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Myst IV Revelation

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Myst IV Revelation on PC

You find an incomplete "chess-board" in the fireplace-elevator, which will take you down to the two books:

Numbering the fields on the incomplete "chess-board" starting at the bottom far left corner, left to right = 1 to 8, then next row 9 to 16 etc.... ending up with No. 48 in the upper far right corner field:

Try pressing: 9-34-6-16-30-19-20 | Submitted by Silke

This is a complete walkthrough for spire, the fastest way to do it without explaining how i figured it out.

goto the first switch set it to 7 lights
(right left right left right)

go up to the other one and set it to 2 lights
(left right right)

go back down go in the ship and go across
go down the hole
click the green rock in the wheel
turn the wheel
go back up
goto the other switch machine
set all the lights on
(right right left right left)

get in the ship go back across
set the switch to 1 light instead of 7
(left right left right left)

go up and set that one to one as well
(right left right)

go down the slide to the chair
hit button
pull the handle all the way down
hit the EEE then the button
once down set gears to 4 3 7 (the setting that its in is considered 1 so pull the gear down 3 2 6 if
that makes it easier
go back up

set the 3 switch in this order as fast as you can (wait for the crystal the shack in the middle before attempting the next one)

8 12 4
3 1 7
10 5 5
12 12 12

if you do it fast enough your out..

goto the switch on the right turn it to the keyhole figure
goto the tubes and push the container between to the left
go back to the chair
hit the button and set it to 12 12 12
after explotion goto where the rock was and your on the elevator.

hit the swtich goto the top look at the circle and take a picture of the colors, your done. | Submitted by Catherine

Myst IV

Working on it, far from being through.

Yeesha takes you to the entrance area ("EA"), of what I call "home, you meet Atrus there, who leaves after the power break-down.
Note the map of the "home"-world at the wall of EA. Look around.
Take the elevator (note the symbole for elevator (round dot up) down (only one floor at the moment) to main level.

Home - Main Level:
Three round pavillons, in one with banana-tree(?) you can climb down a ladder and see the family-tree in D'Ini writing (better revisit after you fixed electricity / power). The one in the middle (work-room, "WR", holds the heatable bull-eyed greenery, - and the electricity-box. Forth pavillon is parents bedroom "PBR". Living-room and kitchen "LR" on other side of water across, then across water to the left Yeesha's room, "YR". PBR and YR have a lower level.

Work-Room "WR"- pavillon:
Turn on electricity (spoiler)
Note the 6 symbols left to right: 1) dot near the middle = tram over water (properly powerded with 9 lights, 1 green + 8 white 2) dot down = Stove in kitchen (kitchen + living-room, "LR" on the other side of the water) 3) dot left and 4) dot right = switches for water-turbines down in the base, now pink (= not properly powered) 5) dot up = elevator 6) three dots = heatable geenery in WR.
Play around the with eletricity-box. (I visited the turbines first, switched of the two turbines there. Was that a good idea?) There are a total of 15 lamps lit. 9 for the tram + 6 for the elevator. I switched round the lights until I had both turbines proberly powered, each with full amount of white lamps plus one geen on top (no red on top lit). Then I switched back on the turbines.

Either I overdid it with the power or there was an earthquake: The walkway between the three pavillons and PBR broke down and it was night. All power worked fine though. Took the elevator all the way down and used the tram to get to the PBR and on from there to the LR and YR.

How to get to the lower level in YR
She's got a bookshelf, you need to push 5 book in the prober order. Find the clue for it on the family tree. Note the D'Ini alphabet in LR, note Yeesha's practice spelling her name on paper.

Spoiler: 8 books top row left to right: 3 is Sirrus, 6 is Cathrin, 8 is Achenar. Lower row 4 is Atrus, 6 is Yeesha. Push-order by age of persons.

Lower Level under PBR:
Yeesha disappears in the fireplace. Follow her. Note the board. Great fun. I tried forming a semi-chess board. Wrong.
Spoiler: Switch on the lamps in the PBR, the clue pattern will be projected. The pushe one will remain unchanged, the 4 up, down, left and right change.

I went to Sirrus' place first.
At the moment back from my sail to the the outer palace and down in the chair trying to get the music part right.
Any hints how that's done?
More hints to Sirrus place later - or perhaps if you want to ask? Get tired of typing.

Game is great fun, I must say! | Submitted by Silke

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