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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for MechQuest running on PC


Cheats & Hints for MechQuest - PC

Go to the front of the ship and ask the pilot to let you drive. One drive is about one minute. You will get 10 experience points each time you drive. Also, shoot asteroids to get a few extra credits.

Make sure you have a strong and endurable mech, such the Wolfblade, then fly to GEARS University. When you get there, run across to the big spider web. This will start a battle sequence with a huge spider. It is level 8 and does 21 standard damage. After defeating it you will get 80 experience points and 500 gold. Repeat this as many times as desired.

When you get to the city, take the exam. Defeat the Hot Dog then eject. You should gain some credits and experience points. Repeat this as many times as needed.

If you are a Star Captain an easy way to make money is to get your rank at the police station to 29 so that you can fight with Kerberos. Each time you defeat him you will get 100 experience points and 500 credits.

Go to the Magic Shop and press the button at the beginning. After that, get the Perfect Ghost Catcher at the Nova Gem shop. This makes it very easy to catch the ghosts. Each ghost you catch is worth 25 experience points and 250 credits. If you think you can do the hospital job, it results in even more credits and experience.

Join the Wolf Blade House and do the labyrinth. If you kill all the enemies you will get about 3,000 in credits. If you do it without killing, you will get about 1,000 credits and 50 experience points.

Go to the hospital and start the mission, don't do the helicopter minigame. Fight monsters: 400 credits, but I recommend Autopsey, you get 500 credits and 100 EXP if you make no mistakes.

To win every battle you enter, get the smoky flamethrower and only use that weapon. It will wipe out almost any enemy.

Go to Almania's Town Hall. Do the Catch a Theft Mission. Once you get to the end of the train you'll put on a armor. Don't complete the mission. While during the mission with the suit on click options and hometown. And there you go. Its temporary though.

Buy an Battle Hammer then go to the police station and finish it when done, buy the Silver crossbow. then go to the Soluna Town then click the shops(not Tek Mechs) then buy lava blaster and Plasma Pulsar. Then go to the University then Houses then go to your house: WolfBlade, RuneHawk or MystRaven then the Pandora's Labyrinth mission.

Go to the front door and open it. Keep repeating this and eventually you will get a temporary helm.

Use the following trick to get a Star Wars-type lightsaber. Buy or get a blade. Buying one makes it stronger; for example, use the Brute Blade. Log out then back in. Equip the blade. Go to Energy Blade 101. With blade equipped, wear a uniform. Note: If you change uniforms afterwards it will not work. You now have a "lightsaber".

When you attack or shoot the first drone for the university exam, it will automatically die. However, doing this will cost you some energy for the next drone fight. If you click "Skip", the drone will explode itself and you will keep full energy for the next drone fight after Starbuck is startled by you beating his score.

Use the flame thrower, double auto gun, and n-oob (4x) on a mech. This is the best weapon configuration for your first mech.

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