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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Roblox on PC

Go To "Happy Home In Robloxia" By ROBLOX 5 Times. Hit F8 20 Times. Then Buy Something In The Catalog!. Then Log Off. Then When you Log Back On you Should Have 20000 Robux!

Get the Roundy or Perfection Head. Wear it with any Ninja Mask and you have a broken mask.

Climb the giant tree. Then, see the mayor. He will ask you to get 15 Wood. Cut five trees and in return he will then give you the Mega Potato. Return to your farm, switch to the Mega Potato, then plant the crops. It is as cheap as the cabbage but results in a lot more money.

Get the plane or helicopter tool. Sit in the plane's seat. You can now use the following controls.


Wanna have a cool roblox spy hat, yes?. Ok, lets begin. First: you need 150 tix and 25 RX. Second: buy Super Scuba (25 RX) and Globot (150 tix). Third: set them up both at one time. And then you have Globot Scuba.

Use the Roll head and Ninja Mask to make hair.

First go to "Welcome to Roblox building", then go to an edge of your base plate, then put four blocks one on top of each other, then put spikes in the two places you can place a spike then you delete the fourth block on top, then wait for helper bot to come and he will delete one spike and die (tip, he can respawn after dying).

Deselect your tool and move your pointer to the ground so you can see the green circle. Click the ground past the jump, and at the same time jump.

Hold [Up] + S.

Buy a round head, then a paper bag to go on your head. Put both of them on and you will see a rip in the back of the bag.

A parachute is required for this trick. When you start falling very fast when driving, take out your parachute while in your vehicle. The vehicle should slow slightly.

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