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Torchlight II

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Torchlight II Cheats

You will find a secret CL4P-TP from Borderlands within Bloatfang's region inside Act 3, "Several Set up Needed". Beat the Bloatfang, after that move to the ledge in which the Automaton Power Source together with chest can be found. Try this route leading south plus west throughout the Boss area. In the southern section of the level, you will find a CL4P-TP between a few rocks. He congratulates you for beating Bloatfang and provides you Claptrap's Bolt (Armor/Trinkets: Improve charge rate by Ten Percent, Weapon: Conveys Five Percent opportunity to Shock for five secs, item level 32).

One-Eyed Willy is the final boss of Plunder Cove, a dungeon in Temple Steppes. Note that this is not a storyline quest, but a side quest in Act I, so you might miss it. To enter Plunder Cove, you have to use the Fisherman's Lantern in Temple Steppes, near the river. This will summon Olwin, who offers you the quest "Ghosts of Plunder Cove". After accepting the quest, he will create the portal to the dungeon where One-Eyed Willy is located.

Within the Frosted Hillsides, you will find a special dungeon that pays homage to John Carpenter's The Thing movie. Inside, there is also a book with notes from Blair, a personality within the film. Later, there is also a boss by means of a changing Netherfiend, a mention of the the film in which the alien would go ahead and take form of the humans it wiped out. Additionally, you will obtain a key towards the Kennel, with increased baby wolves within that also become Netherfiends, a mention of the the changing monster dog within the movie. Furthermore, you will find a special weapon in the finish known as "Macready's Shotgun", a mention of the Kurt Russell's character.

After you creating a new character, place your potions right into a shared stash chest on its northern border side of Torchlight. Now remove this character and those another character. Grab the potions you left on your own. You can repeat this many times for even more Infinite Potions.

First choose the least expensive goods. After you have choose one you normally include this in your inventory. But rather than putting it inside a (empty slot) you place it as a "pre-existing" item inside your inventory (ideally probably the most costly one). If done correctly you will now have a replication of that item. Please note: This would possibly not duplicate the enchantments, but will create a randomly enchanted item.

This Plunder Cove optional quest in Act 1 includes a number of individual references to the movie The Goonies. There's a corpse titled Chester Copperpot (drops One-Eyed Willy's Other Eye socketable), and also a Boss called One-Eyed Willy (may drop One-Eyed Willy's Eye socketable).

Locate the "Special Dungeon" at the Frosted Hills. Go in and search for the rope close to a hole, click the bucket and put the lotion in it and click again. If done right you will see Buffalo Bill's Hide Mask which is a reference of Silence Of The Lambs!

When at the Frosted Hills, you can discover a special dungeon that pays homage to John Carpenter's Things movie. Inside, you will certainly discover a book with notes from Blair, a character in the movie. Later on, you will certainly discover a boss through a changing Netherfiend, a reference to the film where the alien would take the shape of the people it eliminated. You will certainly also get a key to the Kennel, with more wolves inside that also become Netherfiends, a reference to the changing monster pet in the film. In addition, you can discover a special weapon at the end called "Macready's Shotgun", a reference to Kurt Russell's character.

The following procedure involves editing a game file so it is advised that you create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the 'settings.txt' file in the...

C:/Users/[user name]/My Games/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/Save/[number] and search for the following line:


And change it to:


During gameplay press 'Insert' to display the console window. Then type one of the following case sensitive codes (without the quotes) and press 'Enter' to enable the corresponding effect. There is the possibility that when you enable a code you could get your account separated from unmodified versions of Torchlight 2 making you look like a suspicious player.

List ALL Console Commands:
Enter 'help'

Toggle God Mode:
Enter 'god'

Toggle God and Speed Mode:
Enter 'godspeed'

Toggle Additional Speed for Player:
Enter 'speed'

Toggle Combat Log:
Enter 'combatlog'

Toggle Monster AI:
Enter 'aifreeze'

Toggle Player's Pet:
Enter 'disablepet'

Increase Experience to Next Level:
Enter 'levelup'

List ALL Belts:
Enter 'belt'

List ALL Boots:
Enter 'boots'

List ALL Chest Armor:
Enter 'chest armor'

List ALL Fish:
Enter 'fish'

List ALL Gems:
Enter 'socketable'

List ALL Gloves:
Enter 'gloves'

List ALL Helmets:
Enter 'helmet'

List ALL Potions:
Enter 'potion'

List ALL Scrolls:
Enter 'scroll'

List ALL Shoulder Armor:
Enter 'shoulder armor'

List ALL Spells:
Enter 'spell'

List ALL Trinkets:
Enter 'trinket'

List ALL Weapons:
Enter 'weapon'

List Skills:
Enter 'skill'

Gain No More Experience:
Enter 'noxp'

Gain Amount in ALL Stats:
Enter 'allstats (number)'

Gain Skill Amount:
Enter 'skill (skill name)/(number)'

Gain Statpoints:
Enter 'statpoints (number)'

Gain Money:
Enter 'money (number)'

Spawn Item in Indicated Index Slot:
Enter 'item (index slot number), (amount)'

Go Down a Floor:
Enter 'ascend'

Go Up a Floor:
Enter 'descend'

Identify ALL Items in the Inventory, Excluding Pet's Inventory:
Enter 'identifyall'

Kill ALL Monsters:
Enter 'killall'

List ALL Quests:
Enter 'quests'

Monsters Ignore Player:
Enter 'playernotarget'

Player Always Gets Critical Hits:
Enter 'alwayscrit'

Reload Textures:
Enter 'reload'

Reset Pet's Level to 1:
Enter 'resetpetlevel'

Reset Player's Skills:
Enter 'resetskills'

Reset Player's Statpoints:
Enter 'resetstats'

Reset Player's Level to 1:
Enter 'resetplayerlevel'

Reset Player's Level, Skills, and Stats:
Enter 'resetplayer'

Restart Current Level:
Enter 'restartlevel'

Return to Room Player is Currently in:
Enter 'room'

Set Quest as Completed:
Enter 'questcomplete'

Set Quest to Active:
Enter 'questactive'

Set Camera Distance:
Enter 'cameradistance (multiplier number)'

Set Game Difficulty:
Enter 'setdifficulty (number)'

Set Pet Level:
Enter 'setpetlevel (number)'

Set Amount of Fame:
Enter 'fame (number)'

Set Amount of Skill Points:
Enter 'skill points (number)'

Set Amount of Strength:
Enter 'strength (number)'

Set Amount of Dexterity:
Enter 'dexterity (number)'

Set Amount of Magic:
Enter 'magic (number)'

Set Amount of Defense:
Enter 'defence (number)'

Set Time of Day:
Enter 'settime (time)'

Set Timescale for Time of Day:
Enter 'settimescale (scale)'

Spawn a Stash Nearby:
Enter 'stash'

Spawn a Shared Stash at Unknown Location:
Enter 'shared stash

View Frame Rate:
Enter 'fps'

Display Current Difficulty:
Enter 'difficulty'

Clear Console Window History:
Enter 'cls'

Add a Friend by Username or E-mail:
Enter 'addfriendbyuser'

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock

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