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Soda Dungeon

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Soda Dungeon - PC

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Use Serpent Skin armor and Spike Shield lv6, they both have 50% dmg reflection so you reflect 100% of damage.

Play on "auto" (in the lower right corner it should say "auto on") and equip Knights only. When their hp go down they will defend each other. The achievement pops up when your run ends.

This one is mostly RNG based but there are ways to make it easier for yourself.

Hire 5 Darkmages and equip them with armor that doesn't boost their attack or magic damage a lot. Ex. Serpent Skin or Skeletis.
You must use the Dhronen sword found at lvls 300-400 at the earliest.
Use any shield that beefs up the HP like Armor Shield or Meaty Shield.
Equip Hero's Blood and any damage reduction item to live longer in case of bad RNG.
Run the main dungeon around lvl 500-600, depending on how strong you are or weak the levels will vary.
Don't use auto.
Basically, just melee attack the enemies till they have both burn/sleep then use Noxin until that same enemy receives poison/confused.
Achievement will pop after then dungeon is complete.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock

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