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Need for Speed 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Need for Speed 3 on PC

T to type at mean menu to enable:
Effect Code
Jaguar XJR-15 bonus car jag
El nino pursuit car - ecop
diablo pursuit car - dcop
all secret pursuit cars - newcars
all cars are fast in single race - madland
use a manuel transmission like a automatic - monkey | Submitted by FlyBoy

Type the cheats below at any menu to activate the cheat.
madland - Unknown.
rushhour - Race with lots of traffic on the road.
empire - Race on the Empire City track.
elninor - Race with the El Nino car.
merc - Race with the Mercedes CLK GTR.
gofast - Make your car go super fast in Single Race mode.
allcars - Enable all cars including Pursuit Vehicles. jag - Race with Jaguar XJR-15.

Enter these cheats at the single player menu. Then click race.

go01 -Miata
go02 -Toyota Landcruiser
go03 -Cargo Truck
go04 -BMW 5 Series
go05 -71 Plymouth Cuda
go06 -Ford Pickup with Camper Shell
go07 -Jeep Cherokee
go08 -Ford Fullsize Van
go09 -64/65 Mustang
go10 -~66 Chevy Pickup
go11 -Range Rover
go12 -School bus
go13 -Taxi - Caprice Classic
go14 -Chevy Cargo Van
go15 -Volvo Station Wagon
go16 -Sedan
go17 -Crown Victoria Cop Car
go18 -Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car
go19 -Grand Am Cop Car
go20 -Range Rover Cop Car/Ranger Vehicle
go21 -Cargo Truck (same as 03) | Submitted by AOSiNzEviL

To activate the cheat you MUST be in SINGLRACE mode. At the MAINMENU screen type GOFAST and pick the Mercedes CLK GTR and choose Hometown. Turn the opponents off and the traffic off so you can gain speed to fly right over the Cover Bridges. The cheat will allow you to fly over the second Cover Bridge. Have fun!

 | Submitted by Andrew

Type Bullhorn at the main menu, in hot pursuit. You MUST NOT BE A POLICE CRUISER. | Submitted by Ryan

On the Empire track just before the first bend to the left there is a dark alley. Go through the alley and at the end of the alley, do not follow the track just turn a little to the left and aim directly for the road works blocking off another dark alley. This will take you directly through two long steep bends. | Submitted by DesmondL.

Go to the Atlantica track, in any mode, and start the race. As you near the left-hand curve right before the dock, go clear to the right and there should be a open tunnel with wooden planks on the bottom, go through it, and it eliminates the whole curve! | Submitted by Trevor

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