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Need for Speed 2: SE

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Need for Speed 2: SE - PC

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On the main menu type "go18-go51"

To type any screen to enable
Effect Code
multicolorcar and horizon - kcjones
Slow motion - slip
chase mode - chase
smoking cow tires - mad
diffent colors - madland
increased traffic - rushhour
limousine traffic - vip
rain mode - rain
slot car mode - slot

type these codes in where your name would go, and remember use caps lock when typing these in.
EAC POWR=warrior jet power car
EAC RALY=tracks become slippery,rusty springs turns into dessert
EAC WARP=better handling aggresive opponents
EAC RALY POWR=warrior car plus slippery/dessert track
EAC RALY WARP=slippery tracks and better handling
EAC 4X4R=removes all 4x4 trucks and replaces them with cars
EAC QAQA=better stability and landing after crash
EAC SLOW=slows down the clocks speed
EAC GIMX=changes advertising graphics in race
EAC SCAR=unrecoverable car(Don't crash with this one)

K all of these cheats u put in at the main menu just type them in....
1. to get a slippery track press-silspd
2. to have the other cars crash when u honk your horn (they have to be in a straight line | ahead of u) press-roadrage
3. for the car to atomaticlly turn press-slot
4. to race at night right alfter u press race or when hold the button-n
5. for your civilian cars to go faster put in - pioneer
6. for more traffic type in-rushhour
7.type in hollywood to get a monolithic studio track

go18-51: allows you to drive various civilian cars
holly wood: opens secret track
fzr2000: super bonus car(s)
pioneer: powerful pioneer engine
rushhour: lots of traffic
schoolzone: everybody drives a schoolbus
rexhour: dino land

Begin a race on the mediterraneo or mystic peaks with the McLaren F1 in simulation mode. Drive in reverse during the race constantly blaring your horn hit any moveable object (but a sign) at 60 mph to enable the cheat. Then hit any guard rail, or any other barriers at 80 mph to jump off the track.

Enter silspd as a name after you have gotten a new track record.

After setting a track record, enter 'silspd' as your name and your car will be heavier the next time you race.

To get a NasCar Tombstone car type in Tombstone in the select car menu(don't worry about the capitals) To get an old-style car (the Bomber BFS) type in Bomber in the same menu (don't worry about the capitals). To get a jet engine (accelerate faster) type in mach1 in the main menu. The Pioneer code is better, though.

First type the vehicle co ex- GO21. Then type RUSHHOUR you one specific vehicle roaming around the map everywhere because of traffic.

Hold H during race to get a turbo boost.

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