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Rocket League

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Rocket League on PC

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Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start immediately after booting up the game during the splash titles.

Any distance travelled while boosting will not qualify. Start an Exhibition match with no bots enabled. Drive laps around the field as long as needed to get the "Far, Far Away..." achievement.

You must defeat the bots in a 1 vs. 1 Exhibition match on the Unfair difficulty with a heart decal equipped on your battlecar. You must win the match without making any mistakes. If you miss a shot, the bot will almost always score a goal. Remain inside your goal until the bot makes a shot against your goal. Then, charge using your boost and clear the ball towards their goal. Do not jump to make the shot. With good aim, you can score all the way from your own goal. If you missed the goal and the ball moves to their side of the field, collect a 100% refuel for the boost and immediately return inside your goal and try again. If you hit the ball but it did not reach the bot's side of the field, get as many small boosts as possible on the way to your goal, then immediately return inside your goal and try again. If the ball gets close to their goal and you are absolutely sure that you can get it in, charge forward and do so. However, if you miss, the bot will almost always score against you. Repeat this process until you win the match to get the "Hot Shot, Part Two" achievement.

Play a game with the classic Battle-Cars, Octane and Backfire, to get the "SARPBC Forever" achievement. Note: You do not have to win the game.

Host a private match. Join a team and have another person join the opposite team. Have the other person continuously hit the ball high in the air. Get an Aerial Hit by hitting the ball in mid-air when it is higher than the goal. Afterwards, have the other person get a self-goal. Start an Exhibition match and hit the ball above the goal line. When the "Aerial Hit" message appears, pause the game and choose "Change Team". Then, score your own goal to get the "Sky High" achievement.

Both winning and losing will award you with an item. Complete 165 games in any mode (including Exhibition against bots) to get all items. Play an Exhibition match with no bots. Go to the "Mutators" setting, set the game to end with one goal. Keep playing until you have obtained all items to get the "Stocked" achievement.

You'll need to equip any item of the 'Very Rare' tier. If you don't have one and don't mind getting rid of some items, you create five rare items through trading (in your inventory) to gain a very rare item. Then just start a custom match on a map with (Stormy) in its name.

Start an Exhibition match. Go to the "Mutators" setting, and set the number of goals needed to win to "1". Equip the Shark Fin Topper and select Unfair Bot Match 1 vs 2. Then, score the first goal to get the "Survival Of The Fittest" achievement.

Enter the garage and choose Backfire or Octane. Equip the Accelerato Boost. Start an Exhibition match on Utopia and hit the boost to get the "Throwback" achievement.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

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