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Tom Clancy's The Division

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Tom Clancy's The Division on PC

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Go to the corner of W. 31st St. and 9th Ave. Follow the rough path to find a reference to Adventure Time.

You can find a wanted poster at various locations looking for a man named "Joker Nicholson".

You can find an Echo with civilians named Johnathan Pinkman and William White on a rooftop near the safehouse in Wolves Den.

Reach Level thirty.

Even for being an elite Agent, things cost money. Pick up everything, whether you need it or not. Do not worry about filling your bag up too quickly; you will have plenty of room to start with. You can sell what you do not need later. Be on the lookout for fabric, tools and weapon parts also; these have no limits and you can pick up as much as desired. Do not be afraid to go up a scaffold, in a window, or down an alley. Most of the good items is on the streets, and not in the stores.

When you unlock the post office, you will see the crafting station towards the back, across the hall from where you entered. If you can, wait a few more levels before purchasing something. Most things you purchase will be available here at some point, and all you will have to do is collect the materials.

In the game you will have lots of battles, but the DMG (damage) on your primary will make all the difference. The higher the DMG level, the easier it will be. The DPS (damage per second) does not mean everything. For those who want to continue using a rifle, the Marksman rifles will be your best bet. They have longer reload times and smaller clips (until you upgrade), but if you aim it correctly they will result in one shot kills. Using a shotgun as your primary is not recommended as most of your battles in the beginning will be medium range, but it would be perfect for close range combat.

Once you reach Level 30, obtain Superior (purple) or high-end (orange) gear from vendors that have at least one empty mod slot. It is also very helpful if they already have an "Advanced Performance Mod" to boost the "Increase Kill XP" stat. Then, go to a Recalibration station (for example, in the Post Office at the Base of Operations), and keep re-rolling the stats on all the gear until it gives a boost to the "Increase Kill XP" stat. Go to Dark Zone 1, 2, or 3 with a team and kill as many enemies as possible to increase your Dark Zone level much quicker. If you get the "Increase Kill XP" stat to around 100%, you will increase your Dark Zone level twice as fast as normal.

Follow the route shown in the video below to farm high-end (gold) Division Tech, which is required for all Dark Zone Level 31 weapon and item blue prints. This route begins in the safe room in the middle of DZ 04. You can loot up to 23 Division Tech boxes approximately every 10 minutes using this route. Note: If someone else has already looted a Division Tech box, it will not give any Division Tech for a set amount of time. The boxes respawn every two hours on a server after being looted. To get onto a different server to immediately loot more Division Tech, either restart the game or join a different player or friend's game. You can also increase the amount of high-end Division Tech you get from the boxes by having a higher scavenging percentage.

To carry nine medkits instead of the normal five, equip the Paramedic backpack (obtained from the Reward vendor in the Base Of Operations) and two pieces of the Alpha Bridge gear, then open a supply crate. You can now remove the Paramedic backpack and Alpha Bridge gear and equip your desired gear. You can do this each time you resupply to carry four additional medkits than you normally can carry.

Play the "Lexington Event Center" mission on the Challenging difficulty. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete with a skilled team of players. You will get Phoenix Credits and a high-end armor piece for completing it each time.

To easily carry more ammo, equip two pieces of the Lone Star gear, a chest piece with extra ammo capacity as a stat, and either the Police backpack (obtained from the Reward vendor in the Base Of Operations) or a backpack with extra ammo capacity. You can also add mods with extra ammo capacity to the gear for even more ammo. Then, collect ammo from a supply crate. You can now remove all the equipment and equip your normal gear. You can do this each time you resupply to carry a lot more ammunition than you can normally carry with the gear you are using.

Successfully complete all side missions in a district (for example, Flatiron, Clinton, Hell's Kitchen, Gramercy) to get one Superior (purple) blueprint as a reward from each district. Use the "Infinite crafting resources" exploit to easily craft a bunch of purple items. Then, sell the items for lots of money. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Repeatedly complete the first Challenge mode mission (Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint), which is the easiest to complete, to get a decent amount of Phoenix Credits each time and high-end gear.

It recommended to do this exploit with at least a Level 18 character. It works best with a Level 30 character. First, collect some valuable loot (blue, purple, orange) and put it in your stash at a safe house. Next, create a second character and complete the tutorial in Brooklyn so you reach the Base of Operations at Pennsylvania Plaza. Collect all the valuable loot in the stash with your second character and sell it to a vendor to get a lot of money. Then, keep buying the cheapest low level items with your second character from the vendor until your inventory is full. Put all the items into the stash. Switch back to your main character and collect all the low level items from the stash. Mark all the low level items as "junk" and deconstruct them to get approximately 60 crafting materials from each item. Once you run out of money, you can simply build valuable items from blueprints using some of the crafting materials obtained from this exploit, put them in the stash, and sell them with your second character. Repeat this as many times as desired. Note: To get higher rarity crafting materials, either go to the crafting station and convert the materials, or level up your second character until vendors in the Base of Operations start selling blue items. It is also recommended to exit the game while in a safe house to respawn each character inside the safe house so it makes doing this quicker. Additionally, this glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It is likely to eventually get patched. While playing the game, go to "Matchmaking" and select "Free Roam" in Automatch. Once you join another player's game, go around collecting resources (tools, electronic parts, weapon parts) outside the Base of Operations at Pennsylvania Plaza. Two boxes with tools can be found right down the street by the two semi trucks, next to the parked cars on the lifts. There are also electronic parts, weapon parts, and fabric nearby. Once you have collected the desired resources, go to "Group Management" and select "Leave Group". Normally, resources respawn every two hours, but they immediately respawn when joining another player's game, unless another player has recently collected the resources. If this happens, join a different player's game. This process takes approximately six minutes each time, depending on how many areas you visit to collect resources. Repeat this process as many times as desired to get unlimited resources. You can also craft items and sell them with the resources to get unlimited money. Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It is likely to eventually get patched.

Switch weapons as soon as you select the desired special ammo to have it cutoff all animations and instantly be available.

You can find sofa tied to the roof of a car, with a corpse on it.

To reach Level 30 (current max) as quickly as possible, complete all story missions on the Normal difficulty. You do not get any extra XP for completing story missions on the Hard difficulty, and barely get any additional XP from killing enemies on the Hard difficulty. Make sure to buy the "Experienced Agent" perk immediately after completing Story Mission 5, where you rescue Captain Benitez and activate the Security wing, to get a 10% XP gain from all activities. Complete Encounters that give a good amount of XP. You normally cannot replay an Encounter after completing it, but if you join a game of another player that has not yet completed the Encounter, you can replay it and get the same amount of XP for completing it again. To easily level up a low level character, especially a second character, play with at least one other Level 30 player and have them complete Story missions, Encounters, and Side missions while you stay back and away from enemies to quickly reach Level 30.

You can find a wanted poster at various locations looking for a man that he was last seen screaming "Wuba luba dub-dub", which is a reference to Rick from Rick and Morty.

Search for an echo of a man named Shaun in Chelsea. He tries to jump over a fence, which subsequently falls down.

Ads can be found at random location that show man with a "Saviors of New York" logo on the back of his shirt in a style similar to Sons Of Anarchy jackets from the television show of the same name.

Search near the corner of 7th Ave. and W. 31st St. to find a pizza box from Radical Pizza and a pair of orange nunchucks in the snow.

You can find a wanted poster at various locations looking for a man named "Thom Clancy", with the comment that "the H is silent".

Go to the apartment building located at the corner of W. 29th St. and 9th Ave. It has a wooden door with the American flag. Search a third floor apartment in Chelsea to find a shelf with two board games based on Grow Home and Rayman: Raving Rabbids. In Manhattan at the first base of operations, begin the mission that requires the Post Office to be cleared out. It can be found situated between 31st and 33rd St. at Pennsylvania Plaza on 8th Avenue. After completing it, look to your right to find Sam Fisher's goggles from the Splinter Cell series on top of a desk. Enter the HighLow Electronics Store at W. 22nd St. and 8th Ave to find a copy of World In Conflict. Enter the safe house at 43rd St. and 2nd Ave. to find a game studio with references to Grow Home and For Honor.

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