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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PC

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trainer

Shadow of the Tomb Raider trainer is now available and supports STEAM. These Shadow of the Tomb Raider cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game.


 Easy Craft Ammo/Arrows/Plant Potions
 Easy Upgrade Weapons
 Float Mode
 God Mode
 No Reload
 Save/Load Position (Teleport)
 Set Gold Coins
 Set Skill Points
 Unlimited Ammo/Arrows
 Unlimited Underwater Breathing

Download Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trainer 1.0 237.6_644 (11.14.2018)

Game Version: 1.0 237.6_644
Distribution(s): STEAM
Compatibility: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10+
Contributor: Caliber
Virus Scan: This cheat has been scanned and is virus and adware free. Some trainers may set off generic or heuristic notifications with certain antivirus or firewall software.

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If you pick up the skill Viper's Snare you will have the ability to boobytrap bodies by setting an explosive charge on a downed enemy so that whenever his comrade approaches it will blow up killing them and give you a stealth kill. | Submitted by DayleJ

You have to hit every target with a ball. Find one of the black balls scattered around the playground (they look like kettlebells) and throw it at each of the four archery targets.

As soon as you gain control of Lara, the three first targets are to your right. Target 1 is hanging on the trunk of a tree.
As soon as you gain control of Lara, the three first targets are to your right. Target 2 is hanging from a branch on a tree.
As soon as you gain control of Lara, the three first targets are to your right. Target 3 is standing on a tripod.

This one is in a slightly different location than the other two. In the back of the garden (behind Lara when you first gain control of her) there is a hammock. Target 4 is hanging from a tree branch above the hammock. | Submitted by HRBEK

The Explorer Backpacks reveal the location of all Crypts, Treasure Chests, and Survival Caches on the map. This makes finding the backbacks a priority as it will save you time having to look for the collectibles whereabouts. | Submitted by DayleJ

To solve the final part of the puzzle in the dream sequence where young Lara breaks into her own house you have to go back to the globe and move it away from the correct co-ordinates in order to make the ladder retract and free the White Queen. | Submitted by DayleJ

The Lockpick and Rope Ascender are unlockable gadgets. The Rope Ascender allows you to destroy heavy barriers. The lockpick allows you to open locked Conquistador treasure chests. These items are optional gear that you do not need to complete the main story. However, if you want to access every area and complete all puzzles, you will need them. To purchase both of them, play the "Find Takiy's Dice" side mission in The Hidden City. The side mission starts in The Hidden City (Paititi). There is a boy sitting at the foot of the hill, close to the market square. Talk to him (Takiy), and he will tell you a dead man stole his dice. Lara will agree to look out for the dead man and get back the dice from him. The side mission requires you to talk to five outcasts. After talking to the first four, the fifth one will get marked on the map. She is a vendor that sells the two gadgets. They can be bought from her for a total of 6,100 gold. You may have noticed locked treasure chests early in the game that required lockpicks. You can fast travel back to those locations after completing the story and unlock the treasure chests. | Submitted by Stryker82

The Reinforced Knife is an unlockable gadget upgrade that allows you to cut through rope barriers. This item is optional gear that you do not need to complete the main story. However, if you want to access every area and complete all puzzles, you will need it. You can buy it from a merchant in The Hidden City (Paititi). The vendor is found in the market square (north of the bridge to the Upper City). The item to buy from her is called "Knife Upgrade" and costs 2,900 gold. Alternately, find an NPC on some stairs in the Upper City to begin the "Stay Of Execution" side quest. Successfully complete the quest to unlock the Reinforced Knife upgrade. | Submitted by Stryker82

Once a player has completed Shadow of the Tomb Raider, they unlock the ability to play through a mode with all-new features called New Game Plus. Here, the work they have done will carry over into the next play-through. This includes Skills, Weapons, Outfits, Equipment Upgrades, and Gear. New Game Plus also unlocks three new Paths that Lara Croft can master, each tailored to fit a particular gameplay style.

Path of the Serpent: features an emphasis on stealth and subterfuge. Players take down enemies using sound and decoys to sow chaos. Mud and camouflage lets players lash out before slipping back into the shadows.
Path of the Jaguar: features an emphasis on hunting and combat, focusing on agility and close-ranged combat via knife takedowns.
Path of the Eagle: features an emphasis on traversal and resourcefulness. Observe enemies from afar, scouting out to plan the next attack. Traverse with ease, attacking enemies from long range.

Each chosen path will unlock a variety of exclusive rewards that further compliment playstyle and gameplay. By selecting a path, players unlock mastery skills featuring a variety of unique new abilities. On top of new skills available, chosen Paths feature unique themed weapons and outfits. | Submitted by HRBEK

To unlock the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Manko outfit, you'll need to work your way to the Hidden City. You'll want to travel to the lake that's situated to the South West of the howling wolf image on your map. Once there, you'll need to head to the North East side of that lake, and use your rope arrow ability to cross the body of water and enter the crypt. Once inside, complete the tasks within the crypt and you'll earn the materials that you need to craft the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Manko outfit.

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider Manko outfit gives Lara two boosts. Equipping the upper body part allows you to close in on animal prey more efficiently, as it takes them longer to sense that Lara is nearby. The lower body portion of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Manko outfit gives Lara more XP points for non-stealth kills. If your play style is more suited to gung-ho approaches than patience, you may want to equip these trousers. | Submitted by Neto

The first part of getting the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nine Strides outfit is simple. Once you have access to the town of Kuwag Yaku, find the merchant there who sells a variety of items. He'll be able to sell you the chest piece for the Nine Strides costume, which will set you back 3,200 gold coins. You cannot, however, buy the boots from him. So where do you get them from?

To add the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nine Strides outfit boots to your full costume, you'll need to travel to a certain crypt. The one you want is located South West of Kuwag Yaku. Open up your map and look for the lake that is on the left hand side of it. You'll find the crypt in that region, and you'll need to complete the tasks inside to get the materials for the boots. Once you've done that, you only need to craft them to complete the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nine Strides outfit. The benefits of wearing the Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nine Strides attire is that it allows you to craft more ammunition for your bow and arsenal of guns, so it's worth wearing this skin on harder difficulties where ammo is scarce. | Submitted by Neto

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

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