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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Cheats

There are a few factors that determine how many coins are awarded from a single match. These include the number of goals scored, the difficulty setting, and other notable feats. Try to play under the highest difficulty possible to earn more coins. The number of earned coins does not change with the length of the match. Play two minute and half exhibition matches with a strong team; depending on the number of goals you score, you can quickly accumulate coins. You can also choose a weak opponent and not affect the number of coins earned. Playing against the team of the week will also award you with extra coins. Play in Season and Tournament modes. Choose the tournaments that are limited in time and have odd requirements to earn more coins. Note: Some of those tournaments will also award FIFA points.

After accumulating enough points in Season mode to win the trophy, you will be offered the chance to end the season early and move up. Accept that offer in order to save games on your players' contracts and get a earlier chance of getting the higher rewards for winning at the next level.

After collecting enough cards, mix your starting team with the extra players. Choose formations and assign the correct role to the players that are best in those tasks. Get chemistry bonuses by placing players with the same nationality together as often as possible. When you cannot fill a position optimally, try to place a player whose statistics best fits that area until you find someone better suited. Hold onto most of your players, especially when first starting. There are tournaments and leagues that have very specific entry requirements that may require use of those cards that you may consider extra. Try to keep everyone except for duplicates until you are a few weeks into the game. Connect to Facebook to get a free pack. This will also allow you to be able play the same team over multiple devices. Save enough to purchase Premium packs. Although Premium Gold or Silver Packs are 50% more expensive than the standard versions, you will get three times as many rare cards. Team of the Week players are limited time boosted versions of players who performed at a high level in real life over the past week. Win the TOTW Cup in the Tournaments menu to obtain one.

You can use the Transfer Market to get the players needed for your team. Also use it to eliminate players you no longer require.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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