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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy on PC

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If you get to the top of the radio tower near the end of the game and place your hammer on the other side of it, then shimmy down it (I.E. have the radio tower in between you and the head of the hammer), you will receive a special voice clip indicating that you got the "bad ending". Note that there is no way to recover from this and you will have to restart the game afterwards.

Beating the game multiple times can unlock a special cauldron for the main character. Note that the reward is entirely cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay. Also note that in order for a game clear to register, you must view the "reward" at the end of the game. If the reward does not load for any reason, the run will not count.

Get to the top of the radio tower near the end of the game, then carefully manoeuvre down the right side of it. Once you reach the base of the tower, head to the right and you'll see an ice cliff. Very carefully work your way down the side of the cliff, sticking as close to the left as you can. Eventually you will drop off the side of the cliff. The player character of Sexy Hiking, the inspiration for this game, is standing on an asteroid just below the cliff face. If you manage to land on the asteroid, a special sound clip will play.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the achievement.

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