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Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice - PC

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Repeatedly use the bathroom in Helena's and Nancy's bedroom to hear hidden dialog.

To get the bees to leave you alone when trying to pick flowers for money, buy the yellow spray item next to the flower seeds at the market. Use it to get all the bees down at the same time.

Go to the chinese box and enter:

Water (in Chinese) - Do this one last
Wood (in Chinese) - Do this one first
Fire(in Chinese) - Do this one third
Mountain (in Chinese) - Do this one second - Sent by [Kedesh]

291#*991*7012110026999*#91 - Sent by [Kedesh]

Go to the door to the left of Colin. Pick the lock using the hairpin from Nancy's bag in your closet to get an egg. This will unlock some extras at the end of the game.

You need to QUICKLY step back. - Sent by [Kedesh]

Knob 2 - Clockwise twice.
Knob 1 - Counter-clockwise twice.
Knob 3 - Clockwise twice.
Knob 5 - Counter-clockwise twice.
Knob 4 - Clockwise three times.
Knob 2 - Clockwise twice.
Knob 1 - Counter-clockwise three times.
Knob 3 - Clockwise once.
Knob 5 - Counter-clockwise once. - Sent by [Kedesh]

There are 9 different rooms in the warehouse, and the lasers are scattered in these different places. Find each laser and you'll find one of those random clicking puzzles, if you know what I mean. Once you deactivate all the lasers you'll be able to get the sapphire. - Sent by [Kedesh]

Go to the marketplace. Create a gelato scoop (in order) consisting of red (cherry), white (coconut), and green (lime) at the gelatin stand to get an Italian flag. This will unlock some extras at the end of the game.

The magazines and book stand at the plaza where you will be sent to activate your account has two magazines. One will explain how to pick a lock. The other mentions your suspect's code names, but you will need the German dictionary to read it, as well as the post cards your roommate has laying around.

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