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Stronghold 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Stronghold 2 - PC

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You'll get a special April's Fool day greeting at the menu screen on April 1.

Go to the map editor and create a map. Refer to page 53 in the instruction manual. You can make your castle and it will not cost anything. You can also make an army in the panel with the two swords crossing each other. Also in the crossing swords panel, you can make siege equipment.

Change your name to any that starts with the word Megalord. The "Greetings sire" dialogue will be replaced with another one saying "Greetings Megalord".

Acquire 1,000 gold and enough wood in order to place a monastery. Place the monastery, then press P to pause game play. Click on the rubber tool in the lower left part of the screen as many times as desired. You will get 1,000 gold each time you click it, and the monastery will not disappear until you press P again to resume the game.

Use the following trick when you are low on supplies and need to build things (especially when you do not have a market). Press P to pause game play, then put a building that needs supplies of what you want (for example, wood, stone, or gold; use a siege camp for gold). Place it anywhere. The building will not disappear -- you can keep "delete" clicking until you have as many supplies of wood, gold, and stone as desired. When you resume the game, check your stockpile (or before) to make sure that you actually deleted it. Note: You wil; not the benefit of this on all levels, as some do not have the building of gold or stone you can delete. Also, if you have a market and can build something that costs gold to build, you can use this trick and buy things you need, like food.

On the Fourth of July, instead of the normal greeting, the guy says "Happy Fourth of July, my Lord".

Just place the gong pit under the piece of gong you wish to delete. Then when it's fallen through the hole delete the gong pit. You have not lost any rescources because you did it quickly. - Sent by [Tim]

If you play this game on New Year's Day, the peasant will say, "Happy New Year, My Lord."

Enter your lords name as "Yoshi" (without quotes); and when you start the game, instead of the regular greeting, it will say "greetings Lord Yoshi".

First,go to the picture with the village people on it,click it,and make a new save (if you have another save dont delete it just start a new one) when you start,place the food hut in the top lefthand corner,place the apple farms (aleast 3) all around it then put the wood cutters by some trees, when you set the huts for the people to live in dont go psyco, only place huts when every one in you town is happy,you have enough food and if you have room. room is the key to that whole mode. Good luck fellow stronghold 2 players! - Sent by [DarthVader]

Enter your lords name as Flying Poo and then when you start the game, instead of the regular greeting, it will say "Greetings...FLYING POOOOO!!!"

Enter your lords name as Fertile01 and then when you start the game, instead of the regular greeting, it will say "Greetings Fertile01, or whatever the hell your name is!"

Enter your lords name as Lord Vader and when you start the game, instead of the regular greeting, it will say "Greetings Lord Vader; Obi Won has taught you well, but you are not a jedi yet..."

Place two sets of wooden stairs so that they face away from each other near the water. The troops can then enter the water and walk across it to the next land mass, but from there they will be unable to walk back across the water.

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