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U.B. Funkeys

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for U.B. Funkeys on PC

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At the options area enter SPROUTARBORETUM852 this code comes only with the special pink UB Funkey base unit.

On the main menu, click Options and type± iluvfunkeys345.

To avoid annoying clone/druid things that steal your money as soon as you hear the noise that signals that 1 is coming quick log off. They will not be able to get you...unless you take too long of a time to log off! Happy Cheating! | Submitted by BlackHeart

Museum mask mayhem:

Level 1: Go super slow to get more points try to let it fall a lot dont be a maniac.

Level 2: Go a little faster be kanda fast in the beginning then get slower. level 3:go even faster but not to fast just enough speed to get you through at a normal paste.

Level 4: Super fast, from top to bottom, and dont lose focus!

Level 5: Its what you've all been waiting for! go like a maniac! but still top to bottom.

Secret: Every level has a crystal it starts at 1000 for points and increases be 500!

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