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Norwood Suite, The

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Norwood Suite, The - PC

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You'll get this one as you do the melodist and transgressor achievement.

The path to the fifth tableau is in room 206. just above the writing desk, the eye on this painting is a button to open the path. Same as usual. follow it to the end.

The very first tableau is found in the room you rent with the voucher. simply go into the bathroom and use the glowing button to flush the toilet. the door will open, and simply follow the hall until it leads you back to the hotel proper.

The fourth Tableau starts in room 216, with the sick man inside. just above the writing desk (which also contains some blank music sheets for joan) the harp on the album is a button which opens the closet to the hall.

This one you'll find as you're making your way down from completing your costume.

To get to this one, you'll need to do some legwork. first, go to the top floor of the library, and you'll find a book about the board game Zo on a table. take that book to the chef playing the game down on the librarys main floor. he'll in turn give you his closet key. wherein you'll find a pair of fresh zubaz, a lefter that raises his turtle tank, and a button that opens the way to the tableau to your right. just follow the hall again.

As you're helping folks out, you'll get invited to room 211. once you get the key, a secret passage should open up on the left wall. follow it all the way down to a blue door in the basement. Use this key and keep going. you'll see the tableau and get the achievement.

The Sixth Tableau is in room 209, same as the jacket for the costume. press this dogs nose, and follow the hall back to the hotel. same as usj.

The entrance is in room 308. go into the bedroom, then turn around. where a light switch would generally be, there is a lever. pull it up and you'll see a secret passage open. same as before. simply follow the passage all the way through and boom.

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