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PC - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard screenshot

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on PC

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Destroy all 20 Mr. Everywhere Statues to unlock "The Essence Of Defense" item, which causes you to take less damage from blocking. You can add it to your inventory from the item box when you reload a save or start a new game. Note: If both "The Essence Of Defense" and "The Secrets Of Defense" are in your inventory, blocks will negate 100% damage every time.

Beat the game on any dificulty.

There are two endings in the game. Unlocking both endings is required to get the "End Of Night" and "Just A Memory Now" achievements. After defeating the huge mutant Boss, you must decide whether to cure Mia or Zoe. There is only enough serum to cure one of them. Curing Mia unlocks the first (good) ending and curing Zoe unlocks the second (bad) ending. After making that choice, it is still quite a while before getting the ending. These events occur at roughly 66% story progress.

At one point during the story, Lucas will lure you into the room that you saw earlier on the videotape. However, there is a twist. Your predecessor did not survive Lucas' games, but there is a way to trick him. The important part is not to get the Winding Key from the Keg. Opening the Keg will spill oil on the floor that will burn you alive. The puzzle goes a little differently than the previous one. Complete the following steps to solve it:

1.Pick up the Candle, walk to the cake, and listen to Lucas.

2.Light the Candle at the stove. Burn the rope on the door with the candle. Enter the room behind door and enter "LOSER" as the code.

3.Grab the Valve Handle and use it in the cake room. Since you did not spill oil from the key, you will survive.

4.Lucas will then throw a bomb into the room. Break open the barricade in the corner and throw the bomb through the hole in the wall to solve the puzzle.

Beat the game in less than four hours.

During the "Get out of the House" mission, after fighting Jack Baker in the garage of the main house, you will get an Ox statuette in the garage that allows you to open a large door. Go through the door and proceed upstairs. There is a room marked on the map called "Recreation Room". It contains the videotape. Put the tape in the nearby TV to start it. You will then be playing as Mia and have to escape Marguerite. Just stay behind cover whenever Marguerite is nearby. After finishing the tape, you will get the "Can't Catch Me" achievement. If you are seen, just wait for Marguerite to grab you. This will result in a checkpoint restart and does not count as being seen. The only way you can mess this up is by running and hiding from Marguerite until you lose her. You will still get the achievement if she grabs you. You can also replay the tape by putting it in the video cassette recorder again.

Destroy all Mr.Everywhere statues.

The shotgun is a powerful weapon that can be found in the main hall of the the building where you meet family Baker. First, get the Scorpion Key. It is found in the cellar with the slime monsters. The key is sticking out of a piece of meat. Next, use the Scorpion Key on the recreation room upstairs (go up the stairs from the main hall) to find the broken shotgun inside. Then, go back downstairs to the main hall and take the shotgun from the statue and replace it with the broken shotgun to make the door behind you open so you can escape. You can then repair the broken shotgun. After escaping to the yard, look under the porch to find a removable metal part. Behind it is a box that contains a repair kit. Combine it with the broken shotgun to get a working shotgun.

Beat the game on Madhouse dificulty.

Search the indicated location to find an inventory slots upgrade. They look like large camping bags, and each one increases your available item slots by four.

1.Search for it near the Cassette Recorder in the Old House, where you manually save the game. There is only one Cassette Recorder in this area, and it is marked on the map.

2.Go up the stairs in the main hall and open the door to the master bedroom after getting the Serpent Key to find it inside.

3.When you first arrive on the Old Ship, there will be a door that requires a fuse to be opened. You have to get the fuse as part of the story to progress further. On the opposite site of the fuse door is a locked door. Behind it is the inventory slots upgrade. You must continue playing the story for quite a while to enter the locked door. Eventually you will get a usable item called Corrosive (which is unmissable and must be obtained as part of the story). You will later have to get back the fuse from earlier to repair an elevator. While you do that, go to the locked door and open it with the Corrosive to get the upgrade.

The Linear Ending is the one which every player must have come across the Normal way of getting yourself out of the house. All you need to do is walk towards the Kitchen as you wake up then find the Bolt Cutter at the Exit Door then the Tape. Watch the Tape in the same room where you Get up and you will know about the secret passage. Get the Key and then walk towards the door to leave the House where you will get killed by an Old Man saying - 'Welcome to the Family, Son'.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Madhouse difficulty. The following things change in Madhouse mode:

Health does not regenerate.
Enemies and Stalkers appear more frequently, and in new locations.
Additional Antique Coins (33 in total) and more locked item bird cages.
New items; Cassette Taps must be collected and used for manual saves.
Fewer items; many items from the Easy and Normal difficulty have been removed.
Few auto-saves. You almost always restart from your last manual Save Room file.

Pour a health bottle over your hands, then press [Block] to heal much quicker. This can save your life and is very useful in Madhouse mode. While reloading, press [Block] when the ammo number appears green (or changes if your ammo will not completely fill the weapon) to reload faster. This can be useful for some slower reload weapons like the grenade launcher and shotgun.

Beat the game on any dificulty.

Search the indicated locations to find all four Steroid syringes, which permanently increase your character's maximum health. Since steroids also refill your health, try to use them when you are low on health.

1. First, find the treasure photo located on the metal shelves near where you find the Scorpion Key in the Processing Area. Then, go to the Main House 1F, Drawing Room. Interact with one of the fireplace stones to remove the Steroids.

2. It is sold in the Yard, Trailer save room. Insert four Antique Coins on the Easy or Normal difficulty to unlock it.

3. It is located in Testing Area 1F (before the Barn), which can only be unlocked using the red and blue keycards. To get the red keycard, go to the master bedroom on the second floor after getting the Snake Key. Then, set the alarm clock to display 10:15 to open a new passage. Go inside the passage leading to the workshop to find the red keycard on the corpse. To get the blue keycard, go to Jacob's room after you get the Snake Key. Once inside, interact with the table lamp to lower the ravel. Climb up and open the dollhouse to find the blue keycard. Once you have both keycards, enter the storage room to find the Steroid syringe inside a safe. Note: Make sure to get the Steroids before triggering the Boss fight.

Very easy to miss. Find the final Steroids in the Salt Mine, in the first room of the secret lab. Look between the two bathtubs in the first room of the Secret Lab, to the right of the exit door to spot this well-hidden steroids syringe.
4. Once you reach the Salt Mine, search for the Steroid syringe between the two bathtubs in the first room of the Secret Lab, to the right of the exit door.

Destroy all Mr.Everywhere statues.

Beat the game in less than four hours.

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