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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Tomb Raider 3 running on PC

Tomb Raider 3

Cheats & Hints for Tomb Raider 3 - PC

Do the exact same moves for all weapons (see above) except instead of having your pistols drawn, have a flare drawn.

Small Step Back
Small Step Forward
Crouch then Stand
Spin around in 3 complete circles
JUMP Backward to get all items, weapons, and ammo
Find the Key in Lara's House
To find the key to Lara's race track you first need to lock the butler in the freezer. Then go to your bed room and get the flairs in the room next to her bed.

Next go down the hall and go into the attic and light a flair. Find the green or blue box and push it forword twice. Leave the attic and go to the library in the upstairs. On the bookshelf on the wall on the right there is a book that you have to push.

After you push it the fire in the fire place will go out. Go into the fire place and turn left you should be abel to climb the wall to a secret passage follow the passage to a room.

In the room climb up onto the ledge and push the box from the attic to the left. Then go to the other end of the ledge, light a flair and pull the lever on the wall. While the door opening scene runs press CIRCLE to turn around and run to the door under the stairs.

Once down there find another green box and pull it back once and to the right once. Jump up into the secret passage and into the water. Swim around the tank to the other side but stay neer the glass and you find the key in the water. You can find it by looking around the fish tank in the basement.

Small Step Back
Small Step Forward
Crouch then Stand
Spin around in 3 complete circles
JUMP Forward to SKIP to the next level
Secret Room in Lara's House
When you get into the mansion go to the pool. On the back of the diving board is a switch. Hit it. That just opened a secret place in Lara's main room of her house. Go in to the main room. You will see a open door, go to it. Flip the lever and immediately turn and sprint to a room behind you. Inside you will see artifacts Lara has found in past games.

Go to the house and go to the zip line. Instad of going down the zip line, go to the far right corner and face he wall at an angle. Jump and press the action button until Lara jumps high into the air; there will be a red square. If you can do a standing jump and land on it, you can now do a running jump on to the house and to the area where the Quad Bike is kept. Good luck!!!

Activate the switch on the back of the diving board in Laura's pool room. Go to the door it opens in her lobby. Pull the lever, and quickly roll. Sprint straight across her lobby and roll into her museum, barely making it in time. The Dagger of Xian among other artifacts are in her museum.

Go to the Library. After Lara walks in the doorway, there are two bookcases on her right. Approach the one on the left and press Action. Lara will pull a book and the fire will extinguish, allowing her to climb up the side wall inside the fireplace. After reaching the top, follow the passageways until reaching a room with two levels, with a switch on the top level. Pull the blocks in a way that a hallway leading into the attic is revealed. After Lara pulls the switch, the basement door will temporarily open. Quickly run through the attic, and down to the main hall to reach the basement. Once in the basement, walk through to the second room and look in the tank on the right side. Inside is the key to the race course. To collect it, pull the block in the other room to the center. Climbing up to that hall leads to the tank.

Draw your gun's (space) 1 small step backward ,1 small step forward kneel one time (.) Stand. Turn around 3 times and jump backward.

Draw your gun's (space) 1 small step backward, 1 small step forward kneel one time (.) Stand. Turn around 3 times and jump forward.

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