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Warframe Cheats

By logging in as username "corpus.outbreak", no password, the game will run a stress-test demonstration, in this case an endless gauntlet between the Corpus and the Infested factions, on a basic-textured arena. It's mostly useful for, as the name implies, testing how much a PC's processing and graphics can handle at once. If technical information (RAM usage, ping gauge etc.) was previously enabled, it'll also display during this demo. At worst, it's still a very interesting screen-saver.

Allows access to a minigame emulating the gameplay of Flappy Bird. To access, enter "Flappy" as your login email on the login screen. Alternatively, go into your customization settings for your Zephyr Warframe and select the Z loadout.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock

Grants access to the Wyrmius, a side-scrolling bullet-hell minigame. Accessed by entering "Wyrmius" as your log in email from the login screen. Alternatively, go to your customization settings for your Wyrm or Wyrm Prime Sentinel and select loadout W.

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