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Runescape Cheats

For poor members try the hunting skill. Need a noosewand for it. Go hunting polar kebbits they drop pelts and meat.(good for feeding pet dog). put unneccities in bank at seers village. head northwest from there.hunter training area is on snowy spot. 10 kebbit pelts sell for at the grand exchange for 17k. That's at minimum price too. | Submitted by red3

1.find an account you want. their username to as shown

3. $^&#$&6ACCT4765#%@*MJ@User name of desired account here%^*^*(%&(#%*^*^&*^())47656863&^(RYUJFyour username here$%&&*&^(68903KVHJKuYyour password here%**(^_(467%^&*%*-/+

4. copy and paste this, filling in the three required words, NO SPACES and send it to the email adress. it will e-mail you the password and username in about two days. *THIS ONLY WORKS ONCE* | Submitted by Robby

Difficulty: Hard
Money Needed: About 300,000-350,000gp.

This is a common way to make even larger profits of money from merchanting and it is called Big bone merchanting.

To start (make sure you have around 300k), simply go to Varrock west bank and start buying as many Big Bones as you can for 300 each.

Don't bother trying to buy over 1k or more Big Bones in a not-so-populated world, because most people will transfer to world 1 and sell there instead.

Once you have around 1k (or more) Big Bones, go to world 1, same bank, same place and sell all of them for 400 each!

There you go, although it can take a long time to buy all those Big Bones, the huge profits you can make should keep you quiet! | Submitted by HappyHugh

To talk in a different colored text, type @, then enter the first three letters of the color, then type another @, without spaces. For example, if you type @blu@, your text will appear blue. The following is a list of colors and letters to use:

ran: Random, flashing text
blu: Blue
bla: Black
cya: Cyan
gre: Green
mag: Magenta
ora: Orange
red: Red
whi: White
yel: Yellow (normal color)

Difficulty: Medium
Money Needed: About 200,000gp.

Another way to make large profits of money is by Coal merchanting.

First, go to Falador (a little west of Barbarian Village).+

Now, go to Falador east bank (next to Mining Guild) on an empty world such as world world 62 and buy all the coal you can for 120 - 150 gp each. Buy around 1k or more, depending on how much of a profit you want to make, then bank and note it all and transfer to world 1 (when possible).

Staying in this same bank, start selling all of your coal to people right outside the doors of the bank for 180 - 200 each! Once done, guess what? You've made yourself an easy 30-40k* profit!

*You should receive about 30-40k profit for about 1k of coal. Try buying more than 1k coal to increase your profit! | Submitted by HappyHugh

Get a Brass Key by any means necessary. You can find them far into the "dungeon/mines" of Edgeville. Go to the locked little house with a ladder leading down inside in between Varrok and the Barbarian Village. Use the Brass Key with the door providing access. Take the first turn to the left into a close room (with a gate) filled with giants (level 36). The giants give good experience, drop big bones (better for prayer than normal bones), money (up to 47 GP dropping at a time), and good items (steel and iron items, gems of all grades except for diamond, and all runes). Note: Bring a fly fishing rod and feathers to fish for some food when down there.

Difficulty: Medium
Money Needed: 250,000gp or more.

A good way to make profits of around 100-200k very easily is to merchant death runes. Varrock is a good place to start this. Go to the runes shop (located on the map with an icon like this: ) in an empty world.

Now start buying death runes like crazy. Keep swapping worlds if the shop runs out. A good tip for this is to buy over 1k deaths to make the larger profits of money (recommended)

Now that you have over 1k of deaths (recommended), it's time to swap to world 1, making sure that you are still in varrock. Now head over to the west bank once you've loaded the world and start selling the deaths you bought for 280- 300 each. Don't go lower or you will not benefit from the larger profits.

As you may have noticed after selling the deaths, you've become a lot richer than before. Enjoy the extra cash!

This is one of the prime ways to make a lot of easy and quick money and can also be used in the same way on chaos runes. Just follow the same order (although you will get less of a profit by using chaos). | Submitted by HappyHugh

First head over to Varrok! Go towards the east bank. Before you reach the bank, go down! Just above the Meuseum. There should be a building! Go inside and, there should be dummies! Attack them! You can only get up five levels with them! | Submitted by TheKing11

An easy way to get good mining skills is to go to the mining field by the place where the Champions Guild is located. Mine some ore, then go back to where you start after the tutorial. There is a furnace there. Melt it and return to the city to the smithy. Very soon, you will be able to mine more things then enter the dwarves mines and join the miners guild.

First, to do this cheat you must have completed the mystery Rune quest (also must have air talismon). Then go to varrock and talk to the guy in the magic shop or talk to the wizard at the wizard tower(he is the guy under wizard tower in the basement) then they will ask if you want to be teleported to the place were you can mind rune essence. then mind 25 or 26 essence. Then go to world 16 and and locacte the air temple using the air talismon. Go inside and the people in there some will say open. right click them and press trade they will say offer 2k or more(k=1000's) and you noted rune essence. then you offer the same ammount of rune essence unnoted. keep doing this and in about 25min you will have at lest 10k or 100,000gp. | Submitted by Kdogg4003

Go to Port Sarim, west of Draynor village, and ask one of the people in the blue uniforms to go to Karamja and pay them 30 GP. When you get there, walk off the dock and you should see a house. Enter the house and talk to a man named Luthas. He will ask you to pick bananas. Answer "Yes", pick bananas, put them in the crate, then talk to Luthas to collect your moderately earned 30 GP. If you would like more money in multiples of 30, ask him to get another 30 GP for doing the job again. Stay here for a long time if you need to spend several thousand on items.

Get your character's mining level up to level 38 by mining iron, etc. Then, go to the Barbarian Village and mine coal from the rocks, which you can sell for 100 to 300 GP per piece. You will also occasionally find a gem (from least valuable to most, sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond) which can be sold for good prices.

Once you are at level 40 mining, add a person named yodoo86 to your list. He always buys coal. Mine coal and sell to him for 100 GP.

Get your smithing and mining levels up to 40 and mine gold in the Lessers Pits on Karajama Island. However, be careful of the level 21 skeletons. There are five rocks, so on a good night when no one is on, you can hit them in a row making your trip very easy. You can usually get 25 gold ore that becomes 25 gold bars. Put them into certs and sell for 1k a gold cert.

Mine and smith until you are at level 20 at both. Make Bronze Bars and turn them into things at an Anvil such as: a 2-H, Mail Plate Body, Skirt, or Kite Shield and sell them at the market for good prices. You can also do this with Mithril, Runite (not Rune), Adamantite, Iron, and Steel.

Go to the house outside of Lumbridge and collect Iron Daggers on World 13. Also, defeat Goblins for items that can be sold or gold, which is common. Sell the daggers for 14 gold or less at the market.

Enter "Moneybags" on your friends list. If you catch him while he is on, he will give 1 to 900,000 GP.

Go into the house east of the general store in Lumbridge kill a few men until on of them drops 2 chasos runes. | Submitted by smattheo

Fishing is a very useful skill, not only to make money, but for yourself to use. It can also help you with the above method, Dragon & Giant Slaying. You need a minimum of 50 Fishing until you can start making a big profit from this method.

>From level 1-20, fish 447 Shrimps from Al Kharid.
>From level 20-50, fish 1,938 Trout from the Barbarian Village or Shilo Village.
>From level 50-80, fish 20,942 Lobsters from Catherby or the Fishing Guild.

Lobsters sell for around 100-200gp each. At level 80, fish for Sharks and sell them for about 700-1,000gp each. | Submitted by HappyHugh

First of all you need to talk to Martin the Master Gardener. He tells you that his roses are not as good as they used to be and crops have been getting smaller. Promise him that you will help him out. Go talk to various different farmers. You should go northwest next to the nearest allotments and talk to Elstan there. Ask if he's a G.A.G. member and he will tell you about the lack of rain. Now, use your ectophial and teleport or walk to Port Phasmatys. Go slightly west to the allotment and talk to Lyra. If you donít have the ectophial, go to Rimmington bush patch and talk to Taria instead. Ask if she is a member of G.A.G too. She tells you that the insects are the problem. Go to Camelot with the teleport or by walking. Go to the Catherby allotment. Talk to Dantaera and ask her the same question. She says that the problem are the various adventurers planting crops in her fields. Walk to the tree patch just east from Catherby and talk to Ellena there. Ask her about the problems with farming. She says the reason is the seasons. Go to Ardougne and walk to the allotment north of the city. Talk to Kragen, who is looking after the allotments and ask if he is a member of G.A.G. He says the reason is the faeries. Now go back to Draynor Village and talk to Martin. He will tell you to go to the lost city, Zanaris, in Lumbridge. Take your dramen staff with you. Wear it and go to the wooden house which you entered in the Lost City quest. Walk south and talk to the Fairy Godfather. Ask him where the queen is and proceed west through Zanaris. Go to the room north from the bank of Zanaris and talk to Fairy Nuff. The queen is sick, Fairy Nuff will give you a list of her symptoms. Go to Falador and walk west to Dark Wizards Tower. Go to the highest floor and talk to Zandar Horfyre there. He will tell you to go talk to a necromancer called Malignus Mortifer. If you havenít bought or taken your secateurs from bank yet, now is the time to get them. He can be found a little northwest from Port Sarim, or by going southwest from Falador south passage. Talk to Malignus, he will ask you to get him a skull from a grave in Draynor Manor. The grave is located north from the manor, near the gallows on the inner side of the fence surrounding the manor. Get a spade from the easternmost room of the manor and dig while standing on the grave to get a skull. Go back to Malignus and talk about the quest once more. He will tell you what you need to bless your secateurs. He will also ask you to get three different items and secateurs. Below is a list of different items:

Avantoe: Buy from this other players, herbdroppers, grow them in a herb patch.
Baby dragon bones: Kill a baby dragon in Taverley dungeon or Brimhaven dungeon.
Blue Dragon Scale: Taverly dungeon.
Bucket of Supercompost: Buy from other players, make them by using 15 pineapples with an empty compost bin
Bunch of Grapes: Respawn in cooking guild.
Cave Eel: Lumbridge swamp caves.
Charcoal: At the Shilo Village or Tai Bo Wannai general store.
Crushed gemstone: From failing to cut opal/jade/red topaz (Shilo village gems).
Edible seaweed: From trawler fishing, drop from rock crabs, or rock lobster and Dagannoths on Waterbirth Island.
Fat snail: Kill a not pointy, purple snail in Mort Myre swamp, the higher level the snail the better.
Irit leaf: Buy from other player, herbdroppers, grow them in a herb patch.
Jangerberries: Respawn at ogre island west of Yanille, grow them yourself in a bush patch.
Jogre bones: Karamja jungle, Ardougne zoo (telegrab needed).
Kingworm: Northwest part of the Gnome Stronghold, South of the Taverly herb shop.
Lime: Can be bought from the cocktail ingredient seller in Gnome Grand Tree.
Mort Myre Mushroom/Fungi: Pray with your silver sickle (b) in Mort Myre swamps near a log.
Mort Myre Pear: Pray with your silver sickle (b) in Mort Myre swamps near a bush.
Mort Myre Stem: Pray with your silver sickle (b) in Mort Myre swamps near a branch.
Nature talisman: Buy from other player, monster drop.
Potato cactus: Second level of the Kalphite lair.
Proboscis: From Tai Bwo Wannai minigame.
Red spider's eggs: Respawn in Varrock sewers or Edgeville dungeon.
Red vine worm: McGrubbors wood, West of Seers.
Slimey eel: Fish in mort myre swamps or lumbridge cave.
Snapdragon: Buy from other player, grow them in a herb patch, buy from the agility arena for 10 tickets, rare drop from tree spirit random event.
Snape Grass: Respawn west of the crafting guild, also spawns on Waterbirth Island.
Uncut diamond: buy from other players, monster drop, minable at the Shilo village gem rocks.
Uncut ruby: Buy from other players, monster drop, minable at the Shilo village gem rocks.
Unopened oyster: Big net fishing, killing rock crabs.
Volencia moss: Mining site in Karamja jungle Northwest of the nature altar.
White berries: Buy from other players, respawn in 45+ wilderness at red dragons, grow them yourself in a bush patch, drop from men in Canifis.
Get the items he asked you to get. Talk to the Nature Spirit in Mort Myre Swamp. If you have any food items that you need to take to him, take a filled druid pouch with you. Take your Ghostspeak Amulet with you. Talk to the Nature Spirit and ask to bless your secateurs. Go back to Zanaris, the Cosmic Temple ruins. Go through the hole in the western wall. Go to the end of the tunnel. Wear your magic secateurs and kill the level 111 Tanglefoot. Pick up the Queen's secateurs that the Tanglefoot drops. Go back to the Fairy Godfather and speak to him. This completes the quest. | Submitted by GameMaster721

1. Go to Karamja (it will cost 30gp).
2. Head to the volcano and enter the hole.
3. There will be skeletons and bats there and another hole enter the hole.
4. You will enter a place with high leveled monsters (they won't attackyou.) they range from level 97 to like 131.
5. There you will find 3 mining rocks of gold and silver.
6. Mine a full inventory of gold and store it in the bank (it's in the volcano.) and repeat.

For every 40 gold ore you make 20k and after a while guess what your rich the best place to sell the ore is the Grand Exchange.

Trust me it works! | Submitted by mysteryman

This will work really well if you've completed Dragon Slayer, are a member and if you're level 50 and up. You need an Anti-Dragon shield, rune armor or better, teleport spells, and food (swordfish or lobbies). If you're a ranger, there's safe spots. Now, this will only work in the Wilderness and on a members' server so you can't be scared of the revenants. Go to Clan Wars (you can use your Games Necklace or walk there) and walk east. Keep walking until you see level 79 Green Dragons. Attack them. They drop useful items, like Green Dragonhide, runes, coins, weapons, armor, and more. They hit up to 9, so be sure to pay attention and eat. If the revenants attack, run to Clan Wars, it's a safe area. If they still attack you, run into the White or Red Portal (in the Red one, just be sure not to go pass the barrier). If you're on a popular members' world, there'll be a very little chance that you'd get a dragon. The dragons drop Dragon Bones, you can bury them for around 80xp (more than normal bones), or sell them for 2k. The Green Dragonhide sells for around 2k. If you get 100 hides, you have at least 100k! | Submitted by Tracy

First thing you have to do is have at least 41 mining (for rune pick) and 30 smithing lvl.all u have to do is get 1000 iron and 2000 coal and smelt them into steel bars.Then all u have to do is go to fally and sell them for 500-550. u can make a fortune i made 1mil.(but not from that much u need just a bit more). | Submitted by eric

Difficulty: Hard
Money Needed: 300,000-400,000gp or more.

Law rune merchanting is a slow, but rewarding way to make profits of over 100k!

To start: Go to varrock west bank, world 1 and 3 and buy as many law runes as you can for 300-400 gp each. This should take quite a while, seeing as laws are hard to obtain and buy.

Once you have about 1k of laws *phew... finally...*, it is time to sell them, so sell them all 400-500 each and guess what? You've just made a very good profit! That was an easy 100k+! | Submitted by HappyHugh

Starts the Dragon Slayer quest.then go to the Matzar's maze use the Maze key on the front door.walk in. there will be rats kill them intel you are level 16. When you kill the rats one will drop a red key use it on the red door to the right go up staires. There will be scelotons kill them to get the yellow key use it on one door then go up staires. There will de knights kill them use the key on the door at the back of the flour to the left. Go down the latter at then go down another latter. There will be a zombies kill them get the key use it on the door not the exit door. There will be a wizard kill it and get the key use the key on the door there will be a demon kill it. By the time you should be level 97.

Bring food!!!!!! | Submitted by coolnight

Go to any general store with about 300gp by as many uncut gems as you can get your crafting level, so you can cut the gems you have bought.

When you have cut them convert them into jewellry, using jewellry moluds and gold bars sell them and you will have made a good profit. | Submitted by smattheo

Mining is one of the most vital skills in RuneScape. Everyone should have at least 40 Mining, so here's how you can level up if you aren't already level 40. You may also want to bank the ores later.

>From level 1-20 mine Copper from the South Varrock mine.
>From level 20-40 mine Iron from the mine near Rimmington or Varrock.

Now that you have a Mining level of 40, it should be easier to mine Coal. Even though you only need 30 Mining for Coal, it would be much more difficult to mine it at that level. You should also buy either an Adamantite or Rune pick.

For Members, a great place to mine coal is at the mine near Ardougne, and a bank is nearby. Free-Players can mine in the Dwarven mines, but there isn't a bank very close to you.

Now mine 4,731 coal and sell for around 100-150gp each, or keep them for Smithing.
You should be at level 60 Mining, which means that you can go inside the Miner's Guild.
Mine 59,598 coal and sell for around 100-150gp each, or keep them for Smithing.
Now that you're level 85 Mining, you can mine Rune in the Wilderness, or from the Heroes Guild. Each ore sells for around 10,000-15,000gp! | Submitted by HappyHugh

Varrock training ground: Wild level 1-10 north of Varrock. Level 13 rats, player fights, Body Runes to north, Altar to the north.
Falador training ground: Wild level 1-10 northwest of Falador. Dark Wizards level 16 and 25. Wizards drop many runes, altar south out of wild.
Graveyard: Wild level 20, southwest of Skeleton Training Ground and northeast of Varrock altar, Skeleton level 25. Iron Dagger, Steel Dagger.
Dark Warrior Encampment: Wild level 13 northwest of Edgeville. Level 21 dark warriors. Runes.
Ice Mountain: Wild level 40 west edge of wild. Ice Warriors level 67, Ice Giant level 68. Altar to the south.
Red Spider Village: Wild level 30, north of Hobgoblin training area. Level 36 Red Spiders. Inside are Steel Legs and a Gold Nugget. They take about five minutes to regenerate.
Bandit Outpost: Wild level 22 northwest of Edgeville. North of Dark Warrior encampment. Level 29 bandits.
Ghosts training ground: Wild level 17 northeast of Varrock after passage guarded by Giant. Ghosts level 25. Planks, Tiles, Steel Short Sword.
Skeleton training ground: Wild Level 25, north of Ghost training ground. Level 32 Skeletons. Crossbows, Iron Scimitar.
Lesser Demons: Wild level 42, eastern border of Wild. Level 79 lesser demons, Nature Runes.
Greater Demons: Wild level 45, north of the Lesser Demons, two level 87 Greater Demon.
Ashes Small House of Spiders: Wild level 45, east of the Greater Demons, two Giant Spiders level 31, Sapphire Cut.
Hobgoblin training area: Wild Level 30, northeast of Graveyard. Hobgoblins level 32, mining area, Goblin Armor.
Maze: Wild Level 40, northwest of the Hobgoblins, King Scorpions level 36, Black Knights level 46, Steel and Iron items.

Use the following trick to increase your prayer points. Gather bones off the floor and bury them to get experience in the Pray area. If you continue to do this, your Prayer points will be high enough to increase your strength or other stats. It is also good to put everything (including armor) you have in the bank. Then, go around picking up and burying bones when you cannot carry any more. There is a chicken farm near the starting point. Go northeast from the starting point to find the bridge. Cross the bridge and head north to find the chicken farm.

Go to lumbridge general store along with 5gp by a few broken axes go to Bob who is near the cooking tutor ask him to fix it for you when he does either sell it for a good price or keep it. | Submitted by smattheo

Difficulty:medium. Money needed:1-10k

1. Open the world map at the top of the page.

2. Find Clan Wars in the wilderness.

3. Buy as many different team capes as you can for 50gp each.

4. Go back to varrok and sell them for 500gp-1k each.

5. As people will not know where to get team capes, there is quite a big demand on them.

If you buy 16 capes with 1k and sell them for 1k each, you will have a huge profit.

TIP: Go to a nearly full world and sell them. | Submitted by wildfire

Do the Lost Ghost quest at the graveyard. If you finish this, you will get about 5 or 6 prayer points.

Difficulty: Easy
Money Needed: 1,000,000gp

Rune g merchanting is a good way to make money. ( this is how i got my money ) ( you can add me if you want some tips on merchanting, my username is pink spott ).

You should buy and sell rune g in full not in pieces ( dont make the same mistake as i did ) because it is a lot harder to sell in pieces.

You should do this outside of the varok west bank ( on the west side of it ) in world 1 but if you cant buy or sell on the west side of the bank try behind it.

You can make up to 250k everytime you sell a set of full rune g. You should be buying full rune g for 1,000,000gp and selling for 1,100,000gp-1,250,000gp which means you make a minimum of 100k and a maximum of 250k.

Enjoy being rich! | Submitted by HappyHugh

RuneCrafting is a great skill to gain money from selling your Runes, but you need at least level 35.

>From level 1-35, make Air Runes using 4,482 Rune Essence.
>From level 35-44, make Chaos Runes using 3,911 Rune Essence.
Of course, you can sell Chaos Runes for 50-200gp each, but you should save these to level your Magic up. Remember, at level 44 you can make Nature Runes which can be sold for 300-500gp each!

Making Nature Runes Quickly

Put all of your Rune Essence into bank notes.
Take 4 times the amount of gp as you have Essence.
Run to the Shop near the village.
Sell your notes to the shop and buy them back so that they're in real form.
Craft Nature Runes in the alter.
Run back to the shop and repeat | Submitted by HappyHugh

RuneCrafting is a great skill to gain money from selling your Runes, but you need at least level 35.

>From level 1-35, make Air Runes using 4,482 Rune Essence.
>From level 35-44, make Chaos Runes using 3,911 Rune Essence.
Of course, you can sell Chaos Runes for 50-200gp each, but you should save these to level your Magic up. Remember, at level 44 you can make Nature Runes which can be sold for 300-500gp each!

Making Nature Runes Quickly

Put all of your Rune Essence into bank notes.
Take 4 times the amount of gp as you have Essence.
Run to the Shop near the village.
Sell your notes to the shop and buy them back so that they're in real form.
Craft Nature Runes in the alter.
Run back to the shop and repeat | Submitted by HappyHugh

Go south of Falador and north of port sarim. | Submitted by smattheo

Go south of the lumber mill, near Varrock and you will find it. | Submitted by smattheo

Go west of the Al karid, east gate then head, south of the Al karid mine. | Submitted by smattheo

Go north of goblin village and west of Black knights fortress. It is on the Wilderness border. | Submitted by smattheo

Go south of Lumbridge and west of the copper and tin mine. | Submitted by smattheo

You need to have a good weapon, addy or better is recommended. Next, go to Al-Kharid and kill 10 men. The last one should drop a red clue scroll. It is titled "Satan Scroll" or "The Scroll of Satan".

Now you need to read it. It is in a code, but here is the broken code: Go to the graveyard of the cursed souls, to seek what should not be found. Take a holy relic and kill a Demon of the Lesser kind. Take the remains and destroy three spirits, Scorpius Realm.

This means go to the Forgotten Graveyard and search in a coffin. You should find a Dictionary of Hell. Take this and a holy symbol and kill a lesser demon. Take its ashes and kill three ghosts. The last one should drop a Necklace of Hell.

Go to the bank and get LOTS of food! You will have to kill Level 235 Satan! Now, once youve done this, wear the Necklace. It should bring you to hell. You will need to kill three Level 100 Blood Demons. After this, Satan will appear. He can hit a max of 25 and a minimum of 15.

Once he is dead, he will drop the revered and impossibly rare "Satan Oracle Armor" set. Congrats! You just got the rarest armor in the game! It can be sold for upwards of 200M for each part of the armor. (Thats the gloves, boots, legs, body, helm, cape, ring, and shield.) Thats 1 billion 600 Million Gold Pieces!

If ya ever want to get a really good item off anyone scamm.

1. Say in text box play a game win 1million dollars (dont worry u dont need it).

2. Once ppl ask what game it is say *a trust game*. Most ppl will ask to see the money say *no after*.

3. Say *give me an item and i promise to give it back* when u have an item give it back to them.

4. say *(whatever item) can anyone beat it!*. Hopefully more will join the game.

5. Eventually u will get an item worth keeping. Trade it back and then say *plz trade best item again to let me see which is the best*. When u have the items stay still for 60 seconds after the 60 seconds they cant report u unless u talk to them or trade with them.

And there u have it free items!!!

 | Submitted by ashmash40

Go to Varrock and talk to the gypsy. She will explain the quest. To undrain the key in the pipe, which is part of the quest, use a bucket of water over the drain and head for the sewer.

You need to be at least level 48 Smithing to be a good Smither. You can buy your own ores if you have the money, or you could mine the ores yourself. Unless you have a Ring of Forging, don't smith iron!

>From level 1-15, smith 131 Bronze bars.
>From level 15-30, smith either 592 Bronze bars or 293 Iron bars.
>From level 30-48, smith 1,858 Iron bars or 1,267 Steel bars.

Now that you've got ten to level 48 Smithing, you can incorporate this method of earning money with method 2 - High Alchemy.

Earning Money From Steel

Get 2,000 Coal and 1,000 Iron.
Smelt them into Steel, and then Smith them into Steel Platemail.
Use your High Alchemy spell on the plates for 1,200gp each, or sell to Horvik in Varrock for no less than 980gp.
You can make anywhere from 196,000-240,000gp this way!
Mithril at Level 68

Get 4,000 Coal and 1,000 Mithril.
Smelt the ores into bars, and then smith them into Mithril Platemail.
Use your High Alchemy spell on the plates to make 3,112gp each.
After High-Alching the plates, you've made 622,400gp!
Steel appears to be better since you can make more money with fewer coal, and iron is much easier to get than Mithril. At level 99, go for the big kill... | Submitted by HappyHugh

Difficulty: Medium
Money Needed: 1,500,000gp or more.

A good way to make high profits is Steel bars Merchanting. First go to World 1 or 3 Falador East bank and start buying steel bars for 550 each.

You will get small amounts of steel bars, but in no time you will have 1,000 to 3,000 steel bars.

Now wait until the "rush hour" (Mostly around 3:30 - 5:00 GMT) and go sell your bars for 600 - 650 each. You will make a profit of at least 50,000 to even 300,000! Sometimes, higher leveled buy for 650 each. But it doesn't happen everyday. | Submitted by HappyHugh

If you are a member then here is an easy way to make money. If you are combat 40 up go to the stronghold security cave and fight the flesh crawlers. This flesh crawlers drop lots of herbs and runes(Only pick runes and herbs unless a half tooth key appears). After you have full inventory go to the grand exchange and sell it all. You should have 50k or up per go.

Get to the point where you are able to fight Lesser Demons or level 54 Skeletons or Red Spiders. After defeating the Dragon, or at least using the secret door the first time from the Crandor side, get enough Fishing and Cooking to be able to catch and cook Lobster. Bring a Lobster Pot, a Tinderbox and a Hatchet (any type). Reach the island from Karamja (through the secret door). Fight your monsters, etc. When you run out of food, return through the secret door to Karamja and fish for Lobsters. Then, cut a tree for logs, set it on fire, and cook your Lobsters. This allows you to survive in the Lava Chambers under Crandor/Karamja Islands almost indefinitely. This is useful for leveling up against certain monsters and to also get a lot of one kind of item from a particular monster (such as Rune Mediums from Lesser Demons).

Thieving is a very useful Members-Only skill that can be used to make quick cash as you get higher in levels. To make big cash you will need at least 50 Thieving, so if you aren't a high enough level, follow these steps to increase your level:

>From level 1-10, pickpocket Men in Edgeville 145 times.
>From level 10-30, steal cakes from the Baker's Stall in Ardougne 764 times.
>From level 30-50, pickpocket Al Kharid Warriors 3,384 times.

Now that you're level 50 thieving, you should be able to easily pickpocket guards to get some good amounts of gp.

>From level 50-70, pickpocket guards 13,684 times to steal 410,500gp.
>From 70-80, pickpocket watchmen to thieve another 364,520gp and 9,113 bread.

At level 80, it should be easier to pickpocket Paladins to make 100,000gp an hour. Just be sure to bring lots of food with you | Submitted by HappyHugh

When your in the tutorial at the survival guide person, talk to her and she will give you an axe (after the bait and fishing net) you can then (during the tutorial that is) chop down oak trees which require level 15 woodcutting instead of just normal trees. Its not much but its pretty neat. | Submitted by Dablio123

First of all you'll need 160k (160000gp). When you have this money go to seers bank in a world with around 1700 people in it. While there buy 1000 bow strings at 160gp each dont go any higher and if they won't sell there are plenty of other people to buy from. After you have done this go on the forums and sell your bowstrings for 190gp each no less, just like that you've made 30k.continue to buy 1000 bow strings until you have enough to buy 2000 and you'll make 30k every 1000 you sell so 10k will be 300k profit and you can buy another 1000 bow strings. Always buy in 1000 because nobody buys say 2500. You can then expand this into a buisness and higher people to make bow strings for you. I have a guy who gets me bow strings and i only pay him 140 for each one. | Submitted by bob

Willow Merchanting

Difficulty: Easy
Money Needed: 25,000gp or more.

Probably the easiest way to merchant, Willow merchanting is quick, easy and a reliable way to make fast, easy money. The best place to do this is in Draynor village. On almost any world, travel to the part with the willow trees (right next to the bank) and start buying all the willows you can afford, (don't worry about losing all your money, if you do this right, you should get even more than before!) for no more than 25gp each.

Once you have a decent amount of willows, bank them, note them and switch to world 1 and sell them for 30 each in Draynor bank.

There you have it. Willow merchanting. Easy to do and probably the most common way of merchanting. Buying more willows means you can make even more money, so just risk it, and buy as many as you can to make larger profits of cash. | Submitted by HappyHugh

First go to world 30 and add knitefire9 as your friend thats me. Then get your wood cutting level up to 60 and cut yews. You can sell them for 250 ea. | Submitted by adam

Difficulty: Medium
Money Needed: 250,000gp or more.

Another good way to make large profits of money is with yew merchanting.

The best place to start this is Edgeville. It is in between Varrock and Falador. Go to the part of Edgeville where the yew trees are on almost any world and start buying yews from people chopping the trees there for 250 each.

Once you have done this and have around 1k yews, go to varrock west bank (one without stairs) and sell to people for 280 - 300 each and making your quite large profit of 30k or more. | Submitted by HappyHugh

The best place to start this is Edgeville. It is in between Varrock and Falador. Go to the part of Edgeville where the yew trees are on almost any world and start buying yews from people chopping the trees there for 250 each. | Submitted by HappyHugh

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