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Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed on PC

Enter multi-player mode and select the "Peer To Peer" option, but choose to race alone. You will be able to select any car on any track. | Submitted by RobertWolfe

When you want to buy a car but you do not have enough money, do not wait until you win enough for the purchase. You will not be able to get enough money to buy the good cars until the next era. For example, the Moby Dick car is $450,000 on the market in the 70s, but will be sold broken for over $2,000,000 on the used menu. The 365s in the 50's sell for between $11,000 to $13,000, but will be priced broken for over $100,000. When you are short of cash, buy the used cars, fix them up, then sell them for more. Collect money until you have enough to buy a new car.

When driving any car, there are several things to keep in mind. When the rpm reaches more than 5,100 rpm, do not attempt to make a sharp turn, or try to turn off a jump. With a vehicle with good handling (for example the 1967 911), if you feel it shaking or losing control, slowly alternate from left to right, carefully. When playing "Evolution", and the variety of cars are permitted, use a ''car compare", because the Mixed class 2/3 in the Golden Era, the 914/4 , 911S (Targa also), and the Carrera 2.7L are permitted . If you race a 914/4 in a Carerra, the chances of you winning are 9 2.4/10. Finally, it does not hurt to test drive your cars, or buy a part to see your driving abilities.

Enter the "Create Player" option from the main menu, then enter one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat function:

All cars have 933 physics - yraGyraG
Cops on most tracks in quick race mode - fuzzyfuz
Destruction Derby mode - Smash Up
Double speed in single player mode - freewill
Drive with Rally physics - Dakar
Heavier cars - fetherw8
Small R/C cars - Gulliver | Submitted by RobertWolfe

If you do not like any of the pictures when you are creating a username, you can get a cartoon picture of a man's head that has the formula one helmets. Type the name of your racer and click "Done". Take the desired image in .JPG or .BMP file format, rename it to yourname.jpg (or .bmp), where "yourname" is the name of your Porsche Unleashed character. Then, put that file in the game folder. Note: The game will resize the image as necessary. The only place where you can see that picture in single player mode is when you select your profile and on your ID in factory driver mode. However, you and everyone else will see it every time a multi-player game loads.

Start a game, create a new profile, but do not select a driver. Your driver will now have a helmet.

It works only with 996 turbo 00, Boxter 97, or the 911 Carrera RS. All you have to do is open the folder (need for speed.../game data/car data/) and change the file names of the cars. There are two types of cars each 996, 996 f, boxter, boxter f, and carrera rs. Now you have to rename them the ordinary 996 file to 996f and 996f to 996 and so on.

Purchase a used car and choose an "Overall" repair. When completed, the value of your car will be higher than the purchase price and the cost of the repairs. Sell the car, purchase another used car and repeat as needed.

Buy the used cars and fix them up. Put them back on the market and you will get more money than you would if you sold a new car. If you want even more money for the old cars, keep them until the next era and they will be worth $60,000.

To earn a profit of about $5,500 or more (depending on how far you are in Underground mode), follow these steps. Go to Underground mode and enter the "Customize Ride" menu. Then, select the "Trade" option and trade your car for a Mazda RX-7. If you already have it as your car, skip this step. Downgrade all of your performance upgrades to stock. Then, go back to the "Trade" option and trade your car for a Volkswagen Golf GTI. Then, put all of your performance upgrades back onto the Golf GTI and trade your car for the Mazda RX-7. If done correctly, you should gain a profit of at least $5,500. Repeat those steps as many times as desired. In a short time you should have at least $30,000. | Submitted by RobertWolfe

You will get various kinds of missions when playing "Factory Driver". Some of the missions involved getting Porsche cars to customers in time and without scratches. Use the following trick to avoid the police and other cars that may block you in a chase. When you driving and see the police keep the "horn" held until police lose you. This works most of the time.

This trick involves a straightaway and two equal cars. Drive side-by-side with another car and force him into the wall. He will be turning into you now. Accelerate faster so that your car will be grinding the front end of his car. Then, let your car hit the wall and get control again. If done correctly, if you look behind you your opponent will steer too far and crash into the other wall. You can also grind into his car, but this time put on the brakes so you can do a PIT maneuver to spin him out. Note: Choose the Monte Carlo Circuit 1, 4 or 5 for this trick. Also, this trick works best with Classic Era cars as they do not have as much grip as Golden or Modern cars. However, some Golden Era cars do work.

For more speed in single player mode, when you get to the player select menu, choose the create player option. Then enter this code, freewill, in the name box. When you click the done button there should be a confimation sound. | Submitted by LeviMeahan

When repairing damage to cars, do not repair the body work. When body work reaches $50,000, no more damage will be charged when you crash your car.

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