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Gangsters 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Gangsters 2 on PC

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To get a 5 star gangster with 5 tommy guns and 2 bombs, go to the street view. Right-click on any street, hold left-shift key, and type "this time around" using spaces between each word. You will get a 5 star gangster will you have to pay $200 as a wage. | Submitted by Dorkokid125

Enter the name '>- 00 -<'.

Enter the name 'bangagong' for Joey Bane.

You can get your gangsters (especially Assassins) to pick off a lot of enemy gangsters and muscle by shooting at them, then quickly hiding in a nearby building. Most of the time, they will running, look around, then go back to their normal routine. As soon as they turn around and walk away, shoot at them again and hide. This does not always work because some of the enemies will throw your gangster out of his hiding location.

If there is a Hospital nearby, send any injured gangsters there and they will heal. This is useful if your office or hideaway is too far away. Make sure that the hospital is within your territory just to be safe. If it is not, claim a nearby building that includes the hospital in the claimed turf.

Right-click on any street, hold left-shift key, and type "i love a1" release the shift key before 1. Use spaces between each word. | Submitted by AlCapone

You can only get Aces Brannigan (the man in the black suit with white stripes holding some cards in his hand) one time at a specific place in level 15 Baylington Capture The Card Game. Go next to your office then click "Set up illegal". Hire him, and press "Relocate". If he dies, you must try again.

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