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Monster Truck Madness 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Monster Truck Madness 2 on PC

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To turn the damage for your truck off or on you only need to push the "X" key on a keyboard. Not type the whole word "TREX". | Submitted by WayneW.

While racing type in frame.

Drive on the Scrapyard Run track and drive until reaching a set of railroad tracks. Turn left at the tracks and follow them until the drive-in movie theater appears on the right.

After you have started farm road 29, and go past the 3rd checkpoint, you immediately will make a hard left onto the railroad tracks. Then you can go the length of the tracks by driving on the left side of the tracks or driving on the tracks until you see the 4th checkpoint on your left.You must drive on the left side of the tracks when a train is coming because you will get stuck on the opposite side of the 4th checkpoint if you don't. If you do this correctly, you can shave as much as seven seconds off your lap time.

First, select the weather as snow and the track as Breakneck Ridge. Then, go to the large lake in the center of the course and in the middle you will find a giant hockey puck. You can go in multi-player and play with the goals and keep score.

In any track with a train in it drive your truck exactly perpendicular to the tracks with your back tires resting on the rails. Wait until the the long train comes along (there are two of them, the short one is only like 5 cars long) and it should pass right through you. After the engines pass hold down the accelerator and as soon as the last train car passes through the truck you will go careening a hundred feet in the air!!! (The longer you can hold the accelerator before the jump the higher you will go) | Submitted by Steve

For the Moster Weelie go to driver check-in and change the from Rookie or Intermediate to Professional.Then in th garage change your tire cut to shallow and your suspension to soft.While racing on any track go over any jump that gives you a few seconds of air.when you are in air hold down the brake/reverse key until you land. When you land you front end should stay in the air as long as yooou holding the brake/reverse key. | Submitted by Jake

First set up your truck and then go to the Excavation. Next when you started the race switch your map on and then go to the loop right before you jump to the straightaway. When you are there you will see a temple, go around the temple until you see the brightest side. when you find it you will see a opening, go in side of it but before you do go to the right or the left to get in, you can't go stright. To get out push "H" to activate the helicopter.

While racing on Sidewinder Canyon race to the 4th checkpoint. Go past the bridge and make a quick right going through the barricades to the right. Follow the dirt path and stop after the first bridge and make a right onto another bridge. follow that bridge to the end and you will see a checkpoint that will say "pit". Go through the checkpoint and follow the on screen instructions and you'll get the track. | Submitted by Bushman

Open the file monster.ini or monster.INI and find the following:

torture pit track=000

Change to the following:

torture pit track=666 | Submitted by Shoot'nRacer

While racing type TREX.

While racing, type ''gameoverman''

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