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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Toontown Online running on PC

Toontown Online

Cheats & Hints for Toontown Online - PC

Go down Pajama Place in Donald's Dreamland. Near the end of the street is a building called "Talking in Your Sleep Voice Training". Go inside and walk up to the clerk. Say the Speedchat Phrase, "Would you like some help?". The clerk will give you a new emotion in your list of emotions called "Resistance Salute". When used, your toon will jump into the air and say "Toons of the world unite!". Note: This stays with your toon all the time, just like any other emotion. It will not be with all the toons on your account. You must take other toons you have to the same building and repeat.

The Cogs: Cogs are evil robots created by Scrooge Mcduck. They come in all different sizes. They can't take a joke, so to defeat them, ou need to use special thing called GAGS to defeat them. Each gag track has a special use.

The "Toon Up" gag track heals other toons that have been hit by the cogs. Trap drops the cogs somewhere to where they fall.

The "Lure" track lures cogs so they don't hit you for many rounds or, they fall into a trap. Throw & Squirt are thrown and squirted at cogs. Sound, makes noise to where the cogs get so annoyed, they blow up. Drop, has gags that drop onto the cogs. That track is very powerful, but misses commonly.

Now, you need to learn about the "Hit Points" a cog takes away from you.And yes, they have gags,too! That's why, you should always be careful in battle so the cogs don't get you sad.

What you have to do is follow along with what the other toons. If you use a gag that will mess up what they're trying to do, all the cogs in that battle will only go for you. So it's best to follow along. Unless you can lead a battle.They'll have to follow after you.

Now, just a little trick to help you encourage other toons to battle cogs: go to Pajama Place and go to the shop called "Talking in Your Sleep: Voice Training"There, you need to say 'Would you like some help?" to the shop clerk and she'll give you a phrase on "Emotions" called the Resitence Salute. There, you can tell other toons 'Toons of the world Unite!"

To unlock a hidden emotion, entitled Resistance Salute, use speedchat to say "Would you like some help" in the shop 'Talking in Your Sleep Voice Lessons' in DDL.

To get the Toon Modifier entitled Toon Modifier: Large + No Color, simply use speedchat to say 'Howdy!' in the shop 'Hibernation Vacations' in The Brrrgh.

Below is a rather epic list of jellybean combinations. In parenthesis next to each name, you will find a number representing how many jellybeans are needed to create that particular variety.

Car Petunia (7) - Blue (x4), Light Blue, Purple (x2)
Chili Lily (5) - Light Blue, Red (x4)
Chim Pansy (2) - Light Blue & Orange
Corn Rose (4) - Orange, Red, Yellow (x2)
Crazy Daisy (7) - Green (x4), Orange, Red, Yellow
Daffy Dill (2) - Green & Pink
Dandy Pansy (1) - Orange
Dilly Lily (8) - Blue (x2), Light Blue (x2), Yellow (x4)
Freshasa Daisy (4) - Light Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow
Giraff-o-Dil (4) - Green, Pink, Yellow (x2)
Hazy Daisy (8) - Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Purple (x3), Red, Yellow
Hybrid Carnation (3) - Pink, Red (x2)
Indubitab Lily (7) - Blue (x3), Light Blue (x3), Purple
Instant Carnation - Pink & Yellow
Istlla Rose (8) - Blue (x4), Pink, Purple (x2), Red
Laff-o-Dil (1) - Green
Lazy Daisy (2) - Pink & Yellow
Lily-of-the-Alley (1) - Light Blue
Lily Pad (2) - Green & Light Blue
Livered Lily (4) - Light Blue, Orange (x2), Pink
Marzi Panzy (4) - Orange, Red, Yellow (x2)
Midsummer Daisy (3) - Green, Red, Yellow
Model Carnation (7) - Green (x5), Pink, Yellow
Onelip (5) - Blue, Purple (x3), Red
Platoonia (8) - Blue (x2), Orange, Pink (x2), Red, Yellow (x2)
Potsen Pansy (3) - Orange, Red (x2)
School Daisy (1) - Yellow
Side Carnation (5) - Blue, Green, Pink, Red (x2)
Silly Lily (6) - Light Blue, Purple (x4), Red
Smarty Pansy (6) - Blue, Orange (x2), Pink (x3)
Stinking Rose (7) - Light Blue (x3), Orange, Pink, Purple, Red
Summerís Last Rose (3) - Red (x3)
Threelip (8) - Orange, Purple (x3), Yellow (x4)
Tiger Lily (3) - Light Blue, Orange (x2)
Time and a Half-o-Dil (5) - Blue, Green, Pink (x3)
Tinted Rose (6) - Orange (x2), Pink (x2), Red (x2)
Twolip (6) - Purple (x3), Red (x3)
Upsy Daisy (6) - Blue (x3), Light Blue, Purple, Yellow
What-in Carnation (1) - Pink
Whoopsie Daisy (5) - Orange (x3), Red, Yellow

Go to the Brrrrrgh and go down Polar Place. Look for a store called "Hibernation Vacations". Go inside and walk up to the clerk. Use the Speedchat Phrase "Howdy!". Your Toon will become large and colorless for as long as you are in the Brrrrgh, or until you sign out.

When you are doing something that you might want to remember, press [F9] key to take a screen shot. It might not be saved in your Toontown folder. For example, defeat a cog building and go inside that building to see your toon's picture. Have all the toons who helped defeat that cog building stand in front of their own picture. Press [F9] to take a screen shot.

Select the "Enter Code" page in the sticker book, then enter GETCONNECTED as a code.

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