively! You can stunlock, hit them at range, and easily hit several at once, even around corners!

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

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