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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Puzzle Pirates on PC

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For this cheat you need a whisking potion with at least 2 uses left. Use your potion to go to Carnivasseri island in the Sage ocean then become a
citizen. After becoming a citizen you log off then log back on. when you log back on, your stats are changed slightly. Then the next day your stats should be even higher. Note: Please leech this and spread it everywhere you can!

Create an email address every day. Then on Puzzle Pirates access your "Ye" panel and go to the "Invite A Friend" tab. Enter the email address you created. Go to that email account and create a Puzzle Pirates account. Your main profile will then gain 1500 pieces of eight and your new profile will gain 500 pieces of eight.

When you start the game you get som free stuffs - crates and bedrolls. Evryone needs these to play the game so they buy as many as they can. If you make a new char every 5 mins you can sell them at the docks on an island called Midsummer by shouting that you are selling and then delete it and make another and sell the new ones again. Also you can sell the free house they give you for playing because people collect them. I did this for 2 hours, and made 25600 peaces of eight so now i do it every weekend. The ones who go on ships to make money only make a few hundred an hour so I save a lot of tim and work.

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