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Small Worlds

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Small Worlds on PC

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To Duplicate a wear, hold and drag your wear into your toolbar tab. Put it in the bit so where you press F1 you will wear it. Then, drag it to your friend and let go. Now it should show up a thing where you can gift it to your friend. Now, hold F1 as you send it to your friend, and once you have sent it, you should be wearing it! Then get your friend to send it back. Now if that doesn't work, then don't HOLD F1 but press it just before you press send gift.

Easy peasy all you have to do is go to queen of hearts dating club there will be lots of people there! If you like a boy... Go up to him.. And say hi wanna hang out if he says no ot nty then just find a new one and if that one says yes say add me and he'll add you and say go to my house then he'll follow you there! And hangout and chat and say well uh I was wondering if you wanted to go out! He might say yes enjoy!

All you have to do is go to the factory and go to the gold maching and it will say get gold for free thats what it said to me? Eney way hit that botton and you will see a kinda donlowd or like take a qsetion test so eney chose it's your chose and if you want a cerrtain amount of gold you can choose that one and you can do it and get free gold so I guess that is it well I am done here those or your gold cheat p.s I am rich I did this to and got a 10000 gold wow.

Hey people that have heaps of gold and want VIP! Today is your day! Log in first then click the VIP up top of the screen next to how many tokens/gold you have. Next it says "Get VIP" See how it says an amount of gold? You just click the box next to the amount of gold you want to spend on VIP and then buy it! Refresh your page and then Voila! Your VIP.

1 Month Cost 2000 gold, 3 Months costs 600, and 6 months costs 12000.

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