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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Unturned - PC

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Surviving can be difficult, but keep some of the following tips in mind and your attempt should go more smoothly.

Aim for the head. All weapons do extra damage when you hit that area of a zombie's body.

Be careful to avoid dehydration, which fills gradually if you don't find water. If it fills, you could die even when you are otherwise healthy, so make sure you bring along bottled water or a refillable canteen.

Kill zombies whenever possible and be sure to use the experience points you gain to unlock passive enhancements, such as improved accuracy or stamina.

When editing a world activate cheats to enable a console.


Find the Confederation Bridge located northwest of the PEI map, just south of the O'Leary military base. Go to the destroyed section of the bridge, then walk down and swim over to the adjacent part that has a police car and fire truck. Climb up the fire truck to reach the other section of the bridge. Get past the zombies, and keep moving until you get the "A Bridge Too Far" achievement.

Go to Outlton's Island, located south of Charlottetown at the southern part of the PEI map. Go to the south-southeast end of the island, and search for a mannequin lying face-down with a tire around its head to get the "A Day In The Sun" achievement.

Look in the northeastern zone of the map between the airport and the ocean to find an island with some trees growing on it. Go to that island. Explore it until you find a table with two chairs and a chess board.

Get an axe or chainsaw to chop trees or have a pickaxe to mine boulders. You need 1,000 from one of those actions to get the "Outdoorsman" achievement; you cannot add totals from chopping and mining.

Earn experience points by chopping trees, killing zombies, mining boulders, and killing wild pigs or deer. After collecting enough experience, check your "Skill" bar and level up any single skill (Craftsman or Warrior recommended) to get the "Skilled" achievement.

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