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This achievement can be rushed in the very beginning of the game by starting the new scenario using customized option Full Deck. But after the tutorial you wouldn't have any character that has all five cards slots opened, so it would be also necessary to complete the first tactical mission after tutorial. Then Father would have all five card slots available in the character screen and all you need it to select five cards from the same column for him and add joker card. Achievement would pop-up once you accept the card selection. | Submitted by Neto

If you unequip the weapons to a character, he/she will start the tactical encounters with the Rusty Peashooter - a very bad handgun. To get this achievement, complete a tactical encounter firing ONLY with the Rusty Peashooter - you can have a character with other weapons in hand, but it's important that you NEVER shoot with these weapons. It's easy to get, specially if you play on easy - some damage enhancers (with cards combination, or equipment) are however really recommended to boost the damage of these rusty handguns. | Submitted by Neto

Practically you can get this achievement naturally while playing the game, but if you wish to rush for it, it can be done playing the first mission of the first scenario (Hard Times), just decline the tutorial and play on your own trying to shoot as many enemies through the tents as you can (after mission is failed or complete, just restart the scenario again). I believe you can also get the achievement by completing the tutorial 10 times, as it assumes one "blind shot" during education. | Submitted by Neto

This one is easy and can be achieved in the very first tactical mission of the first scenario (Hard Times), if you disable the tutorial and shoot the thug with the first action without moving. If the shot fails, restart the mission. | Submitted by Neto

When you are controlling the Dr. Gorman, you will encounter a location named "Maple Falls", where you can find an unbeatable dice player who will bet his head (literally X-D) to a game. Buy the "Loaded Dice" at the store and play with them (there is a specific option on "Maple Falls") and you will get his head... and this achievement. | Submitted by Neto

Each killed enemies on a combat encounter will give you five Ether - so you need to kill fifteen enemies to get this achievement. In the mission where Dr. Gorman and Phineas must defend the laboratory from the cultists the enemies are endless, so use this mission to get this achievement. | Submitted by Neto

"Equalization" is the card ability of the Ten of Diamonds: cost sixty luck, reduce EVERY character's HP to 1 - yours and enemies. To get this achievement, you must use this ability on the first combat turn of any mission and finish it. It's easier than it sounds, because even if you cannot use items to restore your character's HP, you can use abilities. The hand bonus "Straight" (the sequence of cards 9-10-J-Q-K or 10-J-Q-K-A, the jokers can replace any card of the sequence), give you HP regeneration, so after using Equalization, you can simply wait under cover to regenerate and then go to slaughter all you enemies.

Another useful ability is "Shadow Salve", the ability of the Jack of Diamonds, that give you health regeneration when you're not in direct sunlight - inside a building, or in the shadows, it's like the "Straight" hand bonus, but using only a single card. Personally speaking, I got this achievement in the last mission of the first campaign (using the tunnel), with a character with the Straight bonus and another with the Shadow Salve. At the beginning of this mission you are inside your house, without any enemies on sight (they will arrive soon however, so move any character away from the door), so you can use Equalization without any problem, and then wait that your characters with regeneration fill they health bars. | Submitted by Neto

To get this achievement, you must first unlock the ability to purchase the Canon Calavera. Simply defeat Joaquim Perez and do the extra tasks in the second mission of A Matter of Time and you will be able to buy his gun from the Fate Trader. Play a second run through of the campaign, purchase the Canon Calavera and defeat him again while using the gun as the killing blow. | Submitted by Neto

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

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