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NieR: Automata

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for NieR: Automata - PC

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Unlock the secret achievement shop, then create a backup save file and place it in a different folder. Spend all your money on unlocking achievements. Reload your backed up save file to still have the achievements unlocked and all your money back. Buy more achievements. Repeat this until you unlock all achievements.

This XP farming method is only available in the second playthrough. First, go to Emil's Shop (near the Desert Zone entrance from City Ruins: Center) and purchase the +3 XP Plug-In Chips. Equip these before farming to earn more XP and level up faster. Go to the Amusement Part (9S Story). Hack the large friendly robot (wearing a top hat) in the fountain square at the Amusement Park entrance. Select "Remote Control" after a successful hack. Clear out all the smaller enemies in the square. Hack the golden robot statue in the center of the fountain to get a lot of XP for hacking and destroying it. Return to a save point, then exit and reload. Return to the same area and farm the golden robot statue for a lot of XP. Repeat this as many times as desired. You can easily earn 3-4 levels per kill, even at high levels. Lower level players will not be able to damage the statue at all -- make sure you are Level 55 or higher.

To unlock the secret achievement shop, successfully complete three playthroughs of the game to complete the full story. Then, find the Strange Resistance Woman in the Resistance Camp. Talk to her to see a large list of options. Select the "Request unlocking you-know-what" option at the bottom of the list to display the achievements list. Each achievement is numbered, so you will have to check the description to view which achievement you are buying. The prices are 50,000 for easy difficulty achievements, 100,000 for medium difficulty achievements, and 200,000 for hard difficulty achievements. They are very expensive, and buying them all can be extremely costly, but this is an alternate method to getting all achievements.

Emil is one of the surviving characters from the original NieR. He returns in NieR: Automata as a traveling item shop on wheels. He is located near the Desert Zone entrance from the City Ruins: Center area. Shoot him once with your blaster to stop him and purchase items. Go to Emil's house near the City Ruins: Center crater. There is a large sewer pipe sticking out of the crater wall, with water flowing out of it. Jump inside and use the elevator to find Emil's house. Emil's house will only open after you have completed the "Lunar Tears" side quest. The solution to that side quest can be found under the "Easy "Lunar Tear" trophy". Loot the treasure chest in the final room of the black cave. Once you reach the house with all the Emil faces, take one of the masks on the display. Return to Emil and talk to him. You can find him driving around the Desert Zone entrance from the City Ruins: Center area. After exiting his shop, Emil will complain that someone is stealing from his house. Go back to his house a second time with 9S to find a treasure chest inside. Hack into it with 9S to take what is inside. As you leave, Emil will ambush you in the dark chamber outside his house to start the secret Boss battle. Emil is Level 99 -- so you must be high level to damage him. You also cannot access Emil's treasure without 9S -- so you will need to complete the game at least once to earn 9S and his hacking ability.

To find the only blacksmith (Masamune) that can upgrade weapons to Level 4, you first need access to the Forest Castle. This area can be revisited later. In the Forest Castle: Royal Chamber, go right to find the exterior broken bridge. Drop down through the hole in the bridge to land on the walkway below. Move left and interact with the wall to discover a hidden block. Pull it back to reveal a secret path to the blacksmith. This blacksmith can upgrade Level 3 weapons to Level 4 for 10,000 per upgrade. His store carries the following three weapons: Machine Sword, Machine Axe, and Machine Spear. These are all weapons wielded by machine lifeform enemies.

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

AchievementHow to unlock

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