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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Territory War Online running on PC

Territory War Online

Cheats & Hints for Territory War Online - PC

Throw a grenade at your opponent. Wait until it is at max, and throw. It will most likely hit your opponent.

Play offline. Get a blue afro in all the missions. Submit your scores and you will eventually receive the laser and grenade launcher.

When your opponent puts brick walls in front of you use the following trick to shoot through them. Get as close to the brick wall as possible. Take out your sniper rifle and aim for the enemy. Shoot and you will hit him. You can still do the same amount of damage done when you hit them in the head.

If you are on the Blue Team go to the bottom (shooting) hole, take out the bazooka and aim at -5. Shoot and you will hit the wagon. If you are on the Blue Team and get to the blue flag on top of your castle, take a grenade. Aim with a height of 39 and 98% max. Throw and it will bounce on the wagon and go in the hole. If this is done when you start, it will do about 15% more damage. Go to the middle of map at the tower. Jump on the first column, then take out a grenade. Set the aim at "3" and throw. It will hit the ground. If this is done twice it will kill your enemy if he accidentally moves into it.

Go to the junkyard. Go to the left, up the stairs, and onto the third red platform. Go to the right and jump over the hole. Get past the stone to the hole before the levitating platform. Fall off and you will die instantly.

When on the left side, go to the first long platform you find. Shoot a rocket launcher to kill your opponent quickly. Go as high as possible on the Blue Team and put a regular grenade with height as 27 and throw at 80% max. It will kick two enemies off the map. If on the red team, get on the peak of the rock. Aim straight, then shoot. You will kill one person. If on the same team, go over the rock and move forward slightly. Aim a grenade as high as possible and shoot it at about 90% to kill one person.

Go to "The Pit" for a fight. It is possible to stand on the spikes. This is very useful to dodge a few attacks and can save your life if someone does not know about this trick, and attempts to kick you off the floating rocks. You can land on a spike and make a comeback. However, be careful not to fall off or you will likely die.

Go to the island. Go into a hole and then all the way against the left side of it (if the hole is to the right). Throw a grenade near yourself to teleport.

Go to the middle spike, then take out a grenade. Set the aim to "-14" and throw. This causes a big explosion that kills one enemy by the face and doing half damage to your other opponents.

If you are on the side with the spiky rocks, try to get your opponent to waste all their missiles. Build a wall after you are sure all their missiles are gone. It will be almost impossible for anyone outside of your wall to throw a grenade over it. Note: Make sure the wall is not placed in a location that allows people to pick axe it.

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