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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Re-Volt - PC

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Type in the game at the weel were you can type your name:

carnival - All cars
tracker - All tracks - Sent by [BobHamers]

Type, when you choose your name: sadist (small letters) and when you race you can always choose weapons by pressing SHIFT.

 - Sent by [MathieuBraekeveld]

To enable new camera angles, enter your name as ''tvtime''. Using [F5] and [F6] you should be able to change camera angles!

To change cars in mid-race, enter your name as: ''changeling''.

Use [Page Up] and [Page Down] to cycle between cars.

Collect all the stars in stunt arena mode.

First go to yor re volt folder it is in program files. Then go to folder Cars. Pick a car. When you do that double click on "Parametars.txt". When you do that, search for "Obtain" then change the number to "0". Start the game and that car is unlocked.

Enter your name as ''urco'' to make the UFO a selectable vehicle.

Enter your name as ''drinkme'' to race with smaller cars!

In the "cars" folder go into any folder with a car that you can choose when racing. Open the Paremeters.txt file and change the "TopSpeed" line to anything you want. Your car will go faster than all the other cars. Other things such as acceleration, steering rate, wheel size and much more can be changed as well.

Enable the URCO code, and begin game play on the Toy World 1 level. Go off the big jump at the end and keep going. You will go through the wall and into a blue spot. You cannot get out.

To use your Multiplayer Cars in the single player game, enter your name as ''makeitgood''.

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