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Pokemon Indigo

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokemon Indigo on PC

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Buy a few Master Balls. Go to the "Rooms" tab and find a room with Legendary Pokemon. Look at the details next to the room to see the Pokemon that are inhabiting that room. Enter that room and use a Master Ball on a Legendary Pokemon. It should be automatically caught. You now have caught a Legendary without the trouble of defeating gym leaders and going to the Elite Four.

Get at least two Ultra Balls in order to catch Pokemon with at levels 24 to 30.

To raise a very low level Pokemon, have your better Pokemon do most of the damage in a battle. Then have your weak Pokemon have the final kill.

If you are a starter trainer, catch a Pokemon (Cinnabar Island recommended) until you have six of them. Heal them at the Pokemon Center. If your starter is a Water or Grass type, battle at the Rustboro Gym. Weaken the opponent's Pokemon using the Pokemon you caught. Do not defeat it. Then, use your starter Pokemon. Repeat this process until your Pokemon evolves.

Put your best Pokemon on your team as well as the Pokemon you want to level up. Battle a strong gym leader and use your strongest Pokemon. When your opponents' Pokemon is at very low health, send out the Pokemon you want to level up and have it use its strongest attack. The Pokemon you want to level up will get all the experience.

Have a level 90 Pokemon and teach it Flash Cannon. Set it in the first position. Set the Pokemon you want to train in the second position. Go to the maps and battle Kanto gyms. Win the last one. Use the level 90 pokemon and start with Flash Cannon then very weak attacks until your opponent's HP is between 1 and 10. Then, have the weak Pokemon use an attack. It should knock out the enemy. Do not continue. Use the level 90 Pokemon and repeat the process. Note: You can do this if the weak Pokemon is level 1 through 30. If it is at a higher level, it will have a lesser effect.

Get a Pikachu. Teach it Thunderbolt and Focus Punch (optional). Buy the Light Ball at the Pokeshop to double your Pikachu's Sp attack. Battle Wallace repeatedly. You should win easily cause Pikachu's Sp attack is doubled. Finish Luvdisc, Whishcash, Seaking, and Milotic with the Deadly Thunderbolt. For Sealo, use Focus Punch for greater damage or use Thunderbolt. You will get 925 IC and 6,951 experience points.

Get a Squirtle that is level 12 or higher. Go to Gym Leader Norman's map. You will find many Abras from level 6 to 10. When you see one, fight it. In the fight, first have the Squirtle Tackle. Then change to another Pokemon and use a strong attack. The Pokemon will get a lot of experience points and you will get a lot of money.

Have one Masterball. Capture a Moltress and then go to the Kanto leaders at Celadon City and fight leader Erika. Defeat all her Pokemon with your Moltress. If done skillfully, you can win the match with only five attacks. Repeat this as many times as desired for easy money.

Catch a Pikachu and use him for your hardest battles. For your first attack, use Thunder Wave to paralyze your rival. Then, attack your rival Pokemon's greatest weakness.

Use the following items to evolve the corresponding Pokemon.

Clamperl to Gorebyss: Deep Sea Scale.
Clamperl to Huntail: Deep Sea Tooth.
Eevee to Flareon: Fire Stone.
Eevee to Jolteon: Thunder Stone.
Eevee to Vaporeon: Water Stone.
Gloom to Bellosom: Sun Stone.
Growlithe to Arcanine: Fire Stone.
Pikachu to Raichu: Thunder Stone.
Poliwhirl to Politoed: King Rock.
Roselia to Roserade: Shiny Stone.
Seadra to Kingdra: Dragon Scale.
Slowpoke to Slowking: King Rock.
Vulpix to Ninetales: Fire Stone.

Create have a main username then create a new temporary username. Trade the starting Pokemon from your temporary username to your main username. Create another temporary username and repeat the process until your main username has all starting Pokemon.

The following locations have the listed Pokemon.

Articuno: Elite Four Sidney's map.
Cascoon: Rooms.
Celebi: Elite Four Drake's map.
Cranidos: Misty's map.
Darkrai: Exploder or get up to 9,999,999 experience points.
Dialga: Elite Four Drake's map.
Dratini: Brock's map.
Espeon: Brock's map.
Giritina: Artisan Cave, one level 100 in team, difficult to find.
Glaceon: Brock's map.
Ho-Oh: Exploder or get the Sharp Beck and 9,999,999 experience points.
Horsea: Rooms.
Latios: League Champion Steven's map.
Lugia: Underwater Zone, at least one level 100 in team, extremely hard to find.
Mesprit: Erika's map in Celedon City.
Mew: Artisan Cave, six level 100s, difficult to find.
Mewtwo: Artisan Cave, one level 100, very difficult to find.
Mewtwo: Exploder or get Venasaur, Blastoise, and Charizard to level 100.
Moltres: Elite Four Garcia's map.
Raikou: Giovanni's map in Kanto.
Regigigas: Artisan Cave, at least one level 100 in team.
Riolu: Pewter City in Kanto.
Rotom: Misty's map.
Shaymin: Get all the items in the Pokeshop or Exploder.
Uxie: Lt. Surge's map in Vermillion City.
Zapdos: Elite Four Phoebe's map.

Complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding shiny Pokemon.

Shiny Articuno: Buy six Pokeballs and log out.
Shiny Chicorita: Buy 3 Full Heal and log out.
Shiny Nine Tail: Buy 2 Burn Heal and log out.

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