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FIFA '99

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for FIFA '99 on PC

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To bash your opponents (injure them) you have to do the following:

Turn bookings off.
Go to the referees strictness, make it defined and pull the bar left.
Put offside off.

When you're playing start pressing Q to the players, this will make your players bash the opposition without getting a card or a free kick.

Instead of doing the special moves specifically the spin and ball drag by pressing Alt-s + Alt-d, you can do the the same thing by using the Alt button alone. Press the Alt button once for the drag and twice for the spin! It is easier !

 | Submitted by WolfRodriguez

In the Iltalian and brazilian teams, Ronaldo is called G.Silva! | Submitted by Matt Horne

At the opening screen type "the oldies". Now you can play old matches like the finals of champions league in 1988.

Press these keys while playing the game:

Alt+A - Rainbow kick
Alt+S - Drag the ball
Alt+D - Spin
Alt+Q - Fake a trip
Alt+E - Double step-over
W - Sprint

If you type: "win" a few times and then press enter while loading the game all the players will wear winter clothes.

 | Submitted by Stephanie

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