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Madden NFL 07

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Madden NFL 07 on PC

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When you think one of your players may be injured on offense, hurry the play up and they will get back up.

Enter one of the following codes at the user records screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.


When starting Hall Of Fame mode, certain parents will give you large boosts in key stats. If you want a receiver that is very fast, look for a hall of fame WR father with the note "He was the Randy Moss of his time". You should end up with 95 or higher speed. If you want a fast quarterback, look for a Pro Bowl or Hall of Fame QB father with the note "He was the Michael Vick of his time". You will be insanely fast and have good throwing power. Note: Do not chose a father with the note "He was his era's Tom Brady." He will be extremely slow (55 or less speed) and not be able to outrun anyone.

On the conversion go for a field goal move the mouse up and click for the audible and the move the mouse left and click it should be a shotgun and the run it in with your quarter back or before you get sack pass easy 2 points. | Submitted by abi

The following is an easy way to earn Madden Tokens to get Madden Cards fast. Play a Two Minute Drill after going to the rosters to change some player stats. It does not matter which team you change the stats to, just make them very good. For example, if you go to the Saints, make the entire offensive line very good. Then, do the same for the fullback and halfback. Then go a team you plan to go against in the Two Minute Drill. Go to their defense and make their speed and awareness very low for all the defensive players. Once done, go to Two Minute Drill. Select how many players you want, set the difficulty to All-Madden, then make sure your profile shows up to the left side of the teams you selected. If you plan to run against the defense, try a HB toss to run on the outside. If you pass, throw Hail Marys the entire time. Your receiver that was made very good should burn the defensive backs, more so if you make them very tall and skinny. They can make jump catches all the time. For some reason, running the ball for touchdowns gives you more points, so mix it up.

Set the game difficulty to "All-Madden". Then, go into the AI settings and set all of the human stats (QB Accuracy, O-line Pass Blocking, etc.) to the maximum. Next, set all the CPU stats to the lowest. Set the quarters to five minutes and choose a team with a good running back, such as Seattle or Washington. It will still be difficult to pass even with the CPU stats as low as they are. You should be able to rack up well over 500 rushing yards. You should get over 700 Madden Tokens per game.

If you have the AFC Hall Of Fame team, select them. Set the other team as the one of the worst teams. Have long quarters and use the goal line defense. You should get lots of sacks. When you are on offense, throw Hail Marys to one player until he has 200 or 300 yards, then throw to another player until he has the same. Get as many points as possible and do not let them have any. The higher difficulties result in more tokens.

Try blitzing on first and second downs but not on the third down. Your opponent may be used to rushing his throws and throw the ball right into your coverage.

If you choose a 4-3 or a 3-4 defense against any team, select a play in which you blitz all your linebackers and have your defensive backs cover the receivers. This works about 90% of the time. You will average at least five sacks per game.

Use the following choices with a base 4-3 defense. This defense covers basically all holes that most defenses have and will normally prevent any long runs or long pass plays against you.

SS: Ed Reed (Reed is better at the SS position than FS)
FS: Brain Dawkins (another great FS option is Sean Taylor if you want a younger player)
CB1: Champ Bailey (another great CB1 option is Deangelo Hall if you want a younger player)
CB2: Marcus Trufant
MLB: Brian Urlacher
LOLB: Shawne Merriman (he is the youngest and the highest rated player)
ROLB: Lance Briggs (Joey Porter is another good choice but Lance Briggs is younger)
DT1: Casey Hampton (great strength and run stopping ability)
DT2: Tommie Harris (pass rushing and tackling ability)
RE: Dwight Freeney (only disadvantage is his size but his skills match up to that of Julius Peppers)
LE: Julius Peppers

The following is the ideal offensive team.

QB: Peyton Manning
RB: LaDainian Tomlinson
WR: Chad Johnson
WR: Steve Smith
WR: Marvin Harrison
OL: Ogden, Faneca, Sapp, Pace, Rivera
TE: Dallas Clark

Use the following team for Franchise mode.

QB: V. Young
HB: L. Johnson
FB: M. Alsott
WR: T. Owens, K. Curtis
TE: J. Witten
LB: B. Urlacher, A.J. Hawk
CB: D. Hall, I. Taylor, T. Hill
DT: T. Washington
FS, SS: R. Williams
DE: W. Smith

Use the following trick to keep a good player under the salary cap for a long time. When signing players, sign them for seven years. Give them nothing for a signing bonus. Give them the minimum they will accept for the seven year contract. Your player will then have a seven year contract with the same salary for those seven years. The salary cap will go up every year but their salary will remain the same, so you will actually have more room under the cap for your other players over the following years. When drafting a rookie, also sign him for seven years. Give him $70,000 for bonus and give him the minimum for the contract. By doing this, you will also save on the rookies for a long time. Once in a while your players will holdout but it is worth it in the long run. If you get fed up with your higly paid player or get a better one cheaper, you will be charged nothing in penalty the following season.

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