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Learn to Fly 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Learn to Fly 3 on PC

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If you hold the 3 in the 'Learn to Fly 3' logo for a couple seconds when the 'Play' button appears it will instead say 'Modes Unlocked' on top of it and all the modes in the game will be available to play.

Go into the Black Market, scroll to your far right and you can see in the background an arcade game that says "dodo invaders". Click on it to open the mini game.

What you need... Omega Penguin, Orbital Cannon, Omega Boosters x3, Fuel Canister, Shuttle Reactor x4, and time (15mins or so).

How I done this was to play classic mode, reason being, no obstacles or wind. You will want to have a completed the mode and saved up a fair sum of cash first.

Once you acquire all the necessary items at Max Level +30 you are good to go. All BP upgrades are at the standard max level, i.e +3 upgrade purchases (Before you unlock them to go further).

The reason Orbital cannon is used, is because it is one of the few launchers that launch directly up in classic mode, so once you get a good (green) launch, you will launch in a straight path into the air, now you just wait. Since no wind or obstacles, you don't need to move at all.

Once the stages run out, you will need to use your Omega Boosters 1 at a time, you should hit 10M height with approx half fuel left for you're 3rd and last omega booster.

I tried this with many different combos and this was the one that worked for me. It may be easier if you have unlocked Omega Stages/Launchers already, but this worked for me for what I've currently unlocked.

Pro Tip: Once stages run out, press the number 1 on keyboard and hold to use booster, then while holding, hit shift+Tab to open Steam overlay, let go of the numb key, then shift tab again to enter back into game. (If settings are standard the game won't pause, and it will register the key as being held). Now feel free to alt tab and do what ever you want, go make a sandwich, make a coffee etc. Just make sure to keep checking every min or two to check your fuel, and repeat each time for each stage.

There are no pre-recorded records to beat it, so you'll have to make your own high score.

Enter these codes under Extras > Redeem Code.


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