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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Poptropica on PC

Go to the Carrot King dinner. Go to the chef and select "Our drinks will change your hair color". Click on any color. Click on "Drink". Your hair will change to match whatever color is in the glass.

Find the cat for the boy in the tool store. Then, go to the closed sewer and click on it. Finally, get through the pipes and go up.

When you are in the factory, to pass the falling orange objects, just run very quickly across them. If you fail, just try again.

You will start near some building. You must go towards the observatory. Keep going in that direction until you reach the castle, which is all broken. Go inside and up the stairs. Go through the door to talk to king, then the queen. Exit that room and go through the left door to find a bedroom. Talk to the maid. She will tell you about a fountain. Go to the hole where the mouse fled. Jump on "cupboard" and get the note. Leave the castle then keep going to the right to reach the old mill. Go in, then jump up to a woman with an evil face. Talk to her and give her your note. She will give you the pass. Exit and go all the way to the fountain with rocket. Click below the inscription, then enter your code. Go down and talk to all the people. You will get a key. Exit, then go back to the mill area. Go to the hay jump in the crack and the will push aside. Use the key on the trapdoor. Go down get all his notes and items, then exit. Go back to fountain. Jump in the top ring and walk around. You will get a coin. Go to the museum and give coin to the man. Go to the bed and get the notes from underneath. Then, get the books. The man will give you library card. Go to library in the castle. Click on the section it says. Go down and get the cheese. Pull the lever, exit the room, then go to bedrooms. Use the cheese and catch the rat. Go to the old mill. Put the rat down near the owl. The owl will help you get the rope. Go down to the lab and push against the left wall until it breaks. Go through the hole. The robot will break. Click the owl then click the power rod. Go back to the mill. Go up to the top. Jump on the left mill spikes repeatedly until hatch opens. Go down the hatch and put the manure in the machine. Go down to swamp. Get on the hover board go to "Excalibur". Get in and put in the fuel rod. Get the note belonging to Mordred and look at the coordinates. Get back in the machine, put in fuel rod, then use the knobs to put in the coordinates. Finally, click "Launch".

First, get the rope. Next, go to the bow and arrow. Click "Use" on the rope and aim the arrow towards the closed door (the princess' room). You can then walk across the rope and get in.

Talk to Big Nate. Enter the comic store and talk to the tall person. Find all the pieces and give it to him. At the school, go to the locker stuffed with papers and enter the combination. Get the map. At the lighthouse, there is an old photo. Collect it and give it to school photo person. He will give you the scuba gear. Go into the ocean by Salty. Find the lobster trap and give it to Salty. He will give you a lobster and the keys to his jet skis. Look through the telescope on top of the lighthouse and look at the map. Take the lobster and use it on the light. Race Nate to the Sealsaw rock and beat him there. Move the seals so that you can get the map. Go back and enter the school. Enter the science lab and make a stink bomb. Go outside the detention room and blow a bubble with the chewing gum. Mrs. Godfrey should take you into the detention room. Use your stink bomb and she will leave. Go to the file cabinet and a ladder will appear. Climb down and get the bell clapper. Go back up and use the clapper on the school bell. Everyone should leave the playground. Defeat Nate in Hang Man and get the peanut butter crackers. Use one where the girls were standing. The dog should dig it up and the time capsule will appear. Get the medal from Mrs. Godfrey.

The comic book frames can be found at the following locations.

Pop-In Shoppe: On the green couch, on the top floor.
Klassic Komix: Talk to the guy to receive the frame.
Photo Studio: On top of the light, to the right.
Main Street: On a telegraph pole, to the very right of the street.
Inside the School: On a speaker, on the top floor.
Science Lab: On the Planet Mobil, to the left.
Outside the School: On the wooden scaffolding, to the right of the school.
The Playground: Floating in the air, on top of the climbing wall.
Puffin Point: On top of the lighthouse.

Go to Puffin Point. There should be a photograph flying outside to the left of the lighthouse. Catch it, and once it is in your inventory, trade it for the scuba gear at the Photo Center on Main Street. Return to Puffin Point. Put on the scuba and dive in the sea. Get the lobster trap before you run out of oxygen. Give the trap to the man standing on the dock to get the keys to ride the jet skis. He will also give you a lobster. Climb the lighthouse onto the platform above Mr. Rosa (the painter). Go to your inventory then select "Use" on the lobster. The light from the lighthouse will shine on the bird and get rid of it. Jump of the lighthouse and ride the jet skis. You must race Big Nate. Race him and make it to the end. Push the seals to the other end of the rock. Get the roll of paper, which is the map to the time capsule.

Go to the school. Go to your inventory and select "Use" on the bubble gum. Your character will chew gum. Mrs. Godfrey will take you inside the detention room. Click on your inventory and select "Use" on the stink bomb. Mrs. Godfrey will run away. Exit the detention room. Click on the messy locker. Click on the first row on the lock until "9" is under the arrow. Do the same thing for the other rows to enter "9305" as a combination. A mess will drop out of the locker. Click on the mess. You will get a school blueprint. Enter the detention room and click on the file cabinet. Go down, click on "Power", get the bell clapper, exit of the secret room, and leave the school. Go on top of the school and click on inventory. Select "Use" on the bell clapper. It will go into the school bell.

Go to the science lab in the school. Put the chemicals in the test tube in the following order: blue, red, yellow, blue, yellow. The arrow to one or two. If one setting does not work, try the other. Once you put the chemicals in the test tube in the correct order and the arrow on the correct number, you will get a stink bomb.
Put equal amounts of blue and yellow in the test tube to make it turn green. Turn the heat on, then select any number from 1 to 5.

Crusher will be standing on a car. Beside the car is a crane. Climb up the yellow object to reach the crane. Click the levers and turn the magnet off. Come down and climb up to the crane again. Turn the magnet on. Click on Crusher to handcuff him. Note: You can get handcuffs from the scientist.

Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.


Note 1. This code may require a handheld item (for example, a basketball or cell phone)
Note 2. If your browser's history screen appears, click on the Poptropica screen then press H.
Note 3. This also be done outside of Multi-player rooms.

Use the following trick to look like someone else. Find a person that has clothes and the look you want. Select the "Customize Character" option in the corner. When asked to select a character, click on the person to be copied. Both you and that person will be shown. Click the features that you want, and it will appear on your character. When satisfied with your appearance, click "Accept".

You will be asked for some objects. To get the pig, go down the hole by the soda shop. Watch out for the spiders. Then, go down right to the bottom. You will see a huge spider. Make your way over to the right and you will see a castle. You will see the pig near the castle. To find the giants egg, you will need a glow stick, which you can find in the hole in Early Poptropica. It is easy to find, high to the left (on the other side of the vertical short ledge). You can now go in the Poptropica Towers hole. Go down and move to the left. Ignore the rope that you see and keep going across. You will see another rope. Go down that rope, then move to the right and down. You will be told that it is getting warmer. Go to the left to find the egg. Go back out and jump onto the washing lines. Jump on the windows until you reach the very top. Then keep going across until you see a restaurant and a vine. Go up the vine. You will see a giant. Click on the giant and give him the egg. He will allow you to walk past. Go toward where the melon is located and you will find a bucket. Go to where the rockets are located and jump up over the high one. You will find a jet pack. You should now have everything except the flag. Go back to where the fruit is located. Use your jet back to go over the spade object, but do not fly too high or you will go onto the vine and have to start again. You will see an exit. Use it and go down. You will land on top of the tower and get the flag. Go back to Early Poptropica and ignore the first two people. Click on the last three people, one by one (notice that one person is up the tower). The person on the tower will give you the medallion.

Go to Poptropica Towers and click on any of the pigments to change your skin color.
Click on a person that has balloons. Get one and it will change your skin color. You can set your skin color to blue, black, pink, tan, green, brown, and more.

Go to Early Poptropica's Main Street. Go down the sewer to the room with the spiders. Go to the bottom right corner of the room. Watch out for the giant spider. Go to the right then go forward until you see a rope. Climb it, climb the right rope, then go left until you see another rope. Climb it, go a short distance to the left to find the egg.

Click the star at the top right corner. Next, click the tab that reads "Store" at the top. If you have 250 credits, click the picture of the lab and press "GET!"

Go to Super Power Island. Go to the jail. Click "Costumizer" then click on the guard. Click on his gun to get it as a clothing accessory.

Use the following steps to complete Nabooti Island.

Go into the African museum. Go to the statue. Talk to the woman next to the statue. Tell her that you want to help find all the jewels. She will give you a map.
Go to the airplane and click "Fly".
Go to the Kaya Forest. Take the gold nugget found in the trees.
Return to Nabooti. Talk to the first person at the selling table. Say that you want to trade the gold nugget for the camera. Return to the plane.
Go to the safari. Zeke will be there at the end. Say "Can I help?" He will tell you to take seven different pictures of animals. Take six of the pictures, then take a picture of the giraffe one more time. He will give you his hard hat. Take it, then go to the Mountains Of The Moon.
Pass the first goat without letting it hit you. Then, intentionally get hit by the second goat to get on the ledge. You will find a girl. She will tell you that there is a cactus fig on the ledge. To get it, jump for it. Keep going and jump on the snowy ledges. You will fight an old man with a Gem Of Mancala. Defeat him and you can enter the cave. At the end of the cave is a jewel. Take it, then go back to the airplane.
Go to the diamond mines. Pass the first person on the ground. Keep going then until reaching a knob. Turn it, then climb up the sand hill as fast as possible.
Nabooti Island: Phone numbers
Brain hat: 411 (destroys your hair permanently)
Police hat and belt: 911
Ned Noodle head: 1337
Santa hat and toy bag: 1225
When in Giza will help open the pyramid: 5556789

Speak to the woman about the big statue with five missing jewels. She will give you a map. You can now start looking for the jewels. Go left and find the man with the plane that is ready to fly. Go to the following locations to find the corresponding jewel.

Purple Jewel: At Blue Nile Falls, jump all the way to the top of the first waterfall. At the top should be a blue flower. Take it, then go all the way across to the second waterfall. Go to the top and speak to the woman. Bring the chicken across first. Then bring the fox across, but bring chicken back with you. Take the feed across. Then, take the chicken across. The woman will tell you about the secret cave behind the grass halfway up the second waterfall. Go in the cave. Make it to the other side to get the Purple Jewel. Note: Watch out for falling spikes.
Red Jewel: At Mountains Of The Moon, watch out for the goats and boulders. Go halfway up and speak to a woman. She will tell you about the fig you have to get. Get the fig and go to the top of the mountains, where you will meet a man. You will have to defeat him at a game. He will then let you pass. Go in the cave. Make it all the way to the other side and you will get the Red Jewel. Jump down and go all the way along the bottom to the other side. Get the cell phone to continue. Go to Kaya Forests. Jump up then go in the trees to find the golden nugget. Go to Nabooti and trade it with the man to the right for a camera. Take then camera and go to safari. Go to the man at Big Zeke's Safari Park and help him take pictures of seven different animals. He will give you a miner's hard hat.
White Jewel: At the Diamond Mines, wear the hard hat then go right past the man until you reach a machine. This machine turns off the electric fence just long enough for you to get through the gap in the fence on the level above. Once you are through, go to the left left until you see explosive wagons. Watch out for these. Jump all the way to the top then go down in to the mines. Push the green button. Jump behind the barrel behind you and push it as far as possible. Then, go back and press the green button again. Do the same thing again the barrel will blow open a wall. Go to the right. Push the wagon to the edge you should jump in. Duck when it is close to the roof and jump when you get to the signs. This may require a few attempts. Once you are past, jump up to the pile of jewels. Click on them. Use the magnifying glass at the bottom right corner. Find the Nabooti Jewel. It is the middle one on its side on the far right. It has a small triangle marking on it. You can now take the White Jewel. Go to Nabooti to trade the flower with the woman in the middle for a black turban and wear it.
Blue Jewel: At Giza, speak to the first guard. He will give you a shovel with a number on it. Go to the right and speak to a man outside a tent, Using the cell phone, call the number on the shovel. Once you are alone, click on the bag and you will get a Moon Stone. Climb to the top of the tomb. There will be a place to put the Moon Stone in order to open a door. You will reach a sign with pictures on it. Remember it from bottom to top.Keep going to the right to find another picture. Click on it. Keep clicking on the boxes until they are all in one long line, then close it. This should open a door and you can continue. Watch out for the scorpion. Jump up on the ledge to keep away from it. Continue to the right. You should reach a room with more boxes. Move the boxes into the picture below. This will open another door. Go through and go to the right. Be careful; the floor will fall away if you jump. Remember the order that was noted for the pictures earlier. Jump on those pictures until you get to the top. Jump up on the rope. You will enter a room with a picture in the middle of it. Remember the order of the pictures. On the posts will be a lever in the middle of them. You need to open them to unlock a coffin. Start with the far right lever, then the left of the two in the middle, then the right of the two in the middle, then the one on the far left. Be careful; the room will start to fill with sand as soon as the first lever is used. When you have pulled all the levers, the coffin will open and you will be able to take the Blue Jewel.
Green Jewel: At Kaya Forests, go to the tortoise and use the Opuntia fruit (fig). You can now use the shovel to dig where the tortoise was sitting. You will find an ebony elephant. Two ghosts will appear. Speak to the man. He will tell you what he wants. Go to Nabooti to trade the ebony elephant with the woman on the left for a Fingo (vase). Then, go back to Kaya Forests. Give the Fingo to the ghosts to get the Green Jewel. Go back to Nabooti. Go to the museum and speak to the woman near the big Nabooti Statue. You now have to put the jewels in the correct order: Purple, Green, Red, White, then Blue.

The order of the jewels on the totem pole is: purple, green, red, white, blue. Note: The orange and yellow are already permanent.

Go to the processing room. Click "Enter" on the trap door at the far right of the room and get stuck. You will be in the metal room. Go down the conveyor belt. Jump on the pipes, then jump up on the platform and get the rabbit ears.

When you fall out of the hot air balloon, buy some coconut milk then go to the right until you see the big trunk of the coconut tree. Climb up while avoiding the coconuts to reach the second board. Go to the right until you are about to fall off, then run and jump high off the end. If done correctly, you should land on a wall. Search the wall for a piece of paper. Next, go into a cave and keep jumping down until you are in the water. Keep swimming until you reach a big block in the water. Climb over it and watch out for the bat. Search until you find a strange statue. Click on it. On the piece of paper spell "open" with the symbols above the corresponding letter from the translation key. Follow the path, then go into the water and keep swimming until you reach a big statue of a shark. Wait on the last log when you see the caterpillar. When its tail has just gone from being in front of you, jump to the top of the statue then jump onto the swinging object above you. Keep jumping left on those, then keep walking and fall down each of the holes. Go left to a dead end with dinosaur bones. Walk into those to collect a bone. Walk to the right and do it over all again, except this you will climb up the statue from a different side. This time do not fall down any drops. Instead, wait for the sliding block to appear. You must jump fast to let it take you to the other side. Jump off when you arrive. Keep going to the left and you will reach a table with a bowl and green mush. Collect the mush and exit the cave. Go right to the ancient ruins, then go right again to Booga Bay and get a grass skirt. Climb all the way up to the top of the coconut tree. Wear the grass skirt on and ask the medicine man at the top to mix all your items. Take the coconut he gives you to Booga Bay and feed it to the shark. Afterwards, keep traveling to the right. Save the boy and Dr. Hammmerhead to get the medal.

The code to open the door at the temple entrance is "open".

To get through Spy Island, use the following steps.

Go to Spy Island. Go to the eyeglasses store. Ask if you can have a test. Click on the opposite letter. Walk out of the store and go up the ladder. Go in the door and talk to the man. He will give you a camouflage suit. Walk out of the door. Next, go to the left to the docks. Put on your suit. Run up to the warehouse. Enter the door. Go near each dog. They will walk past you. After you pass the dogs, go down. Hop onto the small corner and go down the hole. Click on the tied up agent to free him. He will give you a laser pen and a clue.
Exit the warehouse and run all the way to Balding Avenue. Take off your spy gear and go in the B.A.D Bistro. Enter the kitchen and take the memory test. If you complete it, the owner will give you a hat. Exit the kitchen. Click on the man wearing the B.A.D shirt and he will give you a glass. Exit the bistro and run to Toupee Terrace. Avoid all the lasers and hop all the way up to the iron bars. Click on them then use your laser pen to cut through the bars. Walk into the storage room. Find the second tied up agent. He will give you a grappling bow tie and your second clue. Both of you will walk out of the storage room.
Run to Balding Avenue and climb up to the building with the agent. Grapple on the largest building. Hop up onto the rooftops and grapple to a big satellite dish. When you get up there, grapple up to another satellite dish. After getting up there, enter a large tube that leads down to a greenhouse. Go all the way to the right and click on the cherry bomb on the cherry bomb tree. Push the bomb on the big flower. Grapple on the platform. Push the bomb down on another flower and hop on the pink flower in a flower pot hanging from the roof. From the flower pot, hop up on the highest platform and push the bomb in front of the cage with the third agent. Hop onto the palm tree to your left. Wait until the bomb explodes, then click on the third agent. She will give you vision goggles and the last code.
Go all the way to Toupee Terrace. Go all the way to the right and get past the fence. When all the lasers disappear in the control center, go to the right, up, then left. Avoid two more lasers and go up. Click on the secret door. With your fingerprint, click on the "light" device. Go inside the room with more lasers. Go all the way up, then click on the "computer". Director D helps you. Click on the "computer" one more time and type "LASER HAIR REMOVAL". Go into the transporter with Director D. He will call you a pest and let out four mini bots. Hide under the two yellow bulbs on the ground and two yellow bulbs on the roof. After defeating the mini bots, hop on the spaceship. Cause the spaceship to crash four times and he will be defeated. You will return to headquarters where Director D. will be in jail. The secretary will give you your medal.
Note: To open the teleporter you must enter three codes: "laser", "hair", and "removal".

To get through Super Power Island, use the following steps.

Go to the comic shop and ask Ned Noodlehead if he sells anything besides comics. He will give you a somewhat helpful book.
Go to the costume shop and buy a costume if desired. Then, ask the man on the left for an ID card. Swim to go over the police red tape. Get the items you need from the scientist and the policeman.
To defeat Copy Cat, just destroy all her clones and her by jumping on them all before the smoke bomb starts to make you cough. Then, click on her.
To defeat the villain on the train, make sure he does not make contact with you by jumping up every time he tries to crash into you. Then, click on him.
To defeat the villain in the Junkyard, climb up onto the "crane" and click the switch. Then, pull the lever down. He will get squished for a few seconds. He will then start throwing things at you and knock you off the crane. Get back on the crane, then pull the lever in the other direction and he will get crushed. Then, click on him.
To defeat the villain in the park with mind powers, jump up and click him so he gets annoyed. Then, push a rock close by to him and stand next to it. If you placed it correctly, he will try to lift up the ground underneath you, including the rock, which should then hit him and knock him over. Then, click on him.
To defeat the Rat villain (in the toilets, men's room for male players and lady's room for female players), go down the sewer and play with the water controls until you can get up to the exit. Exit, then get to another control area by avoiding evil rats. They will knock you over if you touch them. Once you have clicked on the control wheel, a swarm of bees will chase you. Jump up onto the pipes quickly and click on the person before the bees knock you over.
You have now defeated five villains. Go to the ringing telephone. Click on it and you will be able to fly. You can now defeat Betty Jetty.
Follow her in the sky and avoid all the green things she flings at you until she falls down. Ned Noodlehead will step in and accidently save the day by bumping into her. Click on her.
Ned is now the town hero. If you want the medal that is rightfully yours, get a hotdog from the stand and go to the Comic Shop. Trade it with Ned to get your medal.
Super Power Island: Open Season 2 costumes
Go to the right of the Daily Paper then enter and go to the top. You can choose between a bear or deer costume from Open Season 2.

The following items must be brought to the indicated location.

Ancient Greece: Golden Vase
Vikings: Thor's Amulet
Mali Empire: Salt Rocks
Da Vinci's Workshop: Notebook
Aztec Empire: Sun Stone Piece
Great Wall of China: Stone Bowl
The Graff House: Declaration of Independence
Lewis and Clark: Peace Medal
Edison's Workshop: Phonograph
Statue of Liberty: Statue Model
Mount Everest: Climbing Goggles

Items can be obtained at the following locations.

Climbing Goggles: In the Aztec Empire, a guard is wearing them and will give them to you if you are wearing a Warrior's Mask.
Statue Model: The very top peak of Mount Everest you can reach.
Phonograph: On top of the treasury building in Ancient Greece (the guards are standing in front of it). You must climb up the winged statue and jump to the roof.
Peace Medal: Hanging on the pulley system in Da Vinci's Workshop. First, climb onto the middle platform, making the top one come closer so you can jump on it. Get on the top platform. You will go down but the bottom platform will come out. Jump onto the bottom platform, and from there jump and touch the shiny silver circle. If you touch it, you will get the Peace Medal.
Declaration of Independence: In the Mali Empire (watch out for snakes) there will be a place called "Timbuktu Inn". A document merchant is there. Piece together a puzzle for him to get the Declaration of Independence.
Stone Bowl: Go to Lewis and Clark's campsite. There will be a tree that has the words "Clark was here" carved into it. Climb the tree and wait for a beaver to appear. He has the bowl on his head.
Sun Stone Piece: On top of Edison's Workshop. Go to the left and jump on the car. Click the circle at the rear and the car will move forward and stop under the tree. Climb up the tree and onto the house.
Notebook: Go to the Statue of Liberty. Climb to get on the very top platform of the scaffold. Jump to your left. The Notebook is on the ledge.
Salt Rocks: Go to the Graff House and climb the tree. Jump onto the roof. They are in a bag at that location.
Thor's Amulet: Go to the Great Wall of China and pass the construction zone. A man will be wearing the amulet. If you defeat him in a memory game he will give it to you.
Golden Vase: Go to the Great Wall of China and pick up a barrel of gunpowder. Go to where the Vikings are and climb onto the first cliff. Use the gunpowder to blast the rocks. Pick up the torch and go inside. You have a limited amount of time to find the vase before your torch goes out. It will also go out if you step in water. Note: Run down, up, up, up, across, down, and left.
Warrior's Mask: In the Aztec Empire there is an old warrior who wants to retire. Talk to him and he will give his mask to you.
Glider: Da Vinci gives it to you when you give him his notebook.
Viking Suit: It is laying on the second cliff where the Vikings are. Use the Glider to reach it.

You can travel to the following times and places with it. Note: The middle is the symbol on the time travel device). They are in clockwise order starting at the top.

2009 A.D.: Lab; Main Street
0328 B.C.: Man in golden armor; Ancient Greece
0831 A.D.: Man in Viking suit; Vikings
1387 A.D.: Woman with pink turban; Mali Empire
1516 A.D.: Bearded man; Da Vinci's Workshop
1519 A.D.: Man with headdress; Aztec Empire
1593 A.D.: Armored Asian man; Great Wall of China
1776 A.D.: Man with black hat; The Graff House
1805 A.D.: Man with beaver cap; Lewis and Clark
1877 A.D.: Young man; Edison's Workshop
1882 A.D.: Frenchman; Statue of Liberty
1953 A.D.: Man in blue parka; Mount Everest

To get through Time Twisted Island, use the following steps.

Go to Pendulum's Lab. Power up the Future Machine. Talk to yourself 50 year older. He will give you a Time Device.
To get the Salt Rocks from Mali, jump on top of the Graff House in 1776. Then, go to 1387. Talk to the man on top of the first building. Give him the rocks.
To get the Declaration of Independence from the Graff House, go to Mali in 1387. Go to the inn. Talk to the Document Merchant. Piece together the puzzle. Then, go to 1776. Give it to Thomas Jefferson.
To get the Statue of Liberty, go to the top of Mt. Everest in 1953. Then, go to 1882. Give it to the person by the thing that reads "Modele Original".
To get the goggles from Everest, go to the Aztec Empire in 1519. Go to the end of the empire. Go to the top of the temple. There is an old man there who gives you the Warrior Headdress. Then, click on the first guard. He gives you the goggles.
To get the sun stone from the Aztec Empire, go to the Workshop in 1877. Ride the "wagon" to the big tree. Jump on the branches until you get to the roof. Go to the left chimney. Then, go to 1519. Give the king the sun stone.
To get the phonograph from the Workshop, go to Delphi in 328 BC. Jump on the roof of the treasury. Get the Phonograph. Return it to Edison (the workshop boss).
To get the golden vase from Delphi, go to Scandinavia in 831. Note: You must have the gunpowder from China and the glider from Da Vinci to do this. Blow open the cave. Go to the bottom left before the torch burns out. Get the golden vase. Return to the guards at the Treasury.
To get the amulet, go to China in 1593. Defeat the person in the game. Return it to the Viking captain.
To get the stone bowl from China, go to Lewis and Clark in 1805. Go to the top of the tree. Get the stone bowl by jumping on the chipmunk.Return it to the smoke signal person.
To get the peace medal from Lewis and Clark, go to Da Vinci's time in 1516. Jump on the correct platform. Then, go to the bottom platform. Jump on the bottom of the deck to get the medal. Return it to Meriwether Lewis.
To get Da Vinci's notebook, go to the Statue of Liberty in 1882. Go to the far left. Jump on the ledge of the red building. Return it to Da Vinci. He gives you a glider.
Go to Main Street (in the present). Use the future machine to go to the Restored Future. Use the air tubes and monorails to get to your home. Go to the bathroom of your home. Talk to yourself 50 years older again. He will give you the Island Medallion.

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