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Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 on PC

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Make sure you do the first mission as this will ground you in the story and also give you vital progression. Doing the first mission will also enable you to unlock a second skill slot so you can play with two skills.

A good place to get the "Negative Ramos!" achievement early is in the "American History Museum" main mission on the Story difficulty. During the "Reach the archive room" objective, a medic with a purple health bar will spawn. Medics have a "+" sign above their health bar. They carry a defibrillator on their backs. While a medic revives a dead enemy, shoot his backpack to make the defibrillator explode, thus shocking the medic. It only works while the medic is in the process of reviving an enemy. You will be fighting a lot of medics throughout the game, and this achievement will most likely come naturally.

Fast travel to "The Theater Settlement". Run around the streets (outside settlement) once, and look for a group of friendlies that has "En Route to Gather" above their heads when you aim at them. If you cannot find anyone, fast travel back to "The Theater" and run around the settlement again. Repeat this until you find a group that is on their way to gather something. Then, follow them to their destination. Wait for them to enter the location. One of the looters will have the option to press a button prompt. This will give them materials and unlock the "Resourceful Agent" achievement. You can also encounter groups of friendly gatherers randomly while exploring the world. By following them from the settlement, it is less random. If you cannot find anyone around the settlement, just keep playing normally and watch for friendlies running across the streets. Aim at them to check their status. If it says "En Route to Gather," follow them.

Simply run towards the hood of a car and hold B to slide over it and get the "TV Cop" achievement.

Tanks are heavily armored enemies. They are the biggest enemies in the game. They have armor around every body part. Shoot off the armor around the arms, legs, upper body, and head. This is best done in solo play. While playing with others, they may kill the tank before shooting off all the armor. After one piece of armor is destroyed, focus on the next armor part. Do not shoot unprotected body parts, as it will result in the tank dying before you can shoot off all armor. Fully automatic weapons (machine guns, assault rifles, SMGs) work best for this. An easy place to do this is in the "American History Museum" main mission on the Story difficulty. During the "Defeat True Sons reinforcements" objective, you will encounter one tank that shoots grenades at you. While playing solo, first take out all other enemies. Then, dodge his grenades until he needs to reload. Get really close to him so you can aim precisely and shoot a body part with a fully automatic weapon. Dodge his next grenades until he needs to reload again and repeat. Be careful to only hit armor, never any unprotected parts. If you defeated him but missed an armor part, kill yourself with a grenade to restart the checkpoint.

In this game you will come across enemies that will be using armour plates. Look for the vulnerable point in their armour and concentrate on that a person piece so you use the plating down, once the plating has actually gone the enemy's health will quickly drop. The vulnerable point on an enemy's armour tends to be a red colour.

You will encounter control points while you are out on the streets that are essentially barricaded areas on the roadway. Control Points are spread throughout the world and taking a Control Point is easy. You should beat all the enemies in the area and after that hold the area with your allies for a set time period. Once the enemy has actually tired all their supports and you have actually eliminated the one in charge, the Control Point is yours. Taking part in these activities in The Division 2 can earn you great rewards.

Looting in the Dark Zone is now a lot less harmful than the previous game where you were robbery infected loot and needed to extract it. In The Division 2 you can loot and send it straight to your stock without extraction.

Grenades are a great way to get enemies out of behind cover. Tap the Left button on the D-Pad to all set grenades, and use the Right Trigger to toss them.

Staying in cover is vital to survival in The Division 2. Hit the X button (PlayStation) to leave or take cover, and double tap X to do a protective roll.

Move rapidly in between cover by highlighting the place you'd like to transfer to and holding the X (A) button.

Make sure to keep your guns refilled in between encounters so you'll constantly be prepared for a firefight to break out.

After finishing Conflict matches, you might get Conflict Caches. These can consist of all examples, consisting of new equipment.

Don't hesitate to take on more difficult material. You will get cleaned however that is ok. Every failure is a lesson. You will be a much better agent for it.

Try all of the weapons to see what feels right for you. Attempt all the abilities for the exact same factor.

Lean into the build mechanics early on in the game as that will prepare you for end game.

Throughout D.C. you'll find numerous factions have actually grabbed important control points throughout the city. These can be crucial throughout The Division 2 as a way to fast-travel or as places to turn over collected materials in order to earn a substantial boost of experience points. You'll also unlock a supply room loaded with loot when you free them, in addition to progress towards finishing particular tasks in the area which will give even additional rewards such as experience and mods. If you're playing solo at the time, transforming a control point back under your command is not an easy task however-- particularly. You can call in some neighboring allies using your flare gun when you approach the area. If no other agents are in your squad at the time, we'd highly recommend you do this and wait for the NPC backup to show up.

Cancel your Turret when you do not require it. Cleaned out a room? Start your turret cooldown early by holding the button or key that you've designated to call it out (L1 or R1 on PS4).

Once you have unlocked your first skill you will also unlock your first perk. Use it to start unlocking the second weapon slot so you will be able to select a secondary primary weapon to go alongside your pistol so you have access to two different weapons as soon as you loot a weapon in the world.

All the armour pieces that you get in "The Division 2" is branded and if you gather items of the exact same brand name they will unlock skills. 3 will unlock a more powerful skill when you get 2 equipment items with the exact same brand name you will unlock a skill. These bonuses max out at 3 items.

Agents also wear armour for protection in The Division 2 and like the enemy armour if the plating fails your health will fall very quickly. If your armour does go down you have to be very mindful and make sure you use an armour set to fix it as quickly as possible.

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