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Two Worlds 2

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Two Worlds 2 - PC

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Press [Esc] to display the menu, then click the "Bonus Code" button.

Anathros sword: 6770-8976-1634-9490
Axe: 1775-3623-3298-1928
Dragon scale armor: 4149-3083-9823-6545
Elexorien two-handed sword: 3542-3274-8350-6064
Hammer: 6231-1890-4345-5988
Lucienda sword: 9122-5287-3591-0927 or 6624-0989-0879-6383
Scroll bonus map: 6972-5760-7685-8477
Labyrinth map: 1797-3432-7753-9254
Two-handed hammer: 3654-0091-3399-0994

While in game, open the cheat console with ~ or Enter and type twoworldscheats or cotcheats then hit Enter or ~ again. Reopen the cheat console and type in ec.addobjecttoinventory followed by any of the following codes.


Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Type twoworldscheats 1 to enable cheat codes. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.


After ec.addobjecttoinventory type one of the following: art_add_damage_#x <- for damage art_add_protect_#x <- for resistance art_add_points_#y <- for adding points to your status art_add_maxinventoryweight_# <- for increasing the inventory's weight capacity art_close_# <- for the sealing crystals Note: y = #ePoints x = #eDamage # = Crystal's level (01 - 07)


Use the following entries with the ec.addobjecttoinventory code.


To add damage crystals, use the following code: ec.addobjecttoinventory art_add_damage_<level 01-07>(#edamage<fire, cold, poison, spirit, electric>) <number>

Use the following entries with the ec.addobjecttoinventory code.


The following tricks can be performed with mage spells.

Adventure PvPing
Use in your Spell Amulet and follow in order and row:

1. Row 1: Power effect card, missile carrier, homing modifier.
2. Row 2: (Offensive) effect card, damage modifier, trap carrier.
3. When you or a friend walks over a trap, it will explode and hurt them.

Double Missile Slots
Use in your Spell Amulet and follow in order and row:

1. Row 1: Any effect card, damage modifier, missile carrier, homing modifier. Press [Action] on missile carrier card.
2. Row 2: Altar carrier, time modifier, press [Action] on altar carrier card.
3. Row 3: Any effect card, damage modifier, missile carrier, spray modifier.
4. Row 1: Add missile carrier.
5. Row 2: Press [Action] on time modifier card.
6. You should notice the slots move together and your spell has two missile slots.

Infinite Health
Use in your Spell Amulet and follow in order and row:

1. Row 1: Life effect card x10, area effect carrier, time modifier, protection modifier, damage modifier.
2. While fighting, make sure you have this spell on before you enter the fight. When you run out of HP, you will auto-resurrect and the spell will stay active.

Invisible Death
Make these spells and cast them together in order:

1. Spell Amulet 1: (Offensive) effect card, area effect carrier, time modifier, damage modifier.
2. Spell Amulet 2: Air effect card, enchant carrier, time modifier
3. Run near enemies, and they will die with the effect and cannot see you.

Open cheat console and type in twoworldscheats or cotcheats and hit Enter or ~ Open cheat console again and type ec.addobjecttoinventory followed by any listen item code, then hit Enter again. For any qitem, open cheat console again and place cursor near your feet, then type any of the qitem codes and hit Enter again. The qitem appears on the ground, pick it up.


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