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Talisman: Digital Edition

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Talisman: Digital Edition on PC

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Fate Weaver is awarded when you spend 10 points of fate in the same game.

Activate the Frostmarch, and for house rules activate Revealed Endings to know which random ending is available. Play until it indicates that you must complete Warlock Quests to win.

Play a two player Local Co-op mode game. Have a player get killed during the first ten turns.

Play against one other human player. Only have the Reaper expansion active while you play the Genie adventure card. If you land on the Genie yourself, do not take the follower. Wait for the other player to take him, then land on that player and take the Genie after winning the fight.

Set the game rules to have sudden death at 20 rounds. Do not leave early or the game will not count.

The Pirate is available in the basic game, while the Pedlar Stranger is in Frostmarch only. Once the Pedlar is in the field it becomes a basic fetch quest. Land on him, press gang him, go to the Tavern, then sell him on the black market.

Have a character with a teleport ability, such as the Leprechaun. Otherwise, try to get an item such as the flying carpet. Find an enemy that teleports you after defeating it, such as the Eagle King at the end of the highlands. You must also have access to a warlock quest where you need to visit a certain place or a portal somewhere in the outer/middle region. When all conditions are met, trigger your teleport ability, or if using the flying carpet roll a 6. Move to the Eagle King. Defeat him, and you will be able to teleport again. Move to the tile instructed by your quest or go to a portal. Completing the quest will teleport you again, to the warlock's cave. The portal will also teleport you.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock

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