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PC - Hitman: Codename 47 screenshot

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Hitman: Codename 47

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Hitman: Codename 47 on PC

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Type 'Kim Bo Kastekniv' as your profile name, you'll get instant access to all missions.

If you create a new profile and name it Kim Bo Kastekniv, you'll start out with all weapons available, plus a load of cash.

Take your time and pay close attention to what everyone is doing the first few times you attempt a mission. Once you get the hang of it and can guess what equipment you'll need, tackle it for real.

On the first mission (training), walk through the stage until you come across the dummy which you do target practice on. Go in the next room with the guns, pick one up, and shoot the dummy. It will bleed and have marks on it just like a human.

Open up your Hitman.ini file located in your hitman directory. Add the line 'enableconsole 1' to the file. When playing a mission simply hit the '~' key. Types any of these codes for the desired effect:

Cheat Code - Granted Wish

god 1 - God Mode
giveall - All Weapons with Max Ammo
infammo - Unlimited Ammo
invisible - 1 Invisibility

Complete all the objectives in a mission, then press [F1] to display the mission status screen. Press [Esc] when the "Success" message is displayed to return to the game. Repeat these steps to collect the mission reward multiple times.

Start on The Massacre At Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant level. Equip the shotgun with at least 10 shots, body armor, and anything else you desire. When you start the level, you will hear the man behind you say "Oh no!" or something similar, because you have the shotgun in your left hand. You can shoot him, if desired. Turn back around and head down the street towards the fish restaurant. You should see a man running for his life on the other side. Once you reach the restaurant, face the door and walk to the right window (the side of the building where there is only one window, not two). Position yourself so that you have a clear shot at the bartender. Use the shotgun and break the window. The bartender by this time will have pulled out his sawed-off shotgun. This is the gun you want to get. Shoot him before he shoots you. If done correctly, the bartender will fly up and over the counter, bringing his gun with him. Sometimes he will just throw his gun over. Get the gun. Note: He may occasionally be able to throw the gun through the wall, and it will end up in the kitchen. Once you have the sawed-off shotgun, go through the kitchen and to the outside. Turn all the way around to your left and head down the small alley. You should see the chef walking across the street as if he had escaped successfully. Shoot him with any weapon. This should get the attention of the cops. Have them chase you back down the alley you came from (the one with the window you can climb in to get into the bathroom). You should see a yellow dumpster in front of you against the far wall. Let the cops see you standing next to it, then get behind it so you are standing next to one of the small gray "trash cans". If done correctly, the cops will run to the other side and then run toward the dumpster. Somehow they will end up on top of the dumpster and will be shooting down at you. Aim the sawed-off shotgun aim at the cop's chest and fire. You need to be close to the cop for this to work. If done correctly, he will go flying about 100 hundred feet high and 100 feet away. Sometimes they will hit the building across from the fish restaurant. There are about eight cops in this level, including the chief. If one of the cops ends up going up and over the dumpster and stands in front of you, just shoot him there. They will end up in the dumpster.

Get a rifle (e.g. AK 47) and a handgun (e.g. Desert Eagle). First, holster your rifle. Then, take out your pistol. Next, reload your handgun, quickly arm your rifle, and take out your handgun again before the reloading ends. Your rifle should now be hidden in your suit. Once you arm the rifle again, you have to repeat the process to hide it.

1- Use "Fibrwire" when you walk or use it when you are in sneak mode.
2- Use any knife weapons at the back of your enemy it's faster than fibr.
3- Use silenced/suppressed guns with shoot a bullet into the head of enemy.

Remember if you use silent kills you will fall into trouble less than other killings. | Submitted by HamzehGhanbariNehbandani

In the Traditions Of The Trade level where you have to kill one of the brothers in the sauna, there is a way to kill the same person twice. Bring a weapon into the sauna once Mr. Speedo enters the Sauna. Kill him with whatever you want, but do not kill him with the steam. Leave his body in the room and leave the sauna. Besides the sauna door is the knob you where supposed to turn to kill him. Turn the knob and an intermission sequence will show him alive, well and sweaty again, but shortly to die once more.

Start the Say Hello To My Little Friend level, and go around to the right instead of to the left. You will pass the house (from outside the fence) in which Pablo is in (second floor, in the room closet to you). After you are just slightly to right of the house (on the outside of the fence), you can snipe Pablo in the head and kill him with one shot, which is much easier then fighting him normally.

Start the Say Hello To My Little Friend level, and go to where he is located. Get behind him and make sure you have the knife ready. You can slit his throat and it will end the battle.

After killing a person, shoot them repeatedly, press [Esc], then click "OK". The bullet holes will stay for a longer period of time.

When you have completed all the mission objectives, don''t exit yet. Instead, press F1 for the mission status screen to appear.

When the "succes" message appears press ESC to go back to the game. Then repeat the process.

Each time you will be paid the reward for the mission.

This trick will let you have up to 15 rounds in any gun.

1. Make sure that you have a Beretta 92 in your inventory.
2. Select the gun you want to have 15 rounds in, and make sure that is the ONLY thing you are holding.
3. Drop the gun on the floor.
4. Take out your Beretta 92 and pick up the gun you just dropped.
5. You will be holding both guns at the same time, and you will have 15 rounds in both guns since they always shoot together.

When you have completed all the mission objectives, don't exit yet. Instead, press F1 for the mission status screen to appear. When the "success" message appears press ESC to go back to the game. Then repeat the process. Each time you will be paid the reward for the mission.

Press [Scroll Lock] during game play to move in slow motion. Note: Aiming is not effected by the speed change.

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