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Maple Story

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Maple Story on PC

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Confused What People Are Saying? Here's common abbreviations:

S> = Selling
T> = Trading
B> = Buying
wb = Welcome Back
MM = Mush Mom
ZMM = Zombie Mush Mom
Dit = Bandit
Brb = Be Right Back [Short Period]
Afk = Away From Keyboard [Long Period]
Sin = Assassin
Pap = Papulatius Clock
Hpq = Henesys Party Quest
Cpq = Carnival Party Quest
Kpq = Kerning Party Quest
Lpq = Ludibrum Tower Party Quest
Ppq = Herb Town Party Quest
Apq = Ariant Party Quest
Opq = Orbis Party Quest
Zpq = Zakum Party Quest
Gpq = Guild Party Quest
Nett's/PyPQ = Nett's Pyramid
Himes = Dreamy Ghost ("Himes" is the original name, Japanese for "Princess")

Press [Alt] + [Tab] to switch out of the game without exiting. Start Windows Notepad, then hold [Alt] and type 0610 on the [Keypad]. Highlight the square character that appears and press [Ctrl] + C to copy it. Press [Alt] + [Tab] to switch back to Maple Story and go to the speech bar. Press [Ctrl] + V after any word you enter and a space will appear. Then, type in a censored word and it will no longer be blocked.

Now this is a tip for Levels 40+, find a party or create a party with people 40+, you should have a Spear-man or a Fighter, Spear mans for Hyperbody, and Fighters for rage, also have a sin because they should have Critical Throw maxed, and also get a bowman, they have Critical Shot maxed around level 20, and they have strong dexterity with strong attack. | Submitted by Jackie

First if you get in, you should have a party of 3 or 4, including yourself, you should go to room 4 for practice, this field is best for almost all jobs. When you get to level 45+, go to room 5-6 and kill rombots, you should get a decent amount of Carnival points. When you're in battle, kill a bunch of monsters until you reach 200 Carnival Points, don't summon anything until you have 200 points, this means the points you gained, not the points your team gained in total. Then mass [Spam] summon Protectors, press f1 f2 f3 f4........ That just wastes your opponents time, and they have to take down the pillars. If they summon back, tell your party mates to summon Master Chronos, and take down the pillars. | Submitted by Jackie

Go to channel 1 (or any) then look for someone buying fame, sometimes they buy fame for 40k each, so here's whacha do but you need 3 characters lvl 15+ and sell the buyer fame for 40k on each character. Do this over and over ever day and in 10 days (if you are successful) 1.2M because 3 characters x 40k = 120k x 10 days you can get 1.2 Mil. With that money you should buy tobis for 900k and sell for 1.1M then you should have 1.3M and keep buying tobis for 900kish and sell them then eventualy you will have enough for steelys, ilbis and hwabis.Good luck, mate. | Submitted by john

Ok first. u go to the warrior town called perion. then u go threw the portal on the east side of town. then u keep going until u fall. there will be a long rope. but DO NOT go up it. then there will be a dungeon door rite next to it. after u see the door. u need to go threw. then wen u get threw it u will see it has 3 floors. go to any of them. and a ton of high lvs will not pick up there gold and items,etc. but beware i recomend u are AT LEAST lvl 10 before u go there. becus there are wild boars and axe stumps. | Submitted by Fallen

Code - Effect

Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Up - Turns your screen right side up
Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Down - Turns your screen upside down

If you're low on mesos, this cheat is for you.

1-During the maplestory anniversary, there will be giant slimes around every town, and there will be on at ellinia and kerning mostly. Ellinia- Go to the slime tree and wait for the or change channels to find the king slime, kill it and it will drop cakes, YOU MUST PICK THEM UP!!! Save about 50 of them and sell them at FM for 10k each, but if nobody is buying, go to the NPC's and sell them for around 3-5k each cake, 50 of them should be around 300-500k. If you have around 4 sets of 50 cakes, how does 1.2-2m sound for you?

2-This one, you should have good armor for this cheat. Go to the ant tunnel 1;channel 1; there will be around 10 people killing zombie mushrooms and horny mush caps for fun, some don't pick up their drops. Pick them up by holding the pick up button, you should have around 5k in 3minutes.

This one should be fairly easy, go KPQing. You should not be a leader unless you know how, fast click, and you CAN kill the king slime. When you're in, you should know what to do. At the end you should get a decent prize, or a crappy prize like ores if you didn't work hard. You should get prizes like... Bamboo hats- Sell for around 15k each, unless you want to keep the one that is right for your job. Potions- Keep them if you are low on them, or sell them at the NPC if you have tons. Ores-Useless if you're not making equips or sort. I will be making a lv 30+ to getting money soon. | Submitted by Jackie

Here I am again, this cheat is for lv30+.

Doing CPQ is the best choice, first go to spiegelmann at kerning or orbis/ludibrium. Then find a party with a spearman, cleric, crossbowman, or a dexless assassin. When you get into the party, ask if you can battle in room 4/5, or room 1/2. Those two rooms mostly drop coins, pick up the coins but leave some the your other party mates because they will get mad and boot(expel) you from the party. Exchange the coins via Spiegelmann, I recommend exchanging for a Gephart, you can find it under thief equips. | Submitted by Jackie

If you are short on mesos and have some time to spare you could try this trick.First, you create a new character. Roll the dice so that its STR is high. Start training but don't buy equipment. As job advancement take warrior and continue training until you reach lvl 15. By now you will have gathered a lot of money. Store it with Mr. Wang, or one of his brothers, it doesn't matter which one. Now, switch back to your original character and collect the money from Mr. Wang.
(NOTE: You have to make the character on the same server or the trick won't work) | Submitted by Shinigami

Press [Alt] + [Tab] to minimize the game. You may have to press them more than once.

If you are a level 15 to 19 Warrior, go to Kerning City and do all of Nella's Quest. After you complete all of them, she will give you level 20 Warrior Gloves and Venom.

Press E and clock on "Pet Info". Double click pet HP to log off Maple Story easily.

After logging off at Orbis Tower (any floor), at Orbis, re-log into MapleStory. The theme music will continue to play when you return to Orbis Tower after logging in. Note: This will stop if you leave Orbis Tower.

First of all, I recommend doing MCPQ when you are level 33, all jobs. If you're a sin- Get a 4+ work glove and Tobis if you're well-funded. Get a 3+ work glove and kumbis if you're semi-funded. If you're a warrior- Either you should be a Fighter or a Spearman, when you get to level 45 you should at least have Rage [Fighter] maxed, or Hyper Body [Spearman] maxed.
Bowman-Basically, you just need +2 arrows, and maxed critical shot. Magician- Cleric- Heal should be maxed first because you need to heal your party mates. Then maybe holy arrow, or follow your Cleric guide. You can find Cleric guides on Google or Yahoo! Ice/Lightning, sometimes I don't recommend this job but I chose it before CPQ came out. But DEFINITELY MAX OUT COLD BEAM FIRST! Cold Beam is the strongest attack to use for CPQ, lightning bolt won't do much, you would only hit around 40's and 50's at lv 40. Fire/Poison- Definitely my favorite Magician job. Max out fire arrow first because when you're around level 40, you should have a decent amount of damage. How does 900-1000 magic attack sound at level 40? | Submitted by Jackie

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