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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Neopets on PC

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To get more time type in "custard" during the game.

Spicy juppie cheese150 np
Smoked snorkle cheese300 np
Triple mustard cheese450 np
Honey cheese600 np
Big beefy cheese750 np
Purple spotted cheese900 np
Brain cheese1050 np
Alkenore cheese1200 np
Mutated cheese1350 np
Bubbling blueberry cheese1500 np
Tyrannian dung cheese1650 np
Quadruple fudge cheese1800 np
Brick cheese1950 np
Gooey snot cheese2100 np
Peppermint cheese2250 np
Overgrown cheese2400 np
Heavy Bark Cheese2550 np
Warty Blue Cheese2700 np
Fragrant Ummagcheese Cheese2850 np
Furry Chocomint Cheese3000 np

Diseases - Cures

Achy head - Magic Goop
Bloaty Belly - Flat-u-less Tabs
Blurred vision - Wear extra thick goggles
Crick neck - Wear neck brace
Hoochie coochies - Vitamin pills
Itchy Scratchies - Itchy scratchy Cream
Grumbles - Grumble-gone tabs
Lumps - Mud bath
Neogitus - Medicinal tooth brush
Sneezles - A magic cookie
Shaky Flakys - Shaky Flaky cream


Brown - 1 Negg Tokens
Purple - 2 Negg Tokens
Green - 3 Negg Tokens
Orange - 4 Negg Tokens
Ice - 4 Negg Tokens
Pink - 5 Negg Tokens
Blue - 5 Negg Tokens
Rainbow - 6 Negg Tokens
Yellow - 6 Negg Tokens
Rainbow Vanilla - 9 Negg Tokens
Punegg - 9 Negg Tokens
Tokens Fish - 20 Negg Tokens
Fish - 50 Negg Tokens


Esophagor - To win, finish any of the quests.
Fire Faerie - Just win Gornbal
Edna - To win, finish any of her quests.
Jelly Chia - Head for the Gallery of Evil and search there.
Pants Devil - Wait for him to steal something.
Spider Grundo - Head for the Gallery of Evil and search there.

Continue down the road
Stay in the car
Run from the car in terror
Continue along the path, avoiding the old house
Keep asking questions
Head up to the house to look for the woman's baby
Investigate the noise in the bushes
Descend the steps into the dank cellar
Try to break down the boards
Read the book on history
Run back up the stairs
Continue along the corridor
Shine your torch in his face
Run down the right corridor
The end-would you like to try another route?

To get a bigger mallet type in "a5paragu5".

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