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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PC

Successfully complete the game with a 100% game completion. CJ will get a stats boost, extra money, and a Rhino and Hydra will be delivered to CJ's house on Grove Street.

Get First place at the Dirt ring race Las Venturas Stadium.

In the "Sunset Strip" area ,you can see a train car parked off the street (near the hill that you drive up to get to Mad Dog's mansion). This is supposed to be Carney's, the burger joint that is actually on the real Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Additionally, earlier in the game, across the street where you meat Tenpenny (at a donut shop) for a mission, look at the wall across the street. You can see an advertisement for "Blob Music", which is a reference to Amoeba Music which can be found in Hollywood, Berkeley, and San Francisco. The design looks almost identical to that of the real business.

In the opening sequence before you start the game (with the game credits), watch the pictures that are shown. In one picture is a building in Vinewood. This is a reference to the Capitol Records building in Hollywood. The building in the game is located somewhere in Vinewood.

Some of the safe houses you can purchase have a familiar picture of adult film star Candy Suxxx on the wall, who originally appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

While playing a game or at the pause menu, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, the message "Cheat Activated" will appear.

Effect - Code

Adrenaline effects - munasef
Aggressive traffic - ylteicz
All cars have nitrous - speedfreak
Always 00:00 or 12:00 - xjvsnaj
Always 21:00 - ofviac
Armor, health, and money - hesoyam
Beach party theme - cikgcgx
Beater traffic - bgkgtjh
Black traffic - iowdlac
Bounty on your head - bagowpg
Carnival theme - crazytown
Cars fly away - bsxsggc
City in chaos - iojufzn
CJ jumps higher - kangaroo
Cloudy weather - alnsfmzo
Commit suicide - szcmawo
Deadly vehicle - jcnruad
Destroy all cars - cpktnwt
Fast motion - speeditup
Flying boats - flyingfish
Flying cars - ripazha
Foggy weather - cfvfgmj
Gangs and workers - mroemzh
Gangs only - bifbuzz
Hitman level in all weapons - professionalkiller
Infinite ammunition - fullclip
Infinite health - baguvix
Invisible cars - xicwmd
Kinky theme - bekknqv
Lower wanted level - asnaeb
Manual weapon control in cars - ouiqdmw
Massive BMX bunny hops - cjphonehome
Maximum fat - btcdbcb
Maximum lung capacity - cvwkxam
Maximum muscle - buffmeup
Maximum respect - worshipme
Maximum sex appeal - helloladies
Maximum vehicle skills - naturaltalent
No fat or muscle - kvgyzqk
No hunger - aeduwnv
Pedestrians are Elvis - bluesuedeshoes
Pedestrians attack with guns - bgluawml
Pedestrians have weapons - foooxft
Pedestrians riot - ajlojyqy
Perfect handling - pggomoy
Pink traffic - llqpfbn
Raise wanted level - osrblhh
Recruit anyone into gang with guns - sjmahpe
Recruit anyone into gang with rocket launcher - zsoxfsq
Reduced traffic - ghosttown
Rural theme - bmtpwhr
Rural traffic - fvtmnbz
Sandstorm weather - cwjxuoc
Six star wanted level - bringiton
Slow motion - slowitdown
Spawn Bloodring Banger - cqzijmb
Spawn Caddy - rzhsuew
Spawn Dozer - eegcyxt
Spawn Hunter - ohdude
Spawn Hydra - jumpjet
Spawn Jetpack - rocketman
Spawn Monster - monstermash
Spawn Parachute - aiypwzqp
Spawn Quad - akjjyglc
Spawn Racecar - pdnejoh
Spawn Racecar - vpjtqwv
Spawn Rancher - jqntdmh
Spawn Rhino - aiwprton
Spawn Romero - aqtbcodx
Spawn Stretch - celebritystatus
Spawn Stunt Plane - urkqsrk
Spawn Tanker - amomhrer
Spawn Trashmaster - truegrime
Spawn Vortex - kgggdkp
Speed up time - ysohnul
Sports car traffic - gusnhde
Rainy weather - auifrvqs
Stormy weather - mghxyrm
Sunny weather - afzllqll
Super punches - iavenjq
Taxi missions completed - vkypqcf
Traffic lights remain green - zeiivg
Very sunny weather - icikpyh
Wanted level never increases - aezakmi
Weapons (tier 1) - lxgiwyl
Weapons (tier 2) - kjkszpj
Weapons (tier 3) - uzumymw
Yakuza theme - ninjatown

Note: The "Drive on water" and "Pimping missions completed" codes are not available in the PC version of the game.

Just before you sneak past Madd Dogg, he will say "Tanner you suck! damn you, Refractions, how could you mess up so bad?!" This is a reference to DRIV3R, only they changed "Reflections" to "Refractions".

Beat the score of 25 at the Dirt Ring.

Bring a fire truck from another location into Angel Pine, then start the mission. This should be easier than doing it in Los Santos, San Fierro, the desert, or Las Venturas. When you do it at this location, and you are stuck on a cliff that you cannot get up (for example, if the burning car is on the freeway), take your time by taking the long way. You should only use this method if you have at least three minutes or more time remaining. Note: All fires will not always appear in Angel Pine, as they may also happen in Whetstone or other nearby places. Although this sounds difficult, there are not that many roads near the Angel Pine area which actually makes it easier to complete. If the fire truck gets severely damaged, enable the "Health" code.

Go to Angel Pine, which is located in southeast area of the main map. In the northeast part of Angel Pine is a medical building with an Ambulance next to it. Get in it and start the missions. All the victims will appear in the city, which is very small. The farthest person will only be about ten seconds away from the drop off point. You can complete the missions in less then ten minutes by doing this. Also, the cops do not appear very often, allowing your wanted level to remain low. Additionally, do the Paramedic mission in the Angel Pine area. Start the missions. All injured people that must be taken to the hospital will be in the crowded town. Unlike the fire truck missions if done in this town, this mission has all the people in one place. Once you complete this mission, you will your health increased to 150. This is a also very good reward because you can jump from the highest place in the game without dying from the fall. Note: If you have the parachute in your inventory, you will die.

Use the Rhino to complete the vigilante missions easier. Additionally, start the mission, put the vehicle in your garage, and exit so that the door closes. Enable the "Destroy all cars" code. The criminals will be killed. Run back to the garage, hop in the car, and repeat. This is also a good way to quickly gain more money and status points. Get an FBI Rancher and drive onto the Julius Thruway in Las Venturas. Start Vigilante mode and begin driving around the highway. Just stay on the highway, and you will notice that the criminals start dying for no apparent reason. Just drive for about twenty minutes to get the 150 armor award easily.

To enable 50 percent extra health complete level 12 of the paramedic mission.

To enable fireproof complete level 12 of the fire fighter missions.

Steal a fire truck and start the fire truck missions. Successfully complete level 12 of the fire truck missions to make CJ fireproof.

Get all Bronze awards in Bike School.

Successfully complete level 2 of the Freight Train missions to get $50,000 and free train rides.

Pay close attention to the shows that are heard on WFTC while cruising around San Andreas. Notice that one of the shows is called "Gardening With Maurice". If listened to Chatterbox in Grand Theft Auto 3, you may remember Lazlow (the host) talking to a caller who said "Gardening With Maurice" got taken off the air. Obviously this game takes place further in the past, so "Gardening With Maurice" is still on.

The man who Catalina is with is the main character from Grand Theft Auto 3. At the end of the mission, she gives a pink slip but it is not to her car She says that she needs her car because they are going to Liberty City.

Go to any casino in Las Venturas and play video poker. Notice that there are various characters from Grand Theft Auto 3 on the faces of the cards. Additionally, go to any casino in Las Venturas. Find a blackjack vendor and play blackjack. If a King, Queen, or Joker appears, you can see some characters from the Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City. Some of them are Ricardo Diaz, Candy Suxxx, a man trying to look up wearing sunglasses, Asuka Kasen, Steve Scott, Donald Love, Marty Chonks, Misty, Don Salvatore Leone, and Lance Vance. Note: If you cannot see the characters clearly, use the video poker instead.

In the opening sequence to the mission, look in the car in the background to see your character from Grand Theft Auto 3 sitting inside.

While going to the destination marker, you will see police cars chase a car and a man firing at them. If you look closely, you can see it is Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Be careful -- the police will sometimes crash into you, giving you one star on your wanted meter.

Near the Vinewood area and the Market district, there is a giant studio company that you can enter. If you look at it, these buildings are the same ones that are at Interglobal Studios in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Keep looking around the building and you will see the front offices. In big letters, the name of the company is posted. It is Interglobal Television.

In the mission when you have to rescue Truth's friends, one of them is Kent Paul from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The old man who runs the casino that you later meet in the mission is Ken Rosenberg, Tommy Vercetti's lawyer in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and mentions Tommy and the "good old days" in an intermission sequence.

Walk into an Ammu-Nation and listen carefully. You can hear a commercial that was featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It says "The store leading the fight against communism is having a blowout sale! Ammunation has a wide selection of Peace Makers! Come by Ammunation on Militia Mondays... "

In the intermission sequence for Wuzi's casino mission entitled "Key To Her Heart", the board that CJ reveals is none other than the band Love Fist from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Additionally, one of the safe houses in Las Venturas is a casino in the northern part. Behind it is a sign of Candy Suxx moving her leg.

On the Old Venturas Strip, the cowboy on a casino is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's southern real estate tycoon Avery Carrington.

Go inside the Zero RC toy shop. Behind the cashier is a game being sold. That game is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Additionally, go to the counter inside the Zero RC toy shop. You will see a rack of action figures that includes Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Buy the house in the Carlton Heights area (near the Go Kart Track). Go inside and look to your left. There should be a hallway. To your left should be your wardrobe. Look to your right and walk through the first door. After it opens, look at the picture above the bed to see the Diaz/Vercetti mansion from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Target your homies and press G until you have three of them. Then, press it before you go into your house making sure they are following you. Go to the save point and press G before you go through it. When you have saved you will see your homies standing there.

Collect all fifty horseshoes in Las Venturas to get a M4, MP5, combat shotgun, and satchel charges to appear at the Four Dragons Casino.

Get all gold medals in the Driving school.

Get First place in 8-Track.

At about 22:00, go to a gym and work out, maxing yourself. After you have worked out enough for the day, wait another minute until the time is 0:00. Max yourself out for that day then go home. Save two or three times and you can repeat this process. To get your character maxed out in the muscle and stamina attributes, do the following. Go the gym near the Johnson house. Work out until you are told that it is enough for one day. Go home (right down the block), save the game to advance to the next day. Return to the gym and you can work out again. You can now max out your muscle and stamina in less then a half hour.

Complete the Airstip asset near Las Venturas.

Date Barbara.

Date Katie.

Enter the bar near CJ's house. Along with various other paintings on the inside walls, there will be the red-eyed elite guardsmen that worked for the Director in Manhunt.

In Fisherman's Lagoon, there is a circle wire holder. On it is a company name and Carcer, which was the city in Manhunt.

When you first start the Zero RC toy shop's missions, watch the intermission sequence. Look closely in the background to see action figures of the main character from Manhunt, James Earl Cash.

There is a junkyard in the Mt. Chiliad/Shady Creek area that is exactly like the junkyard level in Manhunt. You can also find a Dozer here to drive.

100% with Katie Zhan.

Successfully complete all missions assigned by Mike Toreno to get a flamethrower, minigun, rocket launcher, and homing rocket launcher to appear at his cabin in Tierra Robada.

Use a text editor to edit the "handling.cfg" file in the "\rockstar games\gta san andreas\data" directory. You will find a list of all the vehicles and a description of each multiplier factor. You can modify the acceleration, top speed, mass, monetary value, transmission, gravity center, and much more.

Win it by beatin the 8-Track Tournament.

Enter the bar called The Craw Bar in Las Venturas. As soon as you enter, you will see a small Notre Dame sign that instead reads "Notre Lame" on the wall directly ahead.

Get all gold medals in Bike School. This bike can be found quite easily in a car park near the Johnson house.

Collect all fifty oysters to increase your sex appeal and lung capacity. Note: To find the oysters faster, get a Sea Sparrow (which can land on water). You can find one by the Sherman Dam.

Steal an ambulance and start the paramedic missions. Successfully complete level 12 of the paramedic missions to get a health limit of 150.

100% with Denise Robinson.

To start the pimping mission, enter a broadway (low-rider vehicle) and press R3. Drive the prostitutes to their destinations for big cash. After the tenth "trick" prostitutes PAY you rather than you paying them.

Type these codes during gameplay. The set code can be uppercase or lowercase.


100% with Barbara.

Successfully complete level 7 of the Quarry missions to get the Hunter Quarry asset and Quarry Mission time-trials.

Get first place in all races at the four racing locations across San Andreas (marked with a checkered flag on the map/radar) to win $1,000,000.

100% with Michelle.

After doing some Grove Street missions and seizing territory, one of the DJs on the radio will say "Have you heard Grove Streets making a comeback? That's great news. hope they don't take me out just for playing this music."

After the 555 We Tip mission, another DJ says "Did you hear about that D.A. with the trunk full of drugs? I can't believe that. Keeping it all for his own personal stash."

You can also listen to the talk radio to hear Lazlo host the entertainment section, where he interviews OG LOC (the rapper you help during the Grove Street missions) OG LOC's manager is now Big Smoke.

Get all Bronze medal in pilot school.

Take all fifty snapshots in San Fierro to get a sniper rifle, Micro SMG, shotgun, and grenades to appear at your San Fierro garage.

Get all silver medals at the pilot school.

Get all Bronze medal in Driving school.

Spray all one hundred hidden tags in Los Santos to get an AK-47, Tec-9, Sawn-off shotgun, and Molotov cocktails to appear inside your house on Grove Street.

Steal a taxi and start the taxi missions. After a total of 50 successful fares, you will unlock hydraulics and nitrous on all taxi-class vehicles. After using nitrous, you must wait awhile between shots. However, that time decreases as your driving skill increases.

Steal a truck and start the truck missions. Successfully complete level 8 of the trucking missions to unlock RS Haul as a property.

Successfully complete the Burning Desire mission where you rescue Denise. A red two player free roam icon will now appear on Denise's porch near the door. The icon will appear there when she is home and will go on a date. Note: If both enter a car, the passenger will have free aim with a machine gun. Do not try to kill Denise, because you will never be able to date her again or play in two player mode at her house. Additionally, once you get your girlfriend, take her on a date. After you drop her off, there will be a rotating icon of two people directly in front of the door. Walk into it. It will tell you to push any button on the controller two. Do so to start two player mode, involving CJ and his girlfriend in a free roam. For more fun in two player mode, start the two player mission. Then, enable the "Spawn Jetpack" code and remove the Jetpack. Then, have player two get the Jetpack. Enable the Jetpack code again, then have player one get it. Both players can now fly around and do the two player missions this way.

Starting at the abandoned airstrip, go west and north onto the road. There is a blackish-brown building on the south side of the road with a large balcony going all the way around it. Follow the balcony half way around and you will find a two player mode icon.

Note: You must have a second controller inserted in port two. In the Ganton area, start from Grove Street where the Johnson house is located. Drive under the first bridge and continue to go straight. Next, youshould drive over some railroad tracks. After this, you should drive under a second bridge. Take the first right turn you see. It should be a dead end. Drive until your car hits the grass, then look to your left. You should see an open doorway. Walk through it and you should see a small "2 Player" icon. Press any button on controller two to begin. Additionally, when you are on the missions from Big Smoke go north of his house. You should see some wrecked buildings. Go through them to find a two player free roam icon.

Not far from the garage you own and beyond the construction area is a large building with a parking lot on either side, on the right side (north according to the map) is a two player icon. Multiple people types can be selected by the second player (three women and three men). Unlike those from the dating missions, this two player location will never go away.

Start at your safe house in El Quebrados. Get on the street and follow it a short distance south until it turns left around the corner of a building. On the south side of this building will be a two player free roam icon.

Go to the General Store in Dilmore. There is a two player icon there. The second player will be able to change their character.

To enable the Ak-47, Tec-9, Sawn-Off Shotgun, and Molotov Cocktails to spawn in the Johnson's Family Home complete all 100 tags in Los Santos.

Successfully complete level 5 of the Valet Parking missions in downtown San Fierro to get the San Fierro Valet Parking as an asset property.

Steal any policy vehicle and start the vigilante missions. Successfully complete level 12 of the vigilante missions to get an armor limit of 150.

When stealing the lyrics from Madd Dogg for Og Loc, you must sneak around in the mansion. When passing Madd Dogg playing his video game, look closely to see that it strongly resembles an Xbox system.

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