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Tales Of Zestiria

Normin locations

Normins can be found at the following locations. To get the final Normin, complete the battle at Igraine, "Shrine Of The Fate Trial".

Atakk Normin: Dumnonia Museum
Mynd Normin: Falkewin Hillside
Difens Normin: Marlind, the City of the Great Tree
Reziss Normin: Marlind, the City of the Great Tree
Spirri Normin: Bors Ruins
Rangus Normin: Glaivend Basin
Roon Normin: Volgran Forest
Blokk Normin: Volgran Forest
Wresst Normin: Tintagel Ruins
Gillium Normin: Lamorak Cave
Blude Normin: Lastonbell, City of Artisans
Plezur Normin: Lastonbell, City of Artisans
Primor Normin: Meadow of Triumph
Gaine Normin: Meadow of Triumph
Releeph Normin: Malory, the Patinal Forest
Fantum Normin: Pearloats Pasture
Chein Normin: Pearloats Pasture
Mirag Normin: Gaferis Ruins
Gaizer Normin: Pendrago, the Blessed Capital
Justiss Normin: Pendrago, the Blessed Capital
Tempescht Normin: Cambria Caverns
Wundor Normin: Biroclef Ridge
Farrest Normin: Yder Cave
Fethur Normin: Gododdin, the Forgotten Village
Tenshun: Gododdin, the Forgotten Village
Shokk Normin: Igraine, Shrine of the Fire Trial
Flaym Normin: Pendrago Shrinechurch
Sloe Normin: Aifread's Hunting Ground
Poizon Normin: Weylish Ruins
Fatty G Normin: Morgause, Shrine of the Earth Trial
Animili Normin: Lefay, Shrine of the Water Trial
Schel Normin: Westronbolt Gorge
Blarb Normin: Ganglen Ruins
Leglis Normin: Guinevere, Shrine of the Wind Trial
Pinyon Normin: Great Camelot Bridge
Anther Normin: Zaphgott Moor
Plaite Normin: Zaphgott Moor
Litsch Normin: Trizolde Cave
Deemun Normin: Plitzerback Wetland
Lindwer Normin: Lhitwerg Woods
Voyd Normin: Arctus Ruins
Faira Normin: Lohgrin, the Tower Remains
Urth Normin: Lohgrin, the Tower Remains
Acqua Normin: Remains of Merchior
Windur Normin: Rayfalke Spiritcrest
Pennetrayt Normin: Aroundight Forest
Sheeld Normin: Depths of Mt. Mabinogio Ruins
Priventi Normin: Camlann, the Origin Village
Invalada Normin: Artorius' Throne
Phoenix Normin: Igraine, Shrine of the Fire Trial

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